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Monday, June 11, 2007

<33Holler guys!
Its Mondayy, I thought it was Sunday. Cause I didnt have school and you know, kinda slept in. Hahah. Anyway this past weekend was dedicated to watch more Blood+, an anime I'm watching right now and 'bout to finsh today, I love it. It's so good. Hahah, and the title gives it all, it has blood in it. Yayy. *ahem*

Anyway, but my weekend has also been dedicated to read the book, Twilight. You readers, go ahead and shoot me twice, I nearly smacked myself for not picking up this book earlier, I pulled an all night last night reading it, I love it. I absolutely love vampires and werewolves, and of course books about them, its great. Soo I watched Blood+ and had enough til one at night. So I read and did not sleep until six fourty six in the morning. Hahah and the birds were singing already, I turned off the light, closed the blinds and went to bed. I didn't wake up til one in the afternoon, how awesome. Yeah, I pwned the night.

Both things are so amazing, I strongly recommend those two if you haven't read/watched it yet. :D
And now, I must watch til the end of the series and then clean my room, its a huge mess. And then the horror of studying for my history final tomorrow. Boo. Anyway, thats all, I'm gonna visit you all now.

Here have a song thats been doozing me for a while, I should give songs of the days, now that I have time and whatnot. Later guys! <33
"I Love You" by The Bees

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