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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Current Mood: Full of foooooood

Currently listening to; Tatu singing the theme tune to Charmed....it's really good!

Ughhh my picture hasn't changed!! It says perdy sialor moon under that picture of kamikaze kaitou jeane and I'm like that's not sailor moon!!! I'm too lazy to try change it again, lol.

Went to Bray yesterday!! hehe it was a giggle. We had noo money and we were in the lil amusement place that they have in these seaside yokeys and we were gambling 10 cent coins to try and get enough money to get a bag of chips. we did in the end so yayness!

Oh and we saw loads of these cute guys ootside a place called katie gallaghers which i think was a pub thing where there was a gig going on. We wanted to go in but it was more fun sitting outside freezing.lol and we had no money to buy a ticket.

We into the city again today......we were meant to go to the cinema, but hide and seek isn't out over here rill the 25th and we were too lazy to go see anything else. We were gunna see spongebob but L already saw it and it was kinda sold out. Soo poopie. We had a good time just going around the place randomly. Sarah got her eyebrow pierced agin. Her body rejected it last time, and probably will again but she doesn't really give a crap.

Meh I feel all boring, i have no special piercings, i wanna get something pierced! Well probably something like my nose or belly button or something, Jen has this thingy going down the cartilage of her ear and it looks like it was very painful and isn't really my cup of tea anyhow, so I don't think I'd get anything too weird done.

Lol I'm probably boring peoples with talk of piercings, so bye bye for now!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Current mood: mellow
Currently listening to: the peaceful sound of the dryer doing it's thang.


Ah it's weirdy since I kinda left and came back almost none of my friends are updating anymore. It's weird cuz most of them used to update like evryday, unlike lazy me. Everything's changinggggg.

Ah well. I had a giggle yesterday in Town. We went around annoying lotsa peoples. Well mostly skaters, lol. My friend C bought a cheap ass lil skate board for �5 and we went to the place where all the skaters were skating and stuff and we were pulling her along on her mini skateboard and she was like, "Lookie at me, I can skate!!" It was soo funny. She seemed really happy with the fact that she looked like a poser. Then some guy came and had a go on her skate board and fell off it. It's amusing when they fall. hehe.

Then we went into McDonalds to get a mcflurry and there was these skater dudes sitting there and I got Sarah to go up to him and go, "You're stripy!!" and run off. She did and they started laughing. It was amusing. We saw them millions of times after that and we kept waving to them.

Today we're going on the train to bray by the seaside where it should be quite cold, lol. I gots me scarf and gloves handy. Oh and tommorow we're gunnna see Hide and Seek. Anyone know if it's any good?

Okk I go now bye bye!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

   Me poopie...
Current Mood: Needing to use the toilet

Currently listening to: Green Day


Oh dear I haven't updated in AGES!! I have excuses though. Busyness of exams and socialising, lol. I haven't been near my compooper in yonks, oh and I'm lazy too, lol. ^^;; I'm sorryyyyyy.

So what have I been doing??? Ummmm doing mock exams for big exam thingy In June and studying for it. I think I did pretty well for only studying properly the night before. I tried studying for weeks before it but I kept getting distracted by things you normally wouldn't pay attention to. Ya know, things like walls and pieces of paper. Ah well I can't wait to see how I did.

I've been watching lots of Naruto too. I'm up to episode 38 I think. Lol, I know I'm way behind. I like Sakura lots even though she's not very strong. I just like the lil split persona thing she's got going on. She reminds me of me. =P

I'm on my mid-term break right now which is funness! I've just been hanging oot with friends everyday, which is cool cuz I don't normally get to do that as lots go to different schools. So yayness! We're going into the city today to do stuff. Though I'm not quite sure what.

Well I'm gonna go now and I'm sorry again for my absenceeeeeee.

Oh and what happened to TheAngelHasFallen?? She's all goned and I don't know whyness. *cries* Could someone tell me?

Okies bye!! *waves*

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Friday, December 17, 2004

   BLINK 182 ROCKED VERILY!!!!!!!!!!
WEEEE!!!! Omg went to see Blink 182 last night. It was soooooo grrooovey!

