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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   fkjlgjkdgWhy hello there 2008
I woke up at 12PM today, haha oops. My new year's could have been better, exactly at twelve I was sitting in my cousins room, watching MTV...
Not a good way, well to me. We were at my aunts house and then around 12:30 we left for my home because there was another celebration going on. Then it really got good I guess haha, I did have my sake so I kept that tradition :P
We didn't go to bed until four, hahaha. So over all it was great, could have been better but oh well, it was still fun.

Today is my last day of break, I have not done ANY homework at all this break, I feel bad and shall get to it before I go to bed. Doing my school work on time is definitely one of my resolutions this year. Same goes for just doing well, I have never gotten a 4.0 and I am surrounded by friends who have it 24/7 so it gets kinda overwhelming. I'll be shooting for that. The usual: staying fit and lose a couple of pounds because I definitely gained some recently.

I am getting spartan abs, yo.

Hmm I think that's all for my resolutions, others are saving money, limit yet grow in the cosplay department. Which may I add will be doing Jan Valentine from Hellsing in February?! That will be SO much fun, although we're in need of a Luke but oh well, I will be able to give the finger to anyone and just be Jan. :D

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Monday, December 31, 2007

   CAPSLOCKS~Hey all!
How was everyone's Christmas?! Mine was great, I was at my cousins, had some serious fun and laughs watching everyone dance and celebrate like crazy old people fighting over a game of bingo--except drunk too.

Haha, well I got quite the stuff from Santa this year, check it:
-Bloc Party album- Silent Alarm
-Odin Sphere, wooo!
-Fifty dollar card at iTunes
-Hollister gift card
-Cute pants and jacket
-Chucks, in white, woo they are hot [Chucks are my favorite shoes, I've got like 10 pairs]
-James Dean poster
-My cousin promised to get me a Dark Knight poster from online, don't know more about that though. I'm really excited XP

I'm satisfied enough, haha. Anyway, wow..it's the thirty-first. Which means the freakin' last day of the freakin' year, yo!
I'm not sure what I'll be doing tonight, you can bet I'll be jamming and partying but where? I do not know. Wherever, they better have some sake. Or else I'd break my yearly tradition, ya' know?
What are you all doing tonight?
So uhm, this is where I kinda get emotional and stuff. I've almost been here for three years? Four? I'm not sure but goodness...that amount of friends that I've made thanks to this site is beyond what I ever had in mind. Atleast when I signed up. I hope two thousand eight brings good fortune to you all because seriously, hands down, you deserve it. All of you, you know who you are.

I love you all, but I'm sure you already knew that, if not then..that's fail.
Its one in the morning, I just posted icons in my journal over in LJ, I should find my bed now. See you all in a few hours~

hurrhurr, I need a haircut.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Holy crap, it's Christmas eve and I have no presents for anyone I know..or I'm going to see today. I'm such a horrible person...

Anyway, I'm on break now and don't return until the second of January which really blows. Oh well, whatever. For now I'm going to enjoy this break and catch up on life.

I saw Sweeney Todd last night, holy crap that movie was amazing. Of course coming from Tim Burton himself, I was not surprised but impressed. It was really good, I say everyone must give it a watch. I'm off to my cousins house to celebrate there with his wife and kids and everyone else and their mothers. <3

[banner by Teri XP]

EDIT: Hmm apparently Johnny Young Bosch is coming to T-MODE 2008...
Even though T-MODE was one of the WORST cons I had ever been to (It wasn't even a con, POOR organization and they really didn't give an effort and blahh I want my money back!) I might go for one day to meet him because I love my black ranger.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

I saw I am Legend yesterday with my siblings and holy crap, it was awesome. I now understand the Will!oscar talk now..he did an AMAZING job. OMOGMOMGOGMGMG. THE DARK KNIGHT TRAILER WAS AMAZING, OH MAN I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT MOVIE, IT LOOKS SO BADASS AND EPIC. guhhh, ily batman.

Anyway my thoughts on I Am Legend. HIGHLIGHT TO READ, WARNING SPOILERS!

