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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sayid pwns.
Hey guys. Well uhm, not alot of people asked questions anyway, but that's okay. I'm not that interesting :D

A few things have happened, good and bad. My godfather's daughter gave birth to her first child last Saturday on the 13th. A healthy baby boy named Jayden. Hours later her blood pressure went up and they had to opperate her, I don't know the details much but they had to opperate her brain and once more again because it was begging to slide. Since the 14th until yesterday night she was in a coma and last night she passed away. It's unfair once you think horrible and whatnot, that boy's gonna grow up without his mother and I can't imagine how hard it must be for the husband. The family and we, we'll all give our support so these two precious people move on but really..it's unfair. We've gotta keep moving on but it saddens me. Another death. Loss and her name was Marbeli. She was only 32 and live, last time I saw her was sometime in middle September, I remember times in my childhood that she used to baby sit me and I'd go in her room and try on her clothes for fun, hehe. It's shocking that such a healthy and alive woman leaves the surface of the earth just like that, they said that all this is caused by a disease some woman have when they are pregnant.

Just had to get that out..

I changed the layout to my site a bit and the comments don't seem to be working, oh well. I'm too tired to fix it now. Homework has been eating me and I just need a damn break. I was suppposed to get my new iPod today; nothing yet.

Answers to few Questions:
privitetamama: Ulquiorra from BLEACH.
JD Person: Yeah, sure.
Raina: I wouldn't have any to answer would I? XP

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

They coughed the dirt and dust that still remained in the air. Zigzag realized his position and quickly struggled to sit up. Claire’s eyes were as wide as his and had nothing but shock on her mind.

Her back hurt.

They continued to stare at each other, ignoring Magnet and Squid who looked down at them in surprise. “See, te dije que se cayeron!” Magnet said.

“Speak English man, can’t understand a single word your sayin” said Squid.

“You too alright there?” asked Magnet.

“Sorry about that…” Claire said as she tried to stand up, hissing at the sudden pain in her back.

“It’s okay” he mumbled, looking anywhere but her. Squid gave Zigzag a hand and he was out of the hole. He ruffled his hair to get rid of the dust, he turned to Claire. “Everything alright?” asked Mr. Pendanski who showed up and soon all of the boys gathered around Claire and her hole. “I fell back in” she said she tried to get out of her own hole.

She succeeded alone.

She felt uncomfortable now; she couldn’t forget the look on his face when they fell in! His face was partially over her chest, she felt herself turn red. “Well at least you’re alright” Mr. Pendanski said and started walking back to the truck followed by everyone else.

“I’m so sorry Zigzag, I should have never stepped on the rock” she mused. It was so awkward now; just moments ago he was on top of her. Not to mention he was pretty heavy and knocked the breath out of her for a few seconds. She couldn’t help but feel dumb.

If she hadn’t done that, nothing would have happened and it would all be good.

“Don’t worry about it”.

He was astonished. The rest of the day was horrible for Claire, even during lunch the members of tent D playfully teased her about the event. Squid and Magnet said she did it on purpose and was the true pervert. The noticed that Zigzag avoided and tried to stay out of the conversation and instead ate his lunch.

This time Magnet had helped her out of the hole with hopes of falling in with Claire just like earlier with Zigzag. “Might want to step on that rock there, Claire-bear” he said. They all laughed, even Claire without sarcasm.

“Go to hell, Magnet” she wistfully said as she climbed up. “Te vas conmigo, chica!” he said.

“I have a feeling I screwed everything up, is he mad at me?” Claire quietly said to Squid as they ate lunch. “Zigzag’s one weird kid. Things like that are weird to him. Don’t worry about it though; it won’t matter to him the next day, that’s what’s so good about him”. Squid wasn’t so bad either, he actually listened.

They weren’t jerks behind the jokes and grins. An hour later, they all heard and watched as Armpit finished, spit into his hole and walked back to camp.

“It’s something we do, ya’ know” explained Magnet when Claire asked why. X-Ray soon followed, spit into his hole, shouted “See ya’ll back at camp!” and walked back.

“Do you think Caveman and Zero are buzzard food by now?” Squid asked after a few minutes of silence, looking into the nowhere.

“Maybe they are..” murmured Magnet

“Who’s Caveman and Zero?”

“They used to be in Twitch’s and your place. They ran off a few days ago. You’re the replacement” Squid stretching. “Vacancies don’t last long in Camp Green Lake” said Zigzag. As they continued to finish digging, they caught her up on what she had missed before she came here. They finished all together. Claire’s blisters were twice as big and hurt ten times worse than it had before.

She hissed at any movement she made. Her arms were exhausted and her back ached. Diggin’ wasn’t so dandy anymore. “It’ll be way worse tomorrow” suddenly said Zigzag when she was taking a look at her hands. He offered to carry her shovel but she denied, he had his hands full already.

“Why aren’t they going out to look for them?” she asked.

“It doesn’t work like that at Camp Green Lake. The Warden prefers to do other things” Zigzag said. Magnet sighed, “Can’t wait for that shower”.