Well cept we almost didn't get there at all cuz some peoples couldn't take the day off school. Me and caz gots a half day and then we got rang upo by peoples and they were like, "Um yah we gotsta stay in school all day..."

And were like "ahhh!" So we got the luas to the point at like 6 and the show started at like 7.20!! Well it was just the supporti8ng bands the, but still! We wanted to be able to see the stage! It takes 45 minutes for the luas to get to chonolly station and then we had to stay their for 10 minutes while Dek took a dump (no joke) Then we ran all the way to the point and got their at aboot 20 to 8.

But all was well. We managed to push ourselves to a reasonable distance from the stage. the first band were crap. I can't remember what they were called but the singer sounded like they were dying. The second band were coolies. It was sugarcult and they were verreh jimmy!

ANd then blink came on and we was all "WEEEEAHAHAHAH JIMMEH!" Thjey started off with feeling this and everyone was jumping around and singing and it was sooo cooliesI almost got my glasses broked like 3 times. Once when a guy elbowed me in the eye, then twice when a this guy tried to crowd surf (which i kinda wrecked both times hehe. WEll i got freaked oot when i just saw this guys ass one my head!!)

Oh and towards the end travis came up in the nmiddle of the floor, literally right beside where we were! Omg it was f**ucking brilliant!! He was there going crazy on the drums and I was there going eeeh!! You could really see him! It was like ooh he's really real!! I don't think hye heard me when I called him a sexy ride though ;_; Ah well. It was sooo coooool!!!!

Okay I'm sorreh if that was really long and boring it was just soo cool and exciting and I wanna tell everyone how cooles it was cuz it was very much that!!! lalala. Now it's over and I be sad.

I should really put on a christmas theme thingy. Mebbe I'll change it later. It might put me in the christmas mood, cuz strangely enough I'm not looking forward to it. *shrugs*

Well I gotsta go noow!!


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Monday, December 13, 2004

Woah, this is a first, NONE of my friends have updated their myotaku site today. :0 What the jimmy? And I'M posting? *looks up in sky to see blue moon* Ah, that explains it. ^^

ANywayssssssss, I had a perdy uneventful weekend. My firend caz's dad's anniversary of his death thingy was on saturday so she was kind of sad during the weekend. Oh and I spent yesterday watchinhg 11 episodes of full metal alchemist. ^^;; I had nothing better to do, kay? I was in isolation, my parentage wouldn't let me oot of the hoose!

Oh yah I want peoples opinion yokeys. See, my friend caz was talking to this guy she likes online when he said that he fancied the arse off nicola from girls aloud. Now, my friend, caz, went kind of mad at his. She was like "But she's so fugly!" And I was like, "Calm down, Everyone has their own taste!" But she still can't really believe it, lol. I don't really know why she's freaking ot, at least she knows she's more attractive than a girl the guy she likes fancies, so she's in with a chance. I don't think Nicola is really THAT unnatractive.

In case you were wondering who girls aloud were here be a picture, Nicola is the one with the bag on her head, hmmm.

Okaies here's a pic of here here

What do you peoples think of her?

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

   Oh gonness long time-nesssss
Ooohie silly me and my jimmyness. I always to jimmy to update myotaku. Ah well, I here now!!

Well stuff hmmmm...Oh yah, I'mk gunna be on tha telleh! WEEE! I all excited. My choir thingy is doing a mass thingy on the telly for peoples who can't go to mass on sundays. *dances* I is all nervous. It be on the sunday after this.

I'm also doing the carol service in schoolies. The guy I like is gonna be on drums apparently during it so I'll be there drooling instead of singing, lol. Ah well.

Oh I cannot wait tiolll blink!! It's gunna be sooo coolies! I borroed this cool top of my sissy to wear to it and i'll be all dancing and stuff. ^__^

Things are not really as squishy with my mates. My two mates broke up again for good, but it's okies cos they still be mates, so are lil group thing can stay strong. Well, hopefully. If other peoples stop figthting. Wah all the quarrelling recently is givveing me an ache of the head kind! Why can't everyone just be fwiends. ;_;

Well I gotsta go nooooooow! I might be back later.

