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Saturday, September 23, 2006

   Let's run through rows of speeding cars....
Mood: Thoughtful
SOng: Ray of Light - Madonna

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still on this site? haha.

I suppose it's the fact that it's been an outlet for so long.

More than two years... wtf like. And my god! I have changed so much.

I was just in a nostalgic mood... reading over all my posts. Some of them are so immature and naive. Like my God! I was so squeaky clean. haha. Jeebus.

Oh yeah I'm going to make a new site... I dunno, for some reason I feel like I need a fresh start if I wanna keep updating on this site..? And maybe if I have a new snazzy page I'll feel motivated like. yup yup. I just wish I had posted more recently. Like seriously reading over these blogs posts has been like reading a book. Even if I didn't post everything I did it brought back sooo many memories.

But anyway i shall be posting My new myO site thingy in my next post if anyone wnats to add me... That's if any of mah friends come on here anymore? *sigh* Tis just not the same! Myspace is taking over....

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