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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   I am here.
I keep forgetting that this site exists... but here I am! I'd say i'm gonna try keep up with updating and stuff but if i do it probably won't happen... so this way i will, ha.

So what's been up? How has my life changed since last February? Does anyone care? Well probably not since a lot of my friends haven't signed on since 2004... haha. I'm going to update my life anyhow.

Well i did reasonably well in my leaving cert (end of school exams where you get points to get into college), I'm particularly proud of getting an A in english!

I have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been officially going out with for almost 7 months.

I got a job in the mooovies! yay free films and half price popcorn... boo long, late hours and rude customers!

I managed to get through a first semester in college... And am planning on dropping out. I do arts in ucd, majoring in history and english. I hate it. I make bad decisions haha. My advice is... don't do arts... do a real degree... and if you do, really research the subjects. History at 3rd level is difficult if you're not dedicated. English is lovely though...

Well they're the big changes i just thought i'd babble on about. My parents don't know I'm dropping out.. even though I've been planning on it for over a month now... ha. Lovely. When is a good time to tell them something like that? I was planning on doing it back in october too... but my Dad guilted me into staying...The gay.

My life's a bit all over the shop at the moment.. i need to find a full time job.. and save up college fees for next year.. and miss out on fun friend things :( poop.

oh well. I shall go now.

Fare thee well!

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

"Sometimes an attraction is just inexplicable, and that's that. Perhaps it's not meant to go any further than this. Accept and enjoy it for what it is. There's no reason you can't have some fun on the road to the real thing."
But i don't want it to be just an attraction... this is the first time i felt like this :-(

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

   Let's run through rows of speeding cars....
Mood: Thoughtful
SOng: Ray of Light - Madonna

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still on this site? haha.

I suppose it's the fact that it's been an outlet for so long.

More than two years... wtf like. And my god! I have changed so much.

I was just in a nostalgic mood... reading over all my posts. Some of them are so immature and naive. Like my God! I was so squeaky clean. haha. Jeebus.

Oh yeah I'm going to make a new site... I dunno, for some reason I feel like I need a fresh start if I wanna keep updating on this site..? And maybe if I have a new snazzy page I'll feel motivated like. yup yup. I just wish I had posted more recently. Like seriously reading over these blogs posts has been like reading a book. Even if I didn't post everything I did it brought back sooo many memories.

But anyway i shall be posting My new myO site thingy in my next post if anyone wnats to add me... That's if any of mah friends come on here anymore? *sigh* Tis just not the same! Myspace is taking over....

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Monday, July 31, 2006

   Don't you forget about me...
why does everything seem grey all of a sudden? I'm tired and fed up with life. Nothing ever comes together in the end.. bah you'd think i'd be used to that by now... WORLDMEDS. Oh my god drugs. I need stones. I'll be okay tomorrow... My moods are so fickle.

i don't like drunk me. But i crave being drunk anyway. I like the feeling of things not being real. where for a few hours nothing matters. and the things you cry about are non existent problems that you make up in your head and then believe (well last saturday anyway...whyy??) Bi-POLAR. fuck it. I wish I wasn't such a worrier. Ymeen. comment me... uh advise if you must... i need comfet :-)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   I hate lone question marks.
Currently a listening to: June Gloom - The like.
Currently watching: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu episode 2 <3
Currently Reading: Ermmm Summat by Jonathan Kellerman about foreign people... i only read like a page so far, okiess!

History class annoys me greatly... I hate the whole having to remove my nose ring and the fact that I'm paranoid the hole is going to close up so i keep inserting it when he's not looking ^^; ... Soo boring too! I don't care about irish socialists with nationalist values!! Even if the dude did have a train station named after him. blahhh.

Karma's out to get me. Ever notice how karma is only noticeable when bad stuff happens... I'm being punished for my idle ways I tell thee! I better get a bloody A in that history essay it took me 3 hours!!

