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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just checking in!
This tiger is checking in finally. Work has been a pain, the weather is crazy. I mean it can't make up its mind if its cold or hot out, it really makes me wish I was back in Japan right now. Come to think of it, I actually miss it. Anyways besides working, I actually went to the movies alot. I seen "Scary Movie 4", funny as hell, "The Wild" just as funny as "Madasgascar". "Lucky Number Sleven" was good, personally not one of Josh's best films, and "The Benchwarmers", that movie has you laughing from the beginning through pretty much the whole movie. Anyways thats what I been up to, that and taking care of my daughter which is really no fun. I took her with me to see one movie and what a disaster, I so wanted to gag her mouth so she wouldn't cry during the movie, just kidding, when I go to movies I dont take my daughter, thats what a babysitter is for. Good god, I never thought I would say that word, "babysitter". Only mothers say that word. Its official, I gone soft. Pretty soon I'll probaly be talking the babytalk. Hope not. Anyways, I have an early start tomorrow and have to put my daughter to sleep, so see you cats later
~your favorite tiger,~

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

This tiger has been busy
I swear whoever came up with the idea of having jobs, can kiss my a**. Work sucks, period. I hate it. I'm not complaining about the job I'm working at. I actually love it but I'm just saying, it sucks. This tiger should of taken his rain check and kicked back but no, he decided to get a job but enough of that, I'm not actually mad about working, I'm mad about last night. You see I'm a wrestling and you can rag on this tiger all you want about its fake but who cares what you think, this is my segment, post whatever you call it so you can at least listen. I watched Wrestlemania and I hate to say it but my favorite wrestler and I can't believe three Wrestlemania's in a row, he freaking lost. Thats why I'm pissed. I still can't believe he lost to an cheap wrestler, but thats alright, he'll get his revenge. Anyways this tiger can't wait to see "Scary Movie 4". Most may think those movies are stupid, but I think there funny. Anyways, my baby girl Rinoa was crawling and hit her head on the couch. She cried and I had to make things alright. To you cats out there, having a kid is great if your up to the task of taking care of it. Well anyways thats all this tiger has to say and so he leaves because he has to get up early to do his job. Oh joy!
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Friday, March 24, 2006

The tiger has come to a decision!
Well your suggestions were kinda mixed. Not exactly what I was hoping for but hey whatever works. I managed to however pull something out of the hat and I hate to say it I am way too cocky. Dranz, you thought I was so sure of myself getting the job, well I hate to say it, I wasn't wrong, I got the job. YOu know the interviewer was understanding about spending time with my daughter and so made a schedule easy enough for me to adhere and be with her so being with my daughter is all taken care of. No part time position like some suggested but other than that tho, I start my new job Monday so I'll be raking in the money again and now be able to take care of my daughter and so this tiger leaves and tends to his cub. I have to put Rinoa to sleep so I'll catch all you cats later.
~your tiger king~

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It didn't take this tiger long!
Within days of quitting, the tiger has bounced back and found another job. Thursday is the interview and he has to say, that was quick. I guess spending some quality time with my daughter is out of the question. Maybe. The tiger has to think about it. Personally he can use your opinions and listen to what you have to say. So I'll end my post here but maybe you can answer this for me: "Should I take the job and then end up not spending time with my daughter?" or should I "decline the job and spend time with her. Help me, just give me a decline or accpet answer. Well other than that, the tiger has some serious thinking to do. Later.
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Monday, March 20, 2006

