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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Current Mood: Mokeeee
Currently listening to: Green Day - All by myself

Gosh from reading the comments on my last post, I'm pretty freaked oot to note that a lot of people have had a stalker at some point. Weirdy.

Bouncing Castle was Funness in a can! ^^ My body is so wrecked after it. All the guys kept going on and bouncing all over the place and I kept falling over lol. It kept deflating from about 15 teenagers and fully grown adults being on it at once...woops.

I've been thinking aboot what I'm gonna get people for Christmas....hehe yeah I know, very early. It's just every year I always have no money around Christmas because I've spent the few weeks beforehand rushing around for pressies. I'll feel much more relaxed if I have it over and done with. I'm planning on getting a job sooon so that should help.

I wanna get this for my friend Sarah, but I don't know what kind of wrist she has O_o. I mean it's pretty odd to ask someone what length their wrist is, in inches preferably. lol. Although she probably won't find it strange coming from me. ^^; Ah, I'll work it oot.

I gotta run now, see ya!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

   What would Jesus brew??
Current Mood: I need to go to the bathroom...
Currently listening to: The Killers - Mr Brightside

Hey, how are yis?? I'm okee...just listening to my mother freak oot, lol. what's new? We got this bouncing castle thingy for my sister's birthday and lotsa people coming over later. It should be a giggle. yup yup.

A question...have you ever had someone who is obsessed with you? I have this guy that's apparently kind of in love with me and apparently stalks me. O_o Well I just think some people like to make it sound worse than it is to freak me oot, lol. I am not attracted to him at all though! i feel bad cuz he's crazy aboot me but I can't help it! I usually amn't attracted to guys who like me first. :S I know, odd eh? I think it's the whole novelty of wanting something more when you can't have it though. So I sure as hell know how my stalker feels, lol. I try to let him know I knoew he exists though, Apparently when I say hi to him it makes his day...lol. *shrugs*

Why be obsessed with me? I'm not special. Some people.

Well I gotta go!! see ya!

You, actually, dont sleep. There are just too many
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How do you Sleep? (Anime Pics)
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Quiz I did... mostly right except for the optimistic part haha.

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Monday, July 25, 2005

   This lust to my brain almost feels like a gun....
Yeah that title has no relevance to anything that's going on in my life right now, so relax! lol. Oh God I don't know how long it's been since I last posted, my life has been really busy. WEll not really, it's just so much stuff has been going on, in my head and with my friendss.

I've been having some shit going on with myself for ages, and I couldn't realy talk to anyone aboot it. I talked about it briefly with sarah in Kerry, but she's in Spain noow and I dunno, I can't feel comfy talking aboot things to some of my other friends. I ended up talking aboot stuff with a friend I haven't really been close to in a long time, and he really helped. I dunno, just having a moan to someone really helps, so stuff's kinda better now. ^^

In the last week I kinda had my first boyfriend...If you could call it that. It lasted, what? 5 days? Lol. I didnt really like him in that way and to be honest, im not good at that kinda crap.

I kinda gotta cut off there, my computer's fucking up. I'll post more later!

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   Potato Potato
Current mood: Refreshed
Currently listening to : Placebo - Pure Morning

Aloha peoples!!

I got up and showered and stuff and I feel really clean!! I feel all motivated today and I did 50 sit ups and stuff and i feel all strectched and healthy. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight before my sister's wedding in August where I'm a bridesmaid. I've already lost a bit and the dress fits me which is a good thing. I just wanna be less...large. lol.

So yah that's aboot it.....I think I'll ask a random question just for the heck of it,

What's your favourite country and why?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   Yay homeness!!!
Current mood: Happy!
Currently listening to: Down - Blink 182


Sorry I haven't posted in soo long!! I went down to Kerry for a week with my friends. It was a giggle but I am soo friggin happy to be back in civilisation again. Country life is definitely not the life for me... I didn't think I'd feel so isolated. I was only down there for a week, but God I'm grateful I live in Dublin.

That isn't to say I didn't have fun. It was really cool. The first half of the week was extremely rainy, the 2nd half was extremely hot and sunny and I got some colour, yay. We played a lot of badminton. I think I would have toned up a bit if I hadn't been eating so much crap.

Oh yeah watched some films also. Ones I recomend: Creep, Cruel Intentions.
Ones I don't reccommend: Cruel Intentions 2, Don't go into the attic (I spelt recommend differently both times cuz I'm not quite sure how to spell it...)

Actually I might recommend "Don't go into the attic" for how extremly bad it is. It was hilarious. I mean I know I often judge horror films harshly...but ffs! And cruel Intentions 2...makes absolutely no sense. That's the only comment I'm going to make.

hmmm what else? I've no idea so I'll leave it that!

bye bye!

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Current Mood: Peachy

Currently listening to: Underoath - When the sun sleeps


We all kind of hung out yesterday, and thankfully no blood was shed. The whole foo thing wasn't mentioned at all. I was talking to Sarah about it and she was like "Why don't we just ignore it and it will all disapear?" The easy way out, I like the sound of that! haha. I think we're all just pretty much ignoring stuff for now and trying to start afresh, but if things get all mooey again I'll try tell Lolli our feelings aboot stuff.

Sooo umm other news? I scrubbed a pot today. Yay me!! That's seriously all that has happened today so far. hehe.