Seeya!! *wavies*

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

   Speeenines.....oh jimmeh

Oh i be all poop againies...I just found out my friend D has glandular fever and a spleen infection... I hope he'll be okies. I just found oot last night and I was all ;_; and I was going around asking how bad a spleen infection is...Oh it be jimmy.

And also my friends S and N dont want to be friends anymore and they keep fighting so it's gonna ruin this lil group thing we have going on and we all be poopies. :(

In other news we managed to convince my friend c that their are cameras all over her room which her parents use to spy on her. Ah it was amusing. She really believed us and we told her that all parent's do it and we thought she knew. When she went home that night she went and searched all over her room for hidden cameras. Hee hee.

Well I'm gunna go noow....pillows. I'm soorry I'm being all depressing it's just all gah.

Oh yeah the reason I wasn't on for ages is cuz I gotted the nsims 2! Oh it's soo cool. I love that game. It's so darn addictable. i still have to get used to all the new stuff.



They is jiggleh!

kk bye! *waves*

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

   Oh jimmy......
Lo peoples. Wahh yesterday was supposed to be really cool but it turned out all poopy. ;_;

It started off last night when I went out all happy and met up with my friends and we were all weee and hyper and stuff. Then I got all of depressed all of a sudden. i don't know whether it was to do with that time of the month or one of my friend's moods but I was just all poo.

I ended up screaming at my friend c for a reason that's really stupid. I felt so bad afterwards cuz she looked like she was about to cry. I'm so horrible, I always take out my bad moods on her, probably because she's an eay target. At the time I didn't really care but I realised I do it an awful lot. Oh I big jimmy head indeedily.

Then some of us kind of went off to buy food cuz were were hungry and my friend l and her boyfriend were just kind of hanging around near her road when some scumbags came along. She ended up egtting hit in the back with a bottle of Wicked. Ugh I hate people like that. Why are some people so stupid and violent? Her back is all bruised and swollen now.

Then I went home and went online and proceeded to get shouted at by my friend d for calling him a woman user or something like that, which I never called him. I was just all "wahhh!"

So then I decided to watch some anime to take my mind off things, so I watched some episodes of full metal alchemist, except they were the worst episodes to watch and they made me cry. Poor nina... ;_;

Lol yah that post was pretty moody wasn't it? I'm sorry I'll be back happy tommorow, I think. ^^

K bye bye.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

   Wah mixable upableeee
Today I woke up, I laughed, I cried but I'm okay now. Does anyone else have a mother that has the power to mess up your whole day in one sentence and set you off on a crying spree? I do and this hasn't been the first time it's happened.... Ah well pillows.

Anywho Sorry for the short post, I'm just not in the mood for writing mooch.

Bubyeeeee!! *wavies*

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

JIMMY JIMMY JOHN JOHN!!! That's my new way of saying hello to my friends. We scream it oot to each other then huggles! Saying hello is sooooo overrated, yup yup. ^^

Talent show was way coolies! I stayed in school till 1AM. How queer indeedily. I stayed till ages after it was over cuz we were waiting for one my mates who was in stage crew and ppls were messing with moosic. So there was many a person boogeying on down to "Can't touch this" at 12 at night. hehehe weirdyness.

lalala. my mind is all blanky at the moment. joe joe joe joe........I wanna go see green day!! But I don't gots no money and it's the day before my mocks...Damn school getteh in the way of everything that's fun! *shakes fist*

Although I think this year has been my best year of secondary so far despite the fact that it's a big exam year thingy. Weirdness in a can. When I say best I mean most fun, not best academically, In that dept. I've been quite shite actually, lol.

Everyone's been asking me what I'm getting for Christmas recently and I really don't know yet. I really want an i-pod, but expensiveness.....*sighs*

So what do you guys be getting for Christmas?

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