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Friday, June 8, 2007

Yeah, sonHAY GUYZ.
Oh man..I'm SO mad right now. I just typed out my post, and then it got delete, FU FU FU FU MYO.

Anyway, today is the first day of exams, I was there for mostly the whole day til 12PM when we could leave school. I took my English and Biology exam, I think I did pretty good. Then on Monday I dont have exams so I dont have to come to school at all. Tuesday, I enter at 7AM and leave at 10AM for my History exam, which I've been told its super super supppperr hard.
Wednesday I enter at 10AM and leave at 12PM. OMG Exam week times is effing amazing.

And then..I ARE DONE! Yayyyy
Bring on the summer, baby.
Ew never mind, its 100 degrees outside right now, I am getting fried, I am dark, I am hott, I hate summer. I want winter or fall.

Anyway, lately I've been ..studying and just watching anime, Blood+ clearly. I haven't done much cosplay progress, thats bad. Otakon in less than a month n a half. Ohhh man. Gotta get going. I really want to see Knocked Up and Ocean's Thirteen we'll see if I can see it this weekend or something..
Just an update :D

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