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Monday, September 27, 2004

   Days like this make ya wish you were sick.......

Lol the title's all moody and such but I'm not actually all that grumpy now.

WEll I was earlier cos I had to go to school today. Ack I hate going back after missing loadsa work and ya have to catch up and stuff. *sigh* It's soo annoying though cos the day I come back they decide to give us a whole bunch of tests. Well two today in maths and history. But then tommorow I have french and geography and on Thurday I have Irish! Wahh it be no fair! And I'm pretty sure I failed the maths one, damn crappy no good book and teacher. *pouts*

Lol well I'm probably boring you with my talking of schooliness. But I just really don't like it. Though my hatred is mostly for the shallow, homophobic, sterotypical people that attend it. They be not nice people, a lot of them.

Anyways enough of the negative thinking there cos i gots to go noow!

Tooodlessss!! *wavies*

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

   Criss cross tomato sauceee......

Today was pretty coolies. I went out for the first time in ages! Oh wait a sec I went out shopping the other day......well I went oot anyways!

My family and I went down to naked county (Laois.......long story behind that name.......) to visit relations and such. Twas fun. I played with my lil brother and sister and my 12 year old cousin most of the timie. It made me wish I was 10 again. I miss acting like a litttle moo and such. :(

Yah and I realised how unfit and bad I am at sports......I almost broke my auntie's window with a hurley.... ^^;; Oh silly me.

I saw lots of little things that amused me on the way down as well.......a guy hanging of the side of his house, a lil resturaunt called "milkys" and a row of men waering black hats. Oh and they all had Bushy beards! I was all lmao and the parentage were looking at me weirdly. Well not really they're used to my strange habits.

Well I must be off
bye the bye for noow! *wavies*

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Friday, September 24, 2004

   Shrunken noooooooose........

I be boredies so I thought I'd make a quick posty.

I'm in a weird mood where I'm thinking I should be in school but I'm not but I don't really want to go back but I should and will on Monday but don't really give a crap because I'm in a weird mood. I hope that made sense to you cos it makes none to me! ^___^

Anyways I'm just stting here on the computer as usual doing nothing really. I'm talking to my friend on msn, who's over in Spaish people land for a few months. It's really weird cos she's in Spain and it's all sunny and she's not in Ireland anymore and I'm all weirdness.....

Lol I'm gunna stop rambling now cos it's probably makiung no sense to anyone so Toodleoo! I might be back later, i dunno *Shrugs*

Anyway bye the byeeeee! *wavies*

Oh and more quizzes.....they pass the time, okay!

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hi hi!!

Today was kind of coolies. My Mam ended up taking me shopping instead of visting my sister, lol. The one time she decides I need new clothes is when I'm dying of the flu! It was good though but I would have enjoyed it more if the sun wasn't giving me headaches and I didn't have to blow my nose every Five flipping minutes! *sighsighsigh*

I gots nice pink cords and a snuggly top though so's I is happy indeedums ^____^ She brought me oot to lunch too. I had lasagne though I could barely taste it. ^^;;

Then me and my brother watched random anime for a couple of hours. Some fo them were weird. But I like weird so that is goot. :D

That's all that really happened, yah I know kind of boring. Mleh baba........kies bubye for noow!

I didn't think i was that bad........

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A Kokoro No Naka quiz by Judy


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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

   Salt and vinegarrr
All my clothes smell like salt and vinegar for some starnge reason. It's really weird.... Oh and my jeans smell like the seaside, whoch is also strange cos i haven't been to the beach in yonks!

I caught my little sister just looking at this big lollipop my friend brought me back from Disney World. It was creepy she was just sitting there with the lolly in her hand kind of just drooling for it. :S I was just like "Do you want it?" And was all "Yah!!" and ran out of the room really happily. Ah the wonders of unhealthy sweet substances and small children. ^^

Yah I'm still home from school today. I'm a lil bit better but my head's still kind of stuffed up so that's kind of annoying. It turns out I won't be going to school tommorow even if I'm healthy. My mam wants to visit my sister so I have to stay home and look after my my lil brother and sister and my 20 year old brother. ^_^;; It's really weird, my mam wants me to stay home from school! Her logic is that I'm a genius and I don't need school. Sh if only it were the truth.