See ya peoples!!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mood: Stressed
Currently Listening to: The used - I Caught Fire


How's everyone? Peoples around me are fighting over something so trivial and petty and it's just pissing me off so much! I am too lazy to type out and explain what it's all about, but let's just say it's over the word, "foo". For crying out loud!!! AHGHHHH!

Loli thinks me and c are going to abandon her for s because apparently we "Always hang on her every word and it looks like we're desperate for her to like us". That really pissed me off. I can see where she's coming from, because I tend to agree with S about a lot of issues because I think we're on more of the same wavelength than I am with l and c. But L's been my best friend for years along with c.

And it's kind of her fault in a way that we're becoming more close to s than she is. Even when we all ahng out it's just her and Col and then the rest of us. They don't really intigrate with the rest of us. And then they go off and hang oot by themselves a lot. To top it all off l never talks to any of her friends online, only her online friends and of course Co. I can barely talk to her properly anymore. I mean, we used to be able to talk in school because Col is in a different school, but now school's gone and there's no way to really hang with just her because col's always there! I wouldn't mind if they'd just Mix more. Caz feels pretty much the same way as I do.

And now L and S are fighting, when if it's anyone who should be fighting it's Co and S! It has nothing to with L. And it's all over the word Foo!!! Ahhh!! So fucking annoying. I'm not get involved because it's so ridiculous, but I want to tell L how me and c feel about our whole situation, I just don't know how. :( Maybe it'll sort itself out, but I dunno....

Hmmm, lol I wasn't sposed to type all that, I just went off on a rant. *sigh* STUPIDNESS!!

I'd be grateful for any advice you could give me........

okee bye!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

   Pickle Factory
Current Mood: Pretty Good
Listening to: Muse - The small Print

hiii!! How are ye all?

Yesterday was pretty cool and random. I talked to a lot of people I wouldn't usually talk to, it kind of was a mind opener. A lot of people are a lot cooler than I thought, and vice versa. So yah that was ehhh... gnarly. lol trying to think of more adjectives. Well I think it's an adjective anyways...*shrugs*

so yeah... what else? Oh yah a friend of mine came out to her parents about being a lesbian. They took it really well which is quite cooly. Her mam thinks it's a phase but ah well. She was mostly scared about what her father would think but he was fine.

Hmmmm I really wanna go see Iron maiden at the end of August...but I kinda have no money. And it costs �65! Very spensive. I've already bought tickets to My Chemical Romance so that leaves funds rather short. Ah well.

I'll talk to y'all later!!

bye bye!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyone know what this means?

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Mood: Tired but good.
Listening to: Green Day - Longview


I got up a lot earlier than I planned this morning, so i'm kinda tired, but all's well! I didn't get home till aboot 1.50 last night (or should I say this morning?) cuz I was watching a film in my friend's hoose. We watched Thirteen. It was okay. Very good acting and stuff. Though I know I sure as hell never acted the way the main character did when i was thirteen! And after it was over I had a strange urge to out and act like a huge slut. Films are bad influences on mee!! And it's really creepy walking home at that time in the morning, especially by yourself. I wouldn't recommend it.

ehh what else? Oh yeah, I lay in the sun for about 2 hours this morning, I got very freckly and what I think is a heat rash on my legs. Ah well. I was going to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire but then I realised my sister took it last time she was here! Damn her living up the North! So i had to read some of the order of the Pheoniz instead. It's kind of hard to read while sitting in the sun though.

Oh and my friend Sarah was saying she wouldn't be surprised if I came out as a lesbian!! I was like, "whyyy?" She said it's not because I'm very touchy feely with girls, (Cuz I'm not, I just like to hugz all my friends lots cuz they're special :D) but because I'm oh so very shy and timid when it comes to members of the opposite sex. Well, in the romantical sense (is that a word?) I think it's because I'm scared of rejection and i am very not confident in my physical appearance. Sarah says that's why I've never had a boyfriend. I've had offers but I get scared, lol. So I'm going to try be more confident and assertive from now on! Those jimmies won't know what hit 'em!

Lol sorry for boring you all with that carp. Here's a battery. Enjoy. ^__^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bye now!

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Listening to : Nirvana- In Bloom
Mood: meh, can't complain

Yay sunday day of rest... well day of boringness during summer. Yes, that's right, I am quite bored.

Hmmm just a question for peoples, do any of or have any of you had an online boyfriend/girlfriend? I never knew some people dated only online. I find it quite strange actually, lol. No hugging or kissing, god forbid! Well there's those lil icons, but they're never the same! And the fact that you'd rarely see each other... it wouldn't be cuppa tae I'd have to say.

I made a new wallpaper!! Tis shampoo from Ranma 1/2. I know I wanted it to stay with the date 5/5/05 but the calling of wallpaper making was much to strong, so I gave in. *hangs head in shame*

I have so much anime to watch... but I don't know where to start!! Should I watch Ranma 1/2, naruto, school rumble or gundam seed? Help mee!!

hmm random picture time, I'm being brave by posting one of me!! Oh big rebellic me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

some of my friends ages ago...heh

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's not my bedroom btw. They'll probably kill me but meh.

Oh and Sasaya I'd me your friend forever if you posted me your neighbour's black lamb with the white patch on it's head. =D

Hmmm well ttyl!

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