“Want to join us Claire?” asked Squid who put his exhausted arm around her shoulder. “No thanks, kid. I’ll sit this one out”.

“No shower? You’re sleeping outside tonight then. No dirties allowed in Tent D” he said. Claire’s jaw dropped, “I’m a girl! I just can’t walk into the showers with a bunch of boys in it. Gross!”

“Now that is just kinky...” he said, winking. “Sucks for you, eh mamsita? This is a boy’s camp after all” said Magnet.

“Yeah no girlies allowed” added Twitch. Magnet believed otherwise, they were sure enjoying this. They made it back to the camp and tent and found X-Ray and Armpit relaxing on their cots, showered and refreshed.

“Hey Claire, feeling bad already?” asked X-Ray who smiled. Claire didn’t know if he was using sarcasm. “You bet X-Ray, I feel like I’m about to break”.

They laughed.

“Hey squid face, put your dirty shoes somewhere else man!” Magnet hollered. Squid pushed Magnet. “Hey hey! Chill out fellas. Arguing over something stupid; it isn’t worth it. Squid your crate is over there, leave Magnet’s alone” said X-Ray, taking charge.

X-Ray must take charge when things get out of hand, Claire thought. “Sometimes the heat gets the better of us” said Zigzag to Claire.

“We can’t fight, we’re like family. Living together, what good would it do if we’re all uneven?” X-Ray said.

They all eventually left to shower, Armpit and X-Ray went to the Wrec Hall, and it was only Claire once again. She yearned for a shower but it was ridiculous, everyone else was showing and they were boys. Mr. Sir had mentioned to them to either shower late at night or early in the morning. Neither of them sounded too good to her. She was really thirsty too.

She lay down on her cot; all her upper muscles ached with extreme pain. Digging holes was indeed serious business. She closed her eyes for a bit and drifted into a painful nap.

Usually newbie’s annoying me a lot, they complain too much. The newcomers weren’t though, they were girls. Girls complain, I’m still waiting on that…

Four new campers, Claire, Emily, Charlie and Lucia- I think that’s her name…I’m not sure. Claire was in our tent; she was about five feet and four inches tall and had pretty short brown hair. Her bangs were unevenly cut but somehow it worked. She had dark brown eyes. Lucia

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

<33Hey guys?
Uhm nothing too interesting going on from my end. Anime or manga related, I've been so busy with school work that well I haven't had the time to sit down and read or watch something. I want to get into Gurren Lagann and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! badly. So hopefully tomorrow I'll try to get to that, sucks that I've got church school. Heh, and I'm agnostic. Today's my school's Homecoming game and dance, got dragged into going to both. I don't have a dress though, at all so I'm going to look for one today. sjfkljsljds.

There's a kid in my Biology and English class that I dig annd we sat together in the prep rally and we could have gone to the mall together but I had to meet my sister at home. Dudee, it's been years since I was in a relationship and it's kinda weird now. I forgot how to act calm, fdjskfjkfj. We'll see. This place isn't the same anymore; but we all can change that, yo.

I saw Across The Universe yesterday with my sister and holy crap; that movie is amazing. I strongly recommend it. The Beatles are awesum. I want to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age cause I heard it's cool. Oh and my theme looks like crap right now, the colors are somewhat different, fkjsk.


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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phew, what a week. Today I got sunday school and it's many levels of fail and lame. I really don't like going but w/e it's only for two years. Yeah..two fackin' years. I'll manage. Thursday was awesome, I catched The Office, ahah man I've never laughed so much in an episode. Uhm I don't have much homework for this weekened, because most of my teachers are dudes and plan to play Halo 3 all this weekened, so we're getting "off-the-hook". Ahah, I don't know what's more funny..teachers playing Halo or no homework.
Cosplay! AUSA is coming up, picking up two new cosplays: Madoka from Tenjho Tenge and Emily from Air Gear. Both for group's my friend Kate is making. OOuuu, we're gonna look fly. AHAHAHwhat?
Okay, I'm just rambling. <333
Here, have some Masi and Hayden goodness.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah, it's going to awesome like shiii. I honestly can't wait.

Uhm, hay guys! Long time no post and see and all that good stuff. Been busy. With school, hehhe <3
I'll try to visit today~!

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Okok, I'm all good now, no seriously folks, I are fine. I think too fine, I've bee watching more LOST recently and it's the only thing that I look forward to after school, ahaha. Such an amazing show, ask Tiffany, I'm so sorry she has to go through my "dkfjdsoiehnftikn!!!!!!!!!!!!" on MSN.

Heroes Season 1 is amazing, Sylar is amazing, but I hate him. Why? Cause he killed off Isaac, that's a VERY good way to make me mad. Isaac was my absolute favorite. Then Nathan took over, hehe.
AND apparently my three-year anniversary passed on the 4th of the month, I TOTALLY forgot. I just checked the day and went..?
Ahaha so yeah, three amazing years, cannot believe it. Wow, we've..well I've come a long way, just by pressing that "Submit" button I've made the greatest friends I've ever had, no seriously.

