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Saturday, June 2, 2007

This Jack pwnsHello all, How's your Saturday?
Mines very..full of angst. I need to watch Pirates 3 again, I am today, but dear god, never in my life have I felt this need to see a movie TWICE in theatre's. Well..that was with LoTR, but of course thats an exception cause those movies effin' rocked. I love Pirates 3, and I think I might consider it being the best of all three, I love it, yes it's confusing and I'm sad the critics on Yahoo! or MSN are giving it 3 stars or grades below a B. I'm going to have wahhhmbulance. Oh well, I liked it, you should too :DDD

But ohh man, so now that I guess mostly everyone's seen it, CAN SOMEONE JOIN IN MY THE BARBOSSA LOVE. I mean seriously, the only one who was sane and didn't switch sides 392803093283940 times. Yeah, spoilers, but you should have seen it by now. Okay. Yeah. Punch me. I'm seeing it this evening with my cousin, who hasn't seen it, I won't tell him. And this time I'll bring my glasses.

I don't think I told you all, but my glasses broke in half. My sister accidently stepped on them and so I have been SO FUCKING BLIND. You guys have no idea, in school, its horrible cause my friends wave to me in the hallway and I don't see them, then they think I'm mad at them and bunch of BS. But I've seen movies at home with them on, TAPED TOGETHER. HOW AWESOME AM I?
So I shall do this at Pirates, cause..no one will see it, it's in the dark anyway. Haha, I'm a nerd.

I don't think I'll get glasses in time when school ends, sometime during the summer, and for those how have contacts, what are the pro's and con's. Please do say. Anyway, have a good weekend. Sorry I haven't been visiting you all at all, I'd just like you thank you so much for visiting when I don't, I just can't help but feel bad, here have a pirate hat. *throws to you all*

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