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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

This tiger has been busy
I swear whoever came up with the idea of having jobs, can kiss my a**. Work sucks, period. I hate it. I'm not complaining about the job I'm working at. I actually love it but I'm just saying, it sucks. This tiger should of taken his rain check and kicked back but no, he decided to get a job but enough of that, I'm not actually mad about working, I'm mad about last night. You see I'm a wrestling and you can rag on this tiger all you want about its fake but who cares what you think, this is my segment, post whatever you call it so you can at least listen. I watched Wrestlemania and I hate to say it but my favorite wrestler and I can't believe three Wrestlemania's in a row, he freaking lost. Thats why I'm pissed. I still can't believe he lost to an cheap wrestler, but thats alright, he'll get his revenge. Anyways this tiger can't wait to see "Scary Movie 4". Most may think those movies are stupid, but I think there funny. Anyways, my baby girl Rinoa was crawling and hit her head on the couch. She cried and I had to make things alright. To you cats out there, having a kid is great if your up to the task of taking care of it. Well anyways thats all this tiger has to say and so he leaves because he has to get up early to do his job. Oh joy!
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