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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

   Roast apostle
Listening to: The dresden dolls - Good day

Ooh went to town with sarah today for some saleage! I bought pretty skirt and lotsa tops and a waistcoat so happy yay! So tiring though. We went to Dundrum and got lots ^^; lol only us. We're special!

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Eek I always get outgoing in these things. Well i spose I am quite loud and brash but am just quiet at first around people or with people I can't connect with.. ponies.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

   Christmas Greetings!!
Currently listening to: R.E.M. - The great Beyond
Mood: snazzy

Oh my jimmy I think this is the longest i've ever gone without posting on myotaku. I have a confession... I have indeed been blogging elsewhere! *hangs head in shame* Yup I'm a betrayyyerrr. I could have posted here to and I don't know why... to be honest I kinda forgot ^^;

But then I remembered and I realised I missed it slightly so there ya goo!

CHRISTMAS!!! Yayness! It's been a larf so far. i can't wait for my brother and his partner and that alice thing to come and I like visitors yup yup. I got lotsa coola presents, I got a new phone!! It's not the best but it's 100 time better than my last one fo sho. My sister also got me some pretty t-shirts and a school set with the slogan "Buy me another drink you're still ugly" on stuff. hehe ^^;...

So yah school eh? I've slightly gotten used to how this year is aboot 1000 times harder than last year. I did christmas exams they weren't that hard at all. I got 92% in biology!! yay! It's not much of an avhievement considering he told us exactly what was coming up beforehand. And yet people still managed to fail!! what's up with that? People are stupid. And I hate my Irish teacher. Her teachings methods are just guhh. You really can't do anything right in her claass. She's taken to insulting our famillies so we'll learn stuff... what?? Meh whatever it's Christmas woo!!

I'm gunna try sneak some brandy hehe :p

If anyone reads this tell me how your christmas has been!!

And I'm gunna start posting regularly again... ish. hehe. For some reason I was aboot to type smoking there.. I don't know why! That's bold yup yup yis... Though I want to smoke a pipe and/or a cigar at least once. Hee hee pipes are soo amusing!

Well anywho bye bye y'all, have a sexy day!! mmm i smell turkey...

Are You The Real Santa??

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Currently listening to: Layla - Eric Clapton
Current mood: Tired but needing to shower

WEll Hallo, I'll make this quick cuz i gotta run!

Gah almost a month since I last posted, i guess I just haven't been motivated, plus i've been busy with damn learning and such in school, and parteying woo!

Gah, drinking, never doing that again. Drunk Cora ain't pleasant. I get all depressed and shit and start talking aboot all my insecurities and do lots of shtuff i regret the next day... :o

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh well. How are yis anyways? Lol if anyone's reading this, prob not. I havn't visited anyone and won't have timeeeee right now. I just thought i should post and stuff andyeah.................................

kk byeeee!

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Friday, September 2, 2005

   Rice yay!
Currently listening to: Kill Hannah - A new medicine
Current mood: Pretty good


Yay schoooool! Not really though. This year is definitely going to be tough.... I don't know how I'll surviiiive, I wanna get a job too and the work is about 10 times harder than what I'm used to. And I'm kind of worried about my junior cert results because they determine how many higher level subjects I can do for the leaving and I wanna do as many as posssible so I can get goood points to get into a goood college, but I don't know how many i want because i dunno what i wnat to do!! *IMPLODES*

Okay ignore the rambling up there, i silly.

Well my new class is pretty cool, despite the fact I'm in the same class as this guy i used to really like a year ago and also niall is in my class and gah! Eveything is so typically typical!! In most classes I sit near him, and in maths i sit next to him and it's not on purpose! And niall keeps making fun and calling me a stalkerrr and trying to make a fool of mee. He's mean. I don't really give a shit tho. I don't like him anymorrre.

Well that's aboot it...

You scored as Goth. Your A Goth!



Rocker, Mosher




Hey look I'm a goth.... O_o I'm not actually tho... *shrugs*

Well take care peoples!!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

ahoy ahoy!

Sorry I got to like one person's site yesterday, lol. People kept stealing me away!

Well first day back at schoool guh.... It's not going well so far, I hate school! They gave us this weird as english person who doesn't know anything aboot anything!! And none of us have any idea aboot our timetables....gayness!

I'm in an odd mood today. i kept getting weird bouts of being depressed then mad hyper. oddness. And I went out to get school stuff with my friends and these dudes kept stalking us! And I wasn't in a good mood at the time so I just told them to fuck off. Too bad they were kinda cute. Oh well.