I thought the scene with him and Sam in her final moments was touching, I cried like crazy. I don't think anyone who owns some kind of pet should have to do that, no one deserves it; it is too painful. Will's little talks to the fake people, models, whatever you call them was hilarious but I guess..if you think you're the only person on the planet..you can/will get lonely. Anywho the amount of action in the movie was great, that scene where he was pissed off and went to attack them those freaky people near the bridge, god damnit that was epic. I was on the edge of my seat. AHAHAH. But yes over all this movie was awesome, I'll recommend it to those who like this kind of movie genre.

Anywho this weekend was eventful, did some homework in the late hours of the night and spend most of my Saturday morning reading some more Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, holy shit this stuff is epic. I'm still catching up to the recent chapters but I'm up to chapter 140 right now, ohhhh mann. THIS MANGA IS AMAZING. It's shoujo but I STRONGLY recommend it to anyone who's wanting to look into something or has nothing else to read.
The beginning of the manga dragged and it was boring but then it kept getting better and better that it's amazing. That's a KHR picture up there, with Yamamoto in the bottom left Corner, Chrome in the top left with the trident, Ryohei in the top center, Gokudera in the front with his left arm extended. With Tsuna(Main character) next to him in the bottom center and Lambo who is adorably hidng behind him. Hibari in the top right corner and Reborn in the bottom right.

Yeah, you all seriously neeed to read this manga, pleasse? :D

I've got one week left of school until break. Boowoo, and then finals after coming back from break, that kills. I should probably start on cosplay too. New theme, for it is very very simple, haha. Christmas cards will arrive, I'm afraid late, sorry D:
Also, anyone who still wants to receive a christmas card from me, drop your address in a PM and send it my way~

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

True facx~
Hayy guys. Quick post, for I've got nothing else to report.

It's almost Christmas!
This means christmas cards, soooo I want to send you guys stuff. Atleast a card or something cause I totally bombed last year ;___;

So here's the question, who want's to receive a card from me this christmas?
Drop your address in a private message for me and I'll definitely send ya something.


Oh and I'm curious.


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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lambo > you~

So uhm, how's being 18?
AWESOME. It's legal now, allll of it. Haha, not really.
I got alot of things for my birthday and since many are curious here's the list.
Monies, and more money. All around two hundred I think?! I CAN AFORD COSPLAY MADDNESS NOW.
-All seven Harry Potter books; thanks to el godfather. I have two copies of Deathly Hallow's now, haha.
-Cards and cards
-A few clothes
-Audio system for my iPod from my parents, it's mad sick.

And how does being legal feel now?
AAMAZING. I can't drink yet..boo-woo. Well atleast in the bars *winkwink*

Heroes on Monday was wow.
------SPOILERS AHEAD-------


SORRY IF ANYONE FINDS THIS EPIC. BUT REALLY. NIKKI(I have a feeling she's not dead..well idk) AND NATHAN?!
I wish there was someone like Noah or West to be there for him and tell him that what he was doing was CRAZY.
Speaking of which, holy crap what will Claire do if she realizes her father is dead, AHHHH. *cries*

Okay capslocks overrr, this is insane. I'm just pissed off that Nathan died.
Over all it was a good episode, Elle is officially cool to me and Adam is probably yelling his lungs out right now. Sylar is back (YAY). Molly and Mohinder are alright and so is Maya! I'm happy she came to her senses in time, or else she'd be really dumb. I'm glad Monica is still alive, props to Nikki for saving her. Man that mean's Micah's an orphan now- well..possibly. s;ljsjlkfjdsjfdjlgjlkfgdlnkflkfiahfaouit

Noah's 'deal' to join the company is lame crap; he's said the same thing before the "you all will have a normal life" before and it hasn't happened! Oh well, still it was an action packed episode. The virus is destroyed, Peter came back to his senses, woohoo. In all it was such a good episode.
Who else noticed Maya's apron that read, "World Greatest Dad", LOLZ. It probably belonged to Matt.

Annnyway, anyone want to see some photos of me and few peeps in Air Gear cosplay, we had a photoshoot at Anime USA 2007. They're sweet, buuut I need to go back to the gym again, tummy is noticable. (Oh, if anyone doesn't know what I look like, which is little I assume? I'm wearing the sweater that says "BAPE")

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lambo thinks we should party~
I'M 18.