Okee enough with the complianing... woosh haven't posted here in a long time... i gotta stop saying that! heh.

I just finsihed the Da Vinci Code... man is that book overrated! Sure maybe there are some shocking revelations aboot Christ and what not but the plot is nothing spectacular. It's not exceptionally well written and I often got the feeling that he just copied and pasted snippets from a fecking textbook on conspiracies in christianity or something. There was maybe one good twist but mehh. Ah I'll probably see the film anyways...

Ooooooh one film I cannot wait to see is the new X-men thingy!! It looks splendid! I heart x-men so much... I just wish they'd put gambit in the film already, if he's that hot in a cartoon then he must be simply boiling in real life! That was cheesy...

2 and a half weeks till freedom!! SEX SEX SEX!!

Adieu now!

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

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Currently listening to: Juicebox by the strokes... that's a really cool song

so yeah life ehehehe? Ah tis all right. I dun really know why I'm blogging... I dont have much to say at the moment. bleh........ so potatoes yeah? We Irish have quite a liking for them... Oh yeah I'm not veggie, jeebus far from it. I'm just trying to get in shape and lose weight... for the zillionth time waha. Quorn burgers are all healthy and shit. 2 week till mid term break! sexy. I have soo many tests on monday thouugh... gay.

perhaps i shall blog again later or tomorrow when my mind isn't soo blank... bye now!

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Hihi! I uploaded some fan art so check it out and comment and stuff etc, constructive critiscism welcome and all that jazz! ^_^

Today was mostly uneventful... my friend Aine needed a poem for English so I made one up for her! It was supposed to be about a place and whatever length they wanted, so I made up a haiku about france:

"I Remember France
It Reminds Me Of My Pants
I Wish I Was There"

Talent or wha! I made that up on the spot! Oh and a sexual french class today. My God hotness! *coughcough* enough of that noow. I had quorn chicken burgers for dinner! surprisingly chickeny for non chickenly product. How very swell.

bye now!

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   I know who I wanna take me home!! Ooer.
Meep meep! Last night was fun. All of us hung oot and it was all yay. We exchanged pressies of the christmas kind cuz we couldn't do it on the actual day of christmas because everyone was slightly indisposed so to speak. Peoples got me really cool presents! A dirty dancing dvd (BEST MOVIE EVER!!), Green Day bullet in a bible Cd and VDV, This cool lipstick and lip gloss set... I'll never have to buy any again and lotsa these smelly(in a nice way) body lotions and shower gels and bath thingies. yay! Oh and I got lotsa joke presents. A dildo holder (cutlery drawer waha), a baby's toilet seat on account of it'll stop me falling down the toilet, an ash tray and heinz baby food. Score! We also talked aboot depressing stuff which wasn't so fun but ah well.

Arghh isn't it scary when horoscopes are so fucking scarily accurate? We have to do an essay for english with memories as the the theme. I decided to write it on my best friend from primary school and how much she has changed and how friendships change etc etc. Then I decided to take a look at my horoscope and it says:

"A trip down memory lane will show you just how radically things have changed."

Oddosity or wha!

I also did things today which I've been putting off for ages like cleaning up room and shite.I feel really invigorated, lol. I also drew some fan art which I'm quite proud of. I may scan them later.

Today's the first day i haven't really cared about anything trivial or silly in ages. I liked it.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I found this icon really hot for some reason... i dunno why *shrugs* Just thought I'd share!

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Friday, January 27, 2006

   Boys will be boys
Lotsa the people on my friends list have exploded... how queer. I guess they're like me then! Moopah! Woopah. All right i shall update more often now. My blog entries have been laggin a bit recently..

Meep some of my friends are this party and i wash I was there! I went for a while but I had to go at ten because the parentage seem to be getting a bit suspicious when it comes to drink and friends and sleeping over in peoples houses and such so poo.. I had a bottle of miller but mleh. It kept spilling all over me! And I smell like smoke. eep. They didn't notice though so woo!