You all totally kick my school-friends butt, because they are being stupid and selfish right now. You all keep me sane, happy and everything else. I'd say a few names but then someone will feel left out and blah blah blah, so my lovelys. You know who you are.

Thank you for three amazing years.

*runs off to watch more LOST*

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

ahah whutAhah, my last post is wayy to emo for me. Sorry if I worried anyone, anyway school is lame as ever. Too much work and crap to deal with not to mention waking up at six in the morning ain't really my thing.

Uhm..I got Heroes season 1 DVD, that's real good news. I'm currently in love with Air Gear the manga and LOST the TV show, ahah both are so amazing. Must read/watch moree.

I'll have to visit everyone now, I haven't done that in years..oops.
And yeah, that's me in the avatar with my new haircut and glasses <3

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Friday, August 31, 2007

w/e. rant isn't going to happen or atleast for now, it's too personal to be up here free on the web. I love you guys really, but sometimes random jerks PM and comment my posts and I just don't like them reading about my life. Heh if MyO could be like LJ..

What happened, happened and I'll just move on. bascially things between me and my parents, hell most likely my whole family-- just everything has been full of crap and bullshit. I pretty much dislike all the adults in this family for a good reason. idk.
things could have been worse.

For now there is school i must attend to. also god of war II in titan mode, been doing that. and air gear. has become one of my most favorite mangas. I don't know what else to post about really..everything's been fall down and then brought up again and fallen once more.

You'll have to excuse me for my lame mood but just right now I wish I could have that moment where you would love to be somewhere where no one can ever find you.

And homework is retarded..AP and Honor classes are retarded..boo

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


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Friday, August 10, 2007


Okay so I promised Otakon pictures and what not, so here are the ones I took. I didn't take much, most of my roommates took the pictures of me in them so I'm waiting on those. I didn't take alot this year so sorry to disappoint, no more 145 uploads on Photobucket this year..

Haha, okay.
First, if any of you'd like to see the shoot of the Eureka 7 group: Here

Most of them came out fantastic!

The main entrance to the convention.
Friday evening, this was where Pre-Registration was held

X/1999 @ CLAMP gathering.
This is the X/1999 people, just four out of the 4324324 those who went. I'm saddddd. DX
Oh well there was a Sorata atleast, I wanted to take pictures with him D:

Cain from Trinity Blood
I love Cain, and wow, it just looked so amazing.

A Small TB group

I wish I knew where they were from, they looked really cool.

Ahah, you gotta have a picture like this when you go to a convention, say it be Hard Gay or someone else. <3

A small FFXII group

Alexander & Alucard
Oh man, too in character, gotta have some Hellsing man. And speaking of that, I want to cosplay Jan Valentine, WHY? BECAUSE HE'S EPIC FAIL. And win at the same time, AHAHA.

Xianghua && Kilik
Some Soul Calibur cosplayers! I saw an Ivy somehwere too..

Allen and Rabi
This pictures very in character, it's so cute! While in DGM costumes me and Becca [Rabi] stumbled across a bunch of DGM cosplayers laying around on the 2nd floor after the DGM gathering on the fourth floor. It was much fun.

Rhode and Me.
She was too cute DX

Rhode & Tyki & Me
OMG. That Tyki ran the DGM gathering and dear lordie, he's such an amazing Tyki! The best I have seen, he even had the eye contacts. *swoons*

Now the hotel room tour? Y/N?
Basically the door, haha

Next to Door

My crap =D

The sink && posters


Okay so moving onto the room, wigs, iron table, the couch that turns into a COMFORTABLE bed. (I slept in it too)

Heree is a better shot. That bed was very comfortable actually, haha. Except, notice near the window, below there's the AC. Oh yeah, I basically froze to death overnight. Oh and the sign over the portrait says "BLOODY F***ING BRILLIANT". Hahah.

Other side of the room
Three girls slept on the bed, haha. Then three people on the floor, and two people (me included) slept on the couch bed. That adds..8 people. Haha

Wiig on lamps
Haha, the wig on the lamp made my chuckle. <3

Moving along
The bathroom and sink are over there, on the left there was a small desk. We basically put laptops there.

Closer photo.

View from the big window
Near my couchbed. Theres the stadium, but on the left would be the convention.

This was placed in the backdoor of the bathroom so ANYONE who went in to use it would totally see it. It's soo funny.

The hotel!
A picture of the hotel from the convention center. This was on the fourth floor and..yeah. The convention center itself is huge and amazing. Haha

My friend Lauren took this picture, OMG I LOVE IT. I look very Woz-ish. And yeah, I had my Jobs again, I was so happy *weeps*

Okay that's all I got. :D

AHH SHITSHITSHI. Something's up with my dad... I told him I wanted to go to Dragon*Con because I wanted to met the twins, he said we could possibly go. UHM, EXCUSE ME?! SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU SAID YES TO WHAT I ASK?
Somethings up..

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