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Friday, January 27, 2006

   Boys will be boys
Lotsa the people on my friends list have exploded... how queer. I guess they're like me then! Moopah! Woopah. All right i shall update more often now. My blog entries have been laggin a bit recently..

Meep some of my friends are this party and i wash I was there! I went for a while but I had to go at ten because the parentage seem to be getting a bit suspicious when it comes to drink and friends and sleeping over in peoples houses and such so poo.. I had a bottle of miller but mleh. It kept spilling all over me! And I smell like smoke. eep. They didn't notice though so woo!

EEk i got this essay for english in school and I have no idea what to do.. ah ill think aboot it tomorrow. yay saturday! Yay Christmas!

Whaha it has relevence. My Sharona is such a cool song! I shall leave y'all with funniness from the irish media... waha we can be stupid at times..


A man has been found dead stuffed into a briefcase floating on the Grand canal - Gardai are treating it as suspicious!!! RTE Radio 1News July 2001

"When I said they'd scored two goals, of course I meant they'd scored one."
RTE Commentator George Hamilton

"The referendum went as most people hoped it would."
Irish Times editorial displaying acute understanding of the Democratic Process.

"Clap your feet!" Bernie of the Nolan Sisters.

"He's pulling him off. The Spanish manager is pulling his captain off!"
George Hamilton as Butregueno comes off against Ireland.

"The idea is well and good in theory, but tell me this, who is going to feed them?"
Wicklow Councillor objects to a proposal to boost tourism by putting gondolas on Blessington Lake.

"We are not prepared to stand idly by and be murdered in our beds." Rev. Ian Paisley.

"What we are doing is in the interest of everybody, bar possibly the consumer."
Aer Lingus spokesman.

"Deep down I'm a very shallow person." Charles Haughey.

"I'm always suspicious of games where you're the only ones that play it."
Jack Charlton on hurling.

"Outside HIV in Grafton Street." Gay Byrne plugging Hothouse Flowers appearance.




"A top level Garda internal inquiry is being held in Connemara into an allegation that a local garda shot a cow ....There has been no statement from the cow." Irish Press.

"I think the Irish woman was freed from slavery by bingo They can go out now, dressed up, with their handbags and have a drink and play bingo. And they
deserve it." John B. Keane.

"I was called out to a nonexistent phone call. When I returned I lifted my glass, smelled and said 'My God, this is foul, it smells like piss'. A voice from the back
called 'but whose?'" Wine connoisseur T. P. Whelehan at a tasting in Trinity College.

"Ludicrous. Ridiculous."
1989 edition of Collins Concise Dictionary defines the word 'Irish'.

"Get married again." Said Charles Haughey to women asking for an increase in the widows' pension.

"I can hold a note and I know I'm not ugly so, in ways, that's enough."
Keith Duffy of Boyzone.

"Bosco is a Bollox! Bosco is a Bollox!" What Zig and Zag were caught shouting (with Ian Dempsey laughing in the background) when the cameras
returned prematurely from a commercial break during 'Dempsey's Den'. Zag was tossing the Bosco puppet around.

Ian Dempsey: "What would you give Andrew and Sarah as a wedding present?"
Caller: "I'd love to give Fergie AIDS and put a bomb up Andy's hole'"

Larry Gogan: "With what town in Britain is Shakespeare associated?"
Contestant: "Hamlet."

Larry Gogan: "Name the BBC's Grand Prix commentator?
I'll give you a hint. It's something you suck...."
Contestant: "Oh, Dickie Davies." (Murray Walker is the correct answer)

Larry Gogan: "What was Jeeves' occupation?" Contestant: "He was a carpenter."

Larry Gogan: "Complete this well known phrase. 'As happy as.....' hint think of me. Contestant: "A pig in shite."

Larry Gogan: (after a caller got none of 18 questions right on the Just a Minute quiz) -
"Ah sure the questions didn't really suit you did they?"
Caller: "Ah go fu*k off Larry you're only an old bollox."

Gerry Ryan: (during a discussion on whether people would like to be buried or cremated when they die) -
"Would you like to be buried or cremated?"
Caller: "Oh, buried Gerry."
Gerry Ryan: "And where would you like to be buried?"
Caller: "Up to me balls in Bibi Baskin!"

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