EEk i got this essay for english in school and I have no idea what to do.. ah ill think aboot it tomorrow. yay saturday! Yay Christmas!

Whaha it has relevence. My Sharona is such a cool song! I shall leave y'all with funniness from the irish media... waha we can be stupid at times..


A man has been found dead stuffed into a briefcase floating on the Grand canal - Gardai are treating it as suspicious!!! RTE Radio 1News July 2001

"When I said they'd scored two goals, of course I meant they'd scored one."
RTE Commentator George Hamilton

"The referendum went as most people hoped it would."
Irish Times editorial displaying acute understanding of the Democratic Process.

"Clap your feet!" Bernie of the Nolan Sisters.

"He's pulling him off. The Spanish manager is pulling his captain off!"
George Hamilton as Butregueno comes off against Ireland.

"The idea is well and good in theory, but tell me this, who is going to feed them?"
Wicklow Councillor objects to a proposal to boost tourism by putting gondolas on Blessington Lake.

"We are not prepared to stand idly by and be murdered in our beds." Rev. Ian Paisley.

"What we are doing is in the interest of everybody, bar possibly the consumer."
Aer Lingus spokesman.

"Deep down I'm a very shallow person." Charles Haughey.

"I'm always suspicious of games where you're the only ones that play it."
Jack Charlton on hurling.

"Outside HIV in Grafton Street." Gay Byrne plugging Hothouse Flowers appearance.




"A top level Garda internal inquiry is being held in Connemara into an allegation that a local garda shot a cow ....There has been no statement from the cow." Irish Press.

"I think the Irish woman was freed from slavery by bingo They can go out now, dressed up, with their handbags and have a drink and play bingo. And they
deserve it." John B. Keane.

"I was called out to a nonexistent phone call. When I returned I lifted my glass, smelled and said 'My God, this is foul, it smells like piss'. A voice from the back
called 'but whose?'" Wine connoisseur T. P. Whelehan at a tasting in Trinity College.

"Ludicrous. Ridiculous."
1989 edition of Collins Concise Dictionary defines the word 'Irish'.

"Get married again." Said Charles Haughey to women asking for an increase in the widows' pension.

"I can hold a note and I know I'm not ugly so, in ways, that's enough."
Keith Duffy of Boyzone.

"Bosco is a Bollox! Bosco is a Bollox!" What Zig and Zag were caught shouting (with Ian Dempsey laughing in the background) when the cameras
returned prematurely from a commercial break during 'Dempsey's Den'. Zag was tossing the Bosco puppet around.

Ian Dempsey: "What would you give Andrew and Sarah as a wedding present?"
Caller: "I'd love to give Fergie AIDS and put a bomb up Andy's hole'"

Larry Gogan: "With what town in Britain is Shakespeare associated?"
Contestant: "Hamlet."

Larry Gogan: "Name the BBC's Grand Prix commentator?
I'll give you a hint. It's something you suck...."
Contestant: "Oh, Dickie Davies." (Murray Walker is the correct answer)

Larry Gogan: "What was Jeeves' occupation?" Contestant: "He was a carpenter."

Larry Gogan: "Complete this well known phrase. 'As happy as.....' hint think of me. Contestant: "A pig in shite."

Larry Gogan: (after a caller got none of 18 questions right on the Just a Minute quiz) -
"Ah sure the questions didn't really suit you did they?"
Caller: "Ah go fu*k off Larry you're only an old bollox."

Gerry Ryan: (during a discussion on whether people would like to be buried or cremated when they die) -
"Would you like to be buried or cremated?"
Caller: "Oh, buried Gerry."
Gerry Ryan: "And where would you like to be buried?"
Caller: "Up to me balls in Bibi Baskin!"

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Does anyone else find it as big a fete as i do to edit their profile? grr. Annoying little can.

I have an iq of 126, woo! I don't know if that's good or bad. : /

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