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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Listening to: Man on the moon - R.E.M.
Mood: Tiredy

WEll it's kinda late here, so I'll make this a short post. I like sheep. Rebel ones say moo!! hehe. I totally forget what I was going to say... so let's just leave it there shall we?

bye all!!

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Friday, June 24, 2005

   I'll science you!!
Mood: Kinda Tired
Listening to: City of Angels by The Distillers

Any Distillers fans ot there? I started listening to them recently and they're really cool. And whoa Brody Dalle is sexy!! I don't even find girls attractive...but whoa. lol. I always saw pictures and i thought she was kinda ugly but then I saw the video to Drain the Blood and... you get tha picture. haw.

Well what did I ndo yesterday? Absolutely fecka all really. Caz and Sarah came over last night and we did random crap. We played donkey kong on the gamecube with bongos and such and yeah... I suck. lol. They're trying to get me to meet up with this guy i talk to online cuz I like him and i THINK HE'S CUTE, BUT i DUNNO i DON'T LIKE THE IDEA OF MEETING BOYFRIENDS THAT WAY. iT SEEMS KIND OF SAD TO ME. *shrugs*

Woopsy daisy, caps alert. Lol, I'm too lazy to go back and change that, so meh.

It's my mam's birthday today, so I doubt I'll be doing anything intersting. I got her lots of nice smelly stuff so she's happy...for now.

Oh oh, weird story. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a cat at the end of my bed!! It was fucking scary!! I kinda screamed and my mam brought it ootside. Then at 8am my mam woke up and there was a baby bird in her bedroom. Weirdy. Animals must be attracted to my hoose or something. We think they got in by windows cuz we keep loads wide open because of the hotness in temperature at the mo. The cat thing was creepy though. i keep seeing the same cat around as well....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

woo brody!!

okee i go now, bye bye!!!

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

   Burnt to a crisp
Aloha!! It's been a while, I know, tit has been a busy week. Well my partay thingy was goot, quite fun. WE watched a film called "Inside I'm dancing" it's an irish film aboot two disabled peeps in wheelchairs. The ending is so friggin sad. Well, so I was told, only two people ended up watching it. Sarah ended up giving Colin and undercut, and dek gave me a hickey. I don't know why!!!! He was very excited that night. He licked my leg and sucked my finger alaso. :S Twas quite weirdy...

On Sunday, Sarah and I had a very random day. We wandered about parts of town we'd never been before and ended up going into the city, withought paying for the luas(tram thingy)!!! :O She wouldn't let me, I swear!! She's such a bad influence, lmao. It was very unpleasant. twas extremely crowded full of country people because of a hurling match or something. I was all squished and had some guys armpit in my face the whole time. It smelled...not nice. And little people kept tugging on my skirt. hehe.

Ummm nothing interseting happened much during the week. Yesterday we all went into the city cuz I had to get my mam a birthday pressie. Twas fun, 20% off stuff because of sales!! It was soo hot, so we went and laid aboot in Stephen's Green park. It was really crowded and there was a band playing farmery traditional irish music in a gazebo. Twas relaxing. Expect i got extremely sunburnt!! I didn't think I'd need suncream, lol. All around my shoulders and back and chest is all red!! Damn me wearing a black tank top. I silly, hehe.

I stil haven't gotten my compooter back, dammit. I miss it ;__;

Well i gotta run my jimmies, ttyl!!

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Friday, June 17, 2005

   Wooo I'm here agin!!
Current mood: kinda tired
Currently listening to: "California Uber Alles" by Dead Kennedys (this song amuses me greatly for some reason)


I be posting again after nearly a month! Gosh I do take big intervals between posting sometimes, don't i? Well my excuse is that my computer was fucked (what's new?) and I was sitting my junior cert exams. I don't feel like explaining what they are, let's just say they're a big set of exams ya sit covering three years work which are a whole lot less important than teachers lead you to believe.

So they're over and it's summer, yayness in a large cannister!! My computer's still being a bitch so i'm on my brothers ridiculously slow one. It freezes if you do more than one thing at a time. Peh.

Twas my birthday friday! I couldnt really celebrate it properly then so I'm having a lil thingy with my friends tommorow, should be fun. For my birthday I gotted a remington wet to staright straightener and 100. Special. i bought myself a pair of blue converse. They're so friggin cool, I luv em to bits. They get so uncomfortable after wearing them for too long though.

My friends and I decided to go on a long brisk walk today, not a good idea. Firstly, it's ridiculously hot outside, and secondly I wore my converse and thirdly I ripped my pink fishnets! You can guess what the oputcome of that walk was. let's just say my feet aren't feeling too peachy right now.

Well that's all from me for now, I'll try post tommorow, bye bye!!!

oh oh, one more thing, D'ya notice wallpaper thingy at the bottom of my page? Last updated 5/5/05!! How snazzy is that? I'm reluctant to update them again, lol. What a cool date. Lol okay bye for real now!!

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Friday, May 20, 2005

   Spleeenic Moriarty!!
Mood:meh, could be better
Listening to: Dream-My Will

Hey guyzzzzz (If anyone's reading this...) how ya'll doin?
Yah jus a lil question. Are any of you able to see pictures on my site or do you just see lil messages saying "Image hosted by photobucket" Ugh I'm all annoyed cuz I still can't do anything to change my site. It's all pissshed.

Oh and Outlaw Melfina was right that that pic was of Hitmoi from Escaflowne, lol yah I know it was piss easy.