Ooh ooh Green Day won 7 awards at vmas! Yaynesss for Green Day. Me wuvs youuuuu.

Well I'm gunna go now, ill try get to peoples sites today!Bye bye!

OMIGOD GO HERERE!!! http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama.php

Best song ever despite creepy llamas ^__^

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

   Nostalgia go away dammit!
Listening to: Blink 182- Dammit
Mood: Happy but lonely ;_;

Hihi! I'm back home yayness!

Sister's wedding was fun... I got lots of alcohol hehe. But apart from that it was a giggle being bridesmaid. And her best friend who was the maid of honour is so crazy and cool. She'd chat the face off ya and talks about everything and anything. For instance when we were on the way to the reception in the car thingy with the other bridesmaids and groomsmen she started talking about how she never wants a ginger child and the advantages of insest. lmao. The driver of the car was mad oldand looked pretty fraked out lol. Oh and my sister made me dance with one of the groomsmen! It was sooo emabrassing.

So she's on her honeymoon in Egypt right nooow. And my mam's going on a cleaning frenzy in her new house up the North. I had to stay there for a week and it was soooo boring. My lil brother and sis were watching tv all the time so I was all the time reading. Which I like doing so it's okay, I would have gone crazy if my sister didn't have such a large book collection. I got to go home early for 02 in the part ( a piece of shite, don't ask) So I got to go on the train on my own. I sat with old people, yay!

When I came home my brother decided to throw a drinking session type thing with a couple of his mates and couple of mine, it was okay but it was alearning experience. I now know I'd never be capable of throwing a party when parents are away. I get way toooo worried! I was up at 5 am cleaning up, washing counters and floors etc. I didn't sleep cuz I was worried that my parents would surprise peoples and come home a day early very early in the morning. lol yes I am very paranoid.Surprisingly I was as fresh as a daisy most of the day yesterday so it was all right. But last night gah I was so tired I slept like a rock.

So I'm almost on my own in the hoose. My brother is still in bed. I'm so lonely! I know it's odd but I really miss my family! It's too quiet and I'm in a very nostalgic mood. The type where every song you listen to reminds you of good times and you're all "Gah I want it back!" Oh well.

Oh god school tommorow...I die now *dies*

Okey dokey I'll shut up now and go. Bye bye!!

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Mackarel farming in Bolivia babay
Currently listening to: Finch - Untitled
Current mood: Goot goot

Aloha! How are uez doing? Long time no see.

Well what have i been doing lately? To be honest I can't really remember...well let's see...I went to a few parties and basically did feck all really. I think I'm becoming a lot more social. I'm being invited to a lot more parties anywho. The one I went to last week kinda sucked. The dude started freaking out about everyone wrecking his house when in reality it was far from it. There was only about like 15 people there also. He was abig worrier and a bit of an asshole. What's the point in having a party if you're going be worrying the whole time and can't have fun. silly sausage.

It basically turned into a huge game of spin the bottle (which I didn't play cuz...my brother was fecking playing ^^;;) in which my 2 best friends ended up gettin in there with my ex, lmao. I didn't really care cuz to be honest I never really liked him. He kept looking at me to see my reaction and I tried to look like I didn't give a monkey, which I didn't. ^^

I'm gunna get my hair did today for my sister's wedding this Saturday. I can't believe it's almost here already! Jebus time flies soo fast. I'm bridesmaid (yayme!). The dresses are red so I'm getting red put in my hair. So that should keep me occupied. lol.

Oh God I've started watching Gundam Seed and my jimmy that Flay person is the most annoying thing I have ever come across ever! I've never hated an anime character as much as I hate her. She just annoys the crap oot of me. Usually anime characters that everyone hates don't really bother me, for instance I liked Relena in Gundam Wing, but my God!!

Lol yeah I'll stop ranting now. Hmm nothin else to say really...

well toodles!

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

   Cuntas and the Bush - I'd say the rest but it's quite vulgar...
Mood: Mokay....
Listening to: No MUSIC!! Stupid computer with no sound and I don't no whyyyy!!

well how are yis? Just a small post here from me. S and D came back yay!! And we all hanged oot yesterday. N was there, and it was almost like old times again!! Except for j not being there. Oh gosh I miss stuff! ;__;

Well today was funness, I went to see Charlie and the chocolate factory with D and C. I thought it was really good. I don't know how it compares to the book or the original though as I can't remember either. I've such a bad mind for remembering things like that. I can remember everything else though hehe. Pretty useful for my blackmailing skills. ^__~

Well that's all from me, toodles!!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Mood: yellow!
Currently listening to: New found glory - I don't wanna know

"Feed your head with some of the best stuff around. Light entertainment is lots of fun, but you need something more substantial and complicated. Your gray matter needs a lot more stimulus than it's been getting."

