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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rhode and Tyki gettin' it pretty tough..Room tour, is in archieves if anyone is interested!

Thought I'd pop up and say helloo and update. All this week has been glorious, entering school til 11AM and having time to sleep, EAT, shower and apparently [go out to downtown and buy Starbucks AND The Bravery's new CD The Sun and the Moon] BEFORE I go to schoool. I wish it always like this, I'd love school even more, but then I don't cause I miss my old friends. To refresh some memories, I switched to a new high school beginning of this year and so I only knew about 2 people. Now I know alot, but I just don't have that ..click with them.

I can't really tell them what's on my mind, or how I'm feeling, because its just weird. I should open up to them, but I got a feeling that they really won't understand or give a shit. I still talk to my other friends though, that I've known longer and they know me better than these do, but I can't help but think that they think "Oh well, she moved, we'll move on- HEY THAR NEW FRIEND!" cause thats how one night went.

Oh well, I'm prolly just dwelling too much, don't mind me. Here have a cosplay list for Otakon, since I think Molly wanted to see what I wanted to cosplay? Yes, no?
Ahwel, your getting it anyways!

Halibel: [BLEACH]
HAHA, the whole thing horrifies me, well..because I'm pretty chubby in the stomach and I don't think I will do her justice. But I got this urge to cosplay her anyway, and hey I might look into killing some fat this summer, like I did last year.. Too bad I gained it in the end of August. She also has a sword on her back, LOL I cannot make awesome props. HAHA, did I mention her top shows most of her boobs, that will not be fun, but of course, I ARE PROPER and shall fail at not making accurate because, I dont show half or boobs to the public, to hell with that.

If I don't do Halibel, then Cirucci [BLEACH]. But this I guess is much harder?? I don't know. Either one, but I don't know which one? But I really love Cirucci's hair style and her dress, but ahwel, we'll see XD

Arashi- [X/1999]
I started this cosplay, and have made her skirt. Her sailor fuku shirt is a little close to being done. I still need to get a wig and style it to her hair, annnd that sword will be a sweet prop. But I don't know how to make props, I AM MADE OF FAIL.

Leona- [Magna Carta]
I hope I can have this done by Otakon, we'll see. I really like the design, so it could be pretty done fast.

Thats the new ones, I'll be bringing back Woz from Eureka 7, and David from D.Gray-Man. Hahah.
I are done, I don't know what else to do. I shall visit when I come back from school.


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