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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   I am here.
I keep forgetting that this site exists... but here I am! I'd say i'm gonna try keep up with updating and stuff but if i do it probably won't happen... so this way i will, ha.

So what's been up? How has my life changed since last February? Does anyone care? Well probably not since a lot of my friends haven't signed on since 2004... haha. I'm going to update my life anyhow.

Well i did reasonably well in my leaving cert (end of school exams where you get points to get into college), I'm particularly proud of getting an A in english!

I have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been officially going out with for almost 7 months.

I got a job in the mooovies! yay free films and half price popcorn... boo long, late hours and rude customers!

I managed to get through a first semester in college... And am planning on dropping out. I do arts in ucd, majoring in history and english. I hate it. I make bad decisions haha. My advice is... don't do arts... do a real degree... and if you do, really research the subjects. History at 3rd level is difficult if you're not dedicated. English is lovely though...

Well they're the big changes i just thought i'd babble on about. My parents don't know I'm dropping out.. even though I've been planning on it for over a month now... ha. Lovely. When is a good time to tell them something like that? I was planning on doing it back in october too... but my Dad guilted me into staying...The gay.

My life's a bit all over the shop at the moment.. i need to find a full time job.. and save up college fees for next year.. and miss out on fun friend things :( poop.

oh well. I shall go now.

Fare thee well!

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