It's my birthday today, haha. I couldn't have forgotten cause everyone in school's been nagging me about it. Brandon said he was going to tie Alejandro in a bow, which very much indeed DID happen. Lot's of laughs and blushing happened.

My siblings are taking me out to diner tonight, that's awesome. Can't wait, okay thats all.
Thanks very much to Hinaru, I haven't even heard from you in long time, yet you commented on an entrie 43432 weeks ago wishing me a good one.
OMN OMN Off to eat.

Oh and everyone, I demand- that you all read Katekyo Hitman REBORN! on www.onemanga.com
It's amazing.

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Monday, November 19, 2007


Back from Anime USA.
So uhh..basically me and the roommates, OWNED THE CON. WON IT.
My roomies, Kate, Claire, Lauren and Virginia won two awards, including Best in Show for their skit
Cause it's fuckin' amazing.

&& I was in a skit with KC, Ally and some other people in a Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core skit, and it was awesome. I was cosplaying Lambo from Katekyo Hitman REBORN! (Wig I ordered, LOOKED liek crap so I had to use my real hair which was SO UNACCURATE) but anyway we WON AN AWARD TOO!
"Best Novice Presentation!"

If you want to watch it, it's here
I'm in the back. BUT OMG. Sooo much fun.

Had alot of photoshoots of Air Gear, Tenjho Tenge, CELEBRATED LIKE HELL SATURDAY night.
Just, ohh man. I had the timeee. Report and photos will come soon when I get enough. I must unpack and wait until Katsucon for the maddness to begin again.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Katekyo Hitman REBORN! > you
Hay guys. First of all, I know there are some who are having trouble reading my posts, some how it's cut off and that blows, how is having this problem? && Who isn't. See if I can work that out. Anyway, Anime USA is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I've got a ton of shit to finish.

The costume list by far:
Madoka [Tenjho Tenge] with Kate/Lauren & Claire
Emily [Air Gear] with Claire/Kate
Lambo [Katekyo Hitman REBORN!] for masquerade skit
Arashi [X/1999] for CLAMP gathering
Ritsuka [Loveless] (IF AQUIRE WIG IN TIME)

So yeah, quite the list, haha. Well Emily, Ritsuka and Arashi are done. I'm sooo glad the cons this weekend, I've missed EVERYONE. Ahhh. I'll see Red again there too, woo!

Oh um..I've been reading Katekyo Hitman REBORN! for a while now and ahah..can we say FUCKIN' AMAZING. I haven't loved a series SO MUCH since Code Geass. It's just so awesome that I'm cosplaying Lambo..ahah go me. School is going great, I got a GPA of 3.25 on my report card for 1st semester. Ahah oops. It's getting cold and I hate it D:

loveee to all.


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Monday, October 29, 2007

Alejandro pwns.Wow, okay well finally theO's back online. That's good news and other good news is that the comments seem to be working again. I found out what was wrong and so it's fixed now.

Past weekend was pretty eventful, Saturday was deidcated to going to church and saying a final good-bye to Marbelly. It's amazing at the very end when they carry her away, that I burst into tears. We all did, sure I've been funeral many times in the past but this one hit me the most. Atleast, her baby is still alive and we'll make the best of it. Sunday was going out with my siblings and seeing Saw IV and eating Chipotle. Sadly we ate before so watching the grusome movie with a full stomach was horrifying. The movie itself was confusing but a good watch. We decided to see 30 Days of Night next week, even though I'm DYING to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I'll probably bring Alejandro with me, he's my new flame.

Halloween's comin up! What is everyone doing? I'm not sure myself, will probably be a cat(Ristuka from Loveless or something) I don't even know. I do want candy though, and have NO idea who I'm trick or treating with..

EDIT: oh snap, Heroes tonight was epic likeee. Lacking alot but oh man, poor Hiro. You screwed yer self up now kiddo. MONICA AND MAYA = MY LOVES.

Must do a one-shot of Sylar and Maya now..

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