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Sunday, January 29, 2006

   I know who I wanna take me home!! Ooer.
Meep meep! Last night was fun. All of us hung oot and it was all yay. We exchanged pressies of the christmas kind cuz we couldn't do it on the actual day of christmas because everyone was slightly indisposed so to speak. Peoples got me really cool presents! A dirty dancing dvd (BEST MOVIE EVER!!), Green Day bullet in a bible Cd and VDV, This cool lipstick and lip gloss set... I'll never have to buy any again and lotsa these smelly(in a nice way) body lotions and shower gels and bath thingies. yay! Oh and I got lotsa joke presents. A dildo holder (cutlery drawer waha), a baby's toilet seat on account of it'll stop me falling down the toilet, an ash tray and heinz baby food. Score! We also talked aboot depressing stuff which wasn't so fun but ah well.

Arghh isn't it scary when horoscopes are so fucking scarily accurate? We have to do an essay for english with memories as the the theme. I decided to write it on my best friend from primary school and how much she has changed and how friendships change etc etc. Then I decided to take a look at my horoscope and it says:

"A trip down memory lane will show you just how radically things have changed."

Oddosity or wha!

I also did things today which I've been putting off for ages like cleaning up room and shite.I feel really invigorated, lol. I also drew some fan art which I'm quite proud of. I may scan them later.

Today's the first day i haven't really cared about anything trivial or silly in ages. I liked it.

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I found this icon really hot for some reason... i dunno why *shrugs* Just thought I'd share!

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