Today was blah. My horoscope said I was sposed to be on a big buzz and all happy for the next 24 hours but I wasn't at all. I'm gonna be alone all weekend (well practically, all my mates are gone off) and I'm fat.

So those two things kinda brought me down all day. And other stuff too. i'd say what it is but i'm trying as hard as hell not to go off on a lil hissy fit rant kinda thing. I was crying earlier and my friend kinda noticed something was up and she was all "Tell me what's wrong, letting it off your chest can help!!" But I knew she'd give out to me when I told her what was wrong. I'm always complaining about myself, cuz well, I'm not a big fan of me. Everyone's always saying how cool I am and how everyone likes me, I jus don't see it. Meh I'll stop there.

Oh yah Parents and their money problems are annoying too! Anotehr thing to make me feel as guilty as hell for practically breathing. Apparently I'm spending all their money. I don't see how, i don't get half as much money as the rest of my friends. They can all go off and buy clothes for summer while I'm stuck in my horrible things that make me look like an elephant! I ahte my clothes. I can never buy cds, or manga either. I'm soo behind in Fruits Basket...Ugh I know Im being selfish and spoilt.

Okee I'm sorry for rambling, i gotta go!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   Mustard cheese
Sorry it's been a lil while since I've posted. I just haven't really gotten around to it. What have I been up to recently? Ummmm... well nothing really. Trying to study, being distracted by walls, cailings, people playing football and hurling etc. in the field behind my house. Heh.

Really nothing interesting has happened. I seem to have made everyone in my family sick though and everyone his slowly spreading it to others and lots of other people are sick because of me now, so yay!

School's been just as boring so I won't bore you with that...well except random guys keep messing with my bag!! My friend was like maybe they're attracted to it because it's shiny and new... but they even did it to my old bag! Do I have a sign that says "please pull and prod with my bag to annoy the hell out of me" 0_o

Well that's it. Now for a lil game. See if you can tell me what anime character is in this distorted picture. I tried not to make it too easy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

well guess away...

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Nothing much to write aboot today, I'm kinda better and I just kinda laid aboot at home all day. Oh and My mammy and daddy are home from majorca so I'm happy, and my sister's gone home, which is kinda sad but kinda happy cuz I kinda like her but I kinda don't lol.

Ohoh I just had to post this pic....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

How friggin Hot is that!!! wahhhhhh lalalalalalala. Okies i go now bye bye!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

oh god i feel like crap. when i walk it's so heavy and just makes me wanna puke and I'm sooo hot and I'm stinky too. Gah poopily. I hadn't puked for like 5 years before today, I#d forgotten how yucky it is.

what a crapy end to a pretty cool weekend. On fridat night i went to this coca cola fashion fusion thingy with my mates. it was really good, it had all these cooly costumes made by students in schooly. afterwards we ran around town. it was so funny d kept ringing proplrs apartment buzzers, which is a totally un-d thing to do. Lol and for once I was the one worried aboot getting in trouble. We took lotsa pictures as well. I'd describe stuff better but im really tired.

Last night I slept in my friends hoos,e which was good but when i woke up this morning I felt like poo., So yah there's my weekend

I'm sorry it's so badly written, i'm verreh dizzy.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yes random title, I know.

Gosh I'm tired and listening to Enya isn't helping...so realaxing and peaceful...zzzzzzz.

Hmmm well today was okay I suppose. It cudda been way fun I suppose but I wasn't really in the bets of moods. It was 3rd year prizegiving and I was in it singing with a few other girls. We sang "here I am Lord" and "Imagine" Apparently it sounded really good so yayness!!

I also got roped into doing a lil reading thingy. Ughh. Ya see the school chaplains name is C and so is mine soo... She came over and was like who in your class is doing a reading? And I said I didn't know because everyone in my class were all "I'm not doing it!!" So she asked if she could put me down as a maybe. I said okay she asked me my name. I said it was C and she was like "Oh I'll remember that you'll have to do it then!!"

Huh. Typicalness on a stick. I didnt mess it up so all's good. I Won award thingy too!! Well I won highly commened In art so that's cool. I aslo got a certificate thingy for being in the carol service at Christmas so yayness. It pays to get involved in stuff, ya get a crappy lil piece o paper! oh babay. lol

Hmm well that's it for now. Sorry the post wasn't that exciting. I'm jus not in a very lively mood right now.


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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   I'll lemon your lemons...
Mood:pretty good
Listening to:4hero-Les fleurs


Ummm stuff has been pretty unproductive recently, nothing much has been going on...Oh yah, heh my friend S and I are on this lil quest thingy to try and make our friend D think we're having a lesbian love affair. We took photos that makes it look like we're kissing (we're NOT btw, that would be icky she's my fwend!) and sent them to him and told him not to tell anyone cuz we're embarrassed. Heh he believes it. He so gullible.

In other news the guy I was kind of liking is apparently an arsehole, so my friends are trying to put me off him, which is strange cuz only a couple of weeks ago they were all "Omg you gotta text/ring/talk to him" Lol, how things change eh?

Oh yeah, as you might have noticed, I kinda screwed up my site, heh. I kinda forgot how to do the fixed tag thingy and it's not letting me change stuff so I'm kinda stuck with it like this :S If anyone wants to help, feel free to pm me, lol. I'm not begging or anything... *is on knees* heh

Yah I'm kafluffled now (don't ask) so byeee!!!

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