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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   I hate lone question marks.
Currently a listening to: June Gloom - The like.
Currently watching: Full Metal Panic Fumoffu episode 2 <3
Currently Reading: Ermmm Summat by Jonathan Kellerman about foreign people... i only read like a page so far, okiess!

History class annoys me greatly... I hate the whole having to remove my nose ring and the fact that I'm paranoid the hole is going to close up so i keep inserting it when he's not looking ^^; ... Soo boring too! I don't care about irish socialists with nationalist values!! Even if the dude did have a train station named after him. blahhh.

Karma's out to get me. Ever notice how karma is only noticeable when bad stuff happens... I'm being punished for my idle ways I tell thee! I better get a bloody A in that history essay it took me 3 hours!!

Okee enough with the complianing... woosh haven't posted here in a long time... i gotta stop saying that! heh.

I just finsihed the Da Vinci Code... man is that book overrated! Sure maybe there are some shocking revelations aboot Christ and what not but the plot is nothing spectacular. It's not exceptionally well written and I often got the feeling that he just copied and pasted snippets from a fecking textbook on conspiracies in christianity or something. There was maybe one good twist but mehh. Ah I'll probably see the film anyways...

Ooooooh one film I cannot wait to see is the new X-men thingy!! It looks splendid! I heart x-men so much... I just wish they'd put gambit in the film already, if he's that hot in a cartoon then he must be simply boiling in real life! That was cheesy...

2 and a half weeks till freedom!! SEX SEX SEX!!

Adieu now!

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