Isn't it weird when your horoscope outlines exactly how you're feeling at the moment? I've been sooo bored recently!! I hate the way it always gets like this in summer, when your just bored with everything and actually begin to want to back to school.... NOOOO!! I don't wanna! And I hate routines!! Doing the same thing every single day....ugggh. That's gotta stop.

Well anyways, how are uez all? I'm okay, just kinda bored as I've already stated above, lol.

Hey do you ever get random pieces of weird information of interest to yourself? I just found out that my 11th birthday was Jesus Day in Texas! Yeah babay!

Survey thingy

my survey on random things

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do you like.....
with extra cheese?Ohhhhh yeah
with onions?meh
jessica simpson?she hurts my brain
eminem?I think he's a talented guy, i wouldn't say I like him though
clocks?Who doesn't?
IMing people?Yah
school?Depends on the day
either or
cookies/ice cream?ice cream
french/spanish?French (I don't know any spanish...)
blurty/dead journal?umm neither?
pond/pool?pool....what's with all these water area questions?? :S
jokes/riddles?jokes...riddles are complimicated!!
harry potter 1/2?2
reading/writing?gah, what a question!! I dunno...reading requires less effort I spose ^^;
love and yeah...
do you have a crush?Yes...I wish he would go away!
do you have a bf/gf?Nope.
do you love your crush/bf/gf?I think so...;_;
if you were having second thoughts about a relationship, would u break up?Yes
do you think its mean to lead someome on?yes
do you love someone?Yes
do they know?I don't think so
do they love you back?unlikely
first kiss?Game of spin the bottle..I was 11 guhh
first bf/gf?Phil
first time you dumped someone?A couple of weeks ago ^_~
first time you had summer reading?Summer reading?? Ehhh when I was like six? Does the question mean reading books in summer? I'm confused
first time you told someone you loved them (other than a family member)?I haven't
first best friend?Jordan...I wish peoples didn't change...
first time you cursed someone out?I can't remember...ha
first time u cried over someone?ehh probably a very early age
who?most likely my parents
first eminem song u heard?My name is
first D12 song u heard?Purple hills
which was better?The first one
first date?beats me
the total end...i think
do u like surveys?Ah yeah, they pass the time
how about this one?It wa sokay...I'm guessing you're a fan of D12 and Eminem
r u bored?God Yes.
most important question...
socks or barefeet????Barefeet. FREEDOM!

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yup yup.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yay Tenma!

Okee bye bye!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Currently listening to : Bend your arms to look like wings - Funeral for a friend

Current Mood: A bit pissed off...

Well it's been a few days since I posted again...I gotta stop doing that! I have good excuses! (don't I always ^_~)

Apart from laziness, I was kinda away the past few days. I went up the north to Hilltown (ha!) for my sister's hen night. It was a laugh. I looked 18 so I was able to go to all the pubs and stuff they went to. It was really funny, my mother is dead against me drinking at all, yet I managed to sit there drinking all night right in front of her and she didn't even notice! My sister and all her friends kept buying me drinks like archers orange and orange wicked so she thought I was drinking fanta the whole time. haha, deviousness.

Then yesterday I went down teh country, which was quite boring. I wish I hadn't went. I miss my friends, we haven't hung out properly in what seems like ages. D and S are still in Spain, I wish they'd hury up and come home!! And especially J, 3 months is too long to be away, damn him!!

I'm kinda pissed off at l, I promised I'd come out today, and we'd have loadsa fun! We'd call for loadsa people and hang out where we usually don't go. But no, she only went to sleep at about 10 in the morning or something and she was like "Yeah I propbably won't be coming oot today" I was like gah!! I could have went into town with N or something. But I didn't cuz I promised to hang out with other people. Big spoons. Ah well.

I just realised I'm really bad at finishing things...like for instance, I've never finished a fanfiction, I barely ever finish off homework at home and I'm especially bad at finishing an anime! I still have two episodes to watch of Ah my goddess, about 8 episodes of Fullmetal alchemist and loads of other things. I just get distracted and get bored with what I'm doing. or with fanfiction a better idea comes along so I start writing about that. I gotta stop doing that. I really want to finish a fan fic sometime!! I suppose it's just one of my many flaws. =P

meep, so what flaw do you have? And don't say none, everybody's got 'em!

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Humphrey, well I got blue eyes so feck ya!

well i gotta run now!! See ya!

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