Oh and for know reason at all here is a collection of spoons with eyes, enjoy! ^___^


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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

mmmmmmmmmm *see title*

I be sitting here with a blankie aroiund me drinking soup of the chicken nature, I do. Tit be tasty and I be sick. :( Tis annoying having to blow my nose every 2 seconds and feeling hot one minute and cold the next.

Argh everyone around me is getting the flu, including me!! Not that I'm complaining, I gets to miss school today which means no p.e ^^
I've just been sitting around all morning in my pjs wrapped in a blankie while my friends were at school going through an hours worth of yucky exercise.... life be good ^_^

Unfortunately, me being the non sleeper inner that I am have been trying to beat the boredom so I've been doing various quizzes all morning. WEll I dunno if that's unfortunate, they were intersting though, anyways I's gonna stop rambling on now.

Laterr Dayz! *wavies and huggles to all*

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I don't know about the innocence part...

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

   Sunday's be borrrring
See title. I is boredily indooooodles. I tried to do my homeowrk but I just couldn't be arsed. I just wanna do something entertainingies!

Meh. I'm all sad cos one of my mates is gone off two spain till January and I'm gonna miss her! ;_; We went oot for the last time all day yesterday. We was all giggly but sad and such. She hda the Spanish girl who she's going to be staying with over there with her and i kind of felt sorry for her because he English wasnt the best. I think she was pretty freaked out for the most part because we are pretty weird when we're hyper :p.

Ooh and i bought a fairy yesterday! It's so pretty, tis pink and yellow and sparkly and it goes with my room ^^ Oh and it wasd only 2 euro so i was all ooh cheapness.

Yah that's all that's been really goin on in my lifey. It's been pretty boring all week with all the after school studay and stuff. Ugh i don't know how I'm gonna put up with it for the next ages. Ah the pressure of doing well in school. :(

Welly bye the bye for noow! *wavies*

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

   closing time.......
Omg it's been ages since I've updated againies! :o Lol i kept meaning to but i just never got around to it! Lol my chinese zodiac really is the snake! I mean I'm such a procrastinator, I'm vain (well i look in the mirror a lot but i don't really admire i self i really try to improve myself.......) and i'm the other quality which i can't remember right now but I'm pretty sure I am it! ^^

School's been okay.....I just know i have to gonna start studying for big examies soony and that just kind of puts a dampener on things :( wah!

I've been listening to green day lots lately woo! Here's some lyrics......

Closing time, open all the doors
And let you out into the world
Closing time, turn all of the lights on
Over every boy and every girl
Closing time, one last call for alcohol
So finish your whisky or beer
Closing time, you donít have to go home
But you canít stay here

La la la.

Till next time *mwa*!! XD

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Monday, August 30, 2004

Meh I'm in a so-so mood at the moment.....school wasn't so bad. Except for the fact that i lost my favourite teacher and gained a really narky one *sighs* ah well c'est la vie!

I'm feeling all weird today, maybe cos it's my first day back at school, i don't know. When i got out of bed this morning i was all dizzy and i was walking all over the place. I was like "This isn't normal!" Hee hee it probably looked pretty funny.

I started watching excel saga from the second episode today. Well there's one crazy show indeedilies. I was laughing my ass off at it excel is such a loony! Hee hee Puchuu Puchuu. lala

wells me's gunna go noow bubyes! *wavies*

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

   nooo!!!! schoooool!!!!!! nooo!!!!
Ackies i haven't posted for ages agin! I'm just too lazy to write an entry every day....all that effort.......^_^;;

heh heh . Life has been boring as usual. Well it was preety coolies yesterday cosall my friends went to the cinema to see this korean horror film called "Phone". Well we didn't go solely top see that. We were actually gonna see the village but we decided seeing a random film we knew nothing about would be more fun. ^_^ It was really cool too. It was all scary and creepy and we were in the front row too so that made all the more so. asian horror films are so much more so much more scary than american ones!

Uckies school's back tommorow. *sighs* I hate my scabby school, every other school's not back till wednseday! Mean teacher people. ;_;

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