What a party!
Such a shame I had to end my party early. I still can't believe this tiger is gonna actually get up early to go job hunting again. It seems I'm going through jobs, like nothing. The number of jobs I been through already is the number of people that died in my life. Sad and fucked up but its true. It just seems California has been very unkind to this tiger and he's really getting fed up with it. I may say I'm looking for a job but more than likely I'll end up sleeping in as usual. I'm such a lazy clod when I want to be. YOu know what, scratch the job hunting, this tiger is gonna have his own spring break but mines gonna last a month. Its nothing but parties for this tiger. Fuck it. I got all the time in the world to look for a job might as well enjoy some more free time. Anyways, the tiger hasn't missed a beat, he still throwing some wild parties. I do have to admit tho, not working is sort of a blessing for me, because now I get to be with my daughter again. I love my daughter so much, the only thing i have left from my dead wife and the funny thing is she looks so much like her and Dranz if your reading this, no pictures. As long as I known you, you can pester me all you want the only way your gonna get a picture out of me is by coming here and beating me up. Just kidding. Anyways, maybe the tiger wont sleep right away, maybe he's gonna watch his daughter sleep. Yeah I'll do just that. See ya cats later! Oh yeah, I hate to say it, the short time i was in art school, the skills I learned payed off, I'm finally able to draw. I'll see if I can post some of my drawings. Ja ne!
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I finally quit my job!
In my last post I said i might quit and sure enough i did. Once again I'm unemployed. For some reason ever since leaving the states and living in Japan for awhile and then coming back, the states have not been kind to me. It could be California altogether. I was thinking of a moving to Hawaii which Im totally up for it. I was also thinking of opening my own place but I have no clue of what the place will be. Come on, its Hawaii, what the hell is there to sell or make. I have to rub this in to a certain MyO member, I'm sorry Red T, I seen "V is for Vendetta" and hate to say it, it was good. I was sceptical of it but I caved in and saw it yesterday. I am in the middle of a party however since after all it may be Saturday on the O, but here in the West Coast, its still Friday, so my party is still going on. I hate to say it, I can still throw a mean party when i want to. PrettyKitty1013, thanx for your e-mail, I now know it officially works, still waiting to get a reply tho from one of my friends. It would suck if I can recieve but can't send. Well gotta get back to this party. Later.

p.s. Oh yeah as you are aware I'm updating my site and changing it around. I'm still figuring stuff out so my site is not done. Anyways, I leave with these words, "Beware of Linna"

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

About ready to quit my job!
I hate my job. I work my butt off and they treat me like dirt. I worked and worked and nothing has payed off. Anyways I'm really not gonna bitch. Got through finishing playing "Kingdom Hearts II" again. I have another e-mail account by the way. I have a new e-mail its Makoto_the_Great@sailormoon.com. Can you please try it ouy so I can see its active. Thank you. Anyways, I been going retro, I been buying a lot of vinyl records lately. I'm surprised my record player still works. Not to be a prick, hopefully everybody here has heard of a record player or phonograph which is the real name, if not, then I'm offically and old person. Please tell me you heard of it. Oh, my friends from Japan visited me. There visiting the U.S and so they stopped to see me and challenged me to a wrestling game, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 and Soul Caliber III and got smoked really bad. Well got to split. Talk to you all later and dont do drugs. There very bad. I know thats corny, so what. Ciao.
~the black tiger~

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Nothing much here!
The only thing to report is I added to my manga collection. I finally completed the "Comic Party" series. I'm glad, that series has always been one of my favorites. Finally collected all the "Shadow Skills" anime along with "Ranma 1/2" and the original "Bubblegum Crisis" Thats about it really. Heard my dream girl, Ayumi Hamasaki's new single. It totally rocks. Besides that, nothing else. Been busy with work and believe me you dont want to hear about that so I'll leave you all later. Will change my site around again once i figure out some interesting things to make my site not look so boring.
~a bored black tiger~

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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Who would of thunk it?
Hey all you cats out there, the tiger is back after experiencing a serious techinical difficulty with my computer. My computer blew up on me. Yes, you read right, it blew up. But not to worry, yours truly pulled whatever funds he had, which is a lot, and scrounged up another computer hence why i'm updating. By the way, just got through playing Kingdom Hearts II. One of my friends actually pulled through for me in Japan and got me a copy of it. It rocks. It was cool to be able to have one of my favorite disney characters playable, "Mulan" and it was sweet to be in the world of the "Pirates of the Carribean" That was cool. Have to say this game has lived up to its hype and expectations, for everybody else who has to wait, "hah hah", ok thats mean but it pays to have hook-ups from around the world. Other than that, besides playing that game, I managed to beat Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and unlocked everything on Soul Caliber III. What a great way to kill my time while not on a computer. Gotta split. Later
~your black tiger and host~

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nothing much here
Just reporting on the craziness with the whole otaku site. Who would of thunk it, that the server would go down but anyways how many were affected by it, I wasn't. Stuff like that dont bother me but other than that, this is my shortest post. Later. Oh yeah, after playing GTA: San Andreas for the 4th time, I finally have the mafia coming after my guy and that, that's cool!!! Oh yeah, I'm bored by the way. Help!
~a bored tiger~

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