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Thursday, June 14, 2007

This gun's aimed to the zombie behind you!!
Just a short update, I'm fine. School's over. But it looks like our town and around the world are still not over recovering and getting the corpses out of the way, they were crawling everywhere, while walking home from work one was creeping behind me and I nothing on my useful and so I had to run home. I ran into my kid neighbor and he informed me that Umbrella Corp. was behind all of this, that they were left unattended and they got out, here. I spent all evening trying to fight them off, like in the movies, aiming for the head.

It worked but soon enough I ran out of ammunition and had to get my zanpaktou out. I didn't want to, it's dangerous and many people were already shooting on they're roofs. But it was neccessary and with that they blew off to smithereens. Then joined me my sister Grecia who had stopped by, at the wrong time. She also informed me that Hellsing corp. was trying their hardest to send millitary aid to Silver Spring, it was relief all over me.

So those who were involved, which is everyone, how did it go, did anyone tell you about the declaration G. Bush said? I heard he spoke over TV but there were no signals, they took out the towers.

This song fits it, Keep my updated, folks!

"Karmacoma" by Massive Attack

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