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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Komui, ilyHello thar.
Time to update >:D
Nothing much, school is school and pretty great, dispite the fact that I miss my friends in my other school. I've gotten used to this one, hehe. Saw some movies lately, like Spiderman III, Disturbia, Babel, Flags of Our Fathers, Last Kind of Scotland and yesterday began my watching of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I saw the first yesterday, today the second and tomorrow the third, along with Shrek 3. HAHA, I ARE A MOVIE WHORE.

Sorry for my last post if it seemed emo or something, I had no sense of what I said, I read it today and I laughed at myself, hahah. But I love you guys. I haven't been on theO much to read all of your updates, check my PMs, guestbook and such. I apologize and I'll try to get to them tonight. I haven't been able to catch on the anime and manga that I left behind. BLEACH is an exception of course, haha. HOLYSHACKS, Otakon is almost right up the corner, I need to start on cosplay, cause I'm sure this con will be the best highlight of my summer. Truefacx. Umm..yeah I think thats it. Haha.

Oh and Shanny will prolly only get this, but a few weeks ago I was looking on the net for posters since I got the room ALL to myself >:D
And of course I wanted a poster that had the Twins from the Matrix Reloaded. I looked everwhere but they only had the teaser version, where it cuts off most of their faces. I WANT A FULL BODY POSTER OF THOSE TWINS, DAMIT. And I found it! >:D

On a UK site, haha. But it came in the mail today, and I are soo happy. ^___^;;
Haha, fangirl I are. WAH THEY LOOK HOTT. And its even the version where they dont hold a knife buuuut their guns >:D
Oh yeah~ [Its a glare on Twin Two's face, boowoo, but its not really there]

Expect a room tour soon enough, with those babies on the wall!
Oh and season finale of Heroes next Monday. HOLY SHIT, I MUST SEE. MUST MAKE BIG FEAST. Everyone is invited! >:D

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