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Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Valentines Day was ok?
Well Valentines was alright I guess. Thanx to some kind words from prettykitty1013, my day wasn't so bad. Her words were cool and sort made me remember, nothing should be mourned but celebrated, so instead of mourning Azumi, I celebrated which is why that day didn't suck as bad. I do remember watching her favorite movies that day and believe me, watching them made me realize why i fell asleep in the first place but i had to stay awake for them this time. Only two of them I liked, "House of Flying Daggers" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and actually "The 7 Samurai" was cool too. Other than that I'm not gonna list the other voices because i still can't believe i watched them. Well i'm not gonna talk much so I'll see all you cats later
~your black tiger~

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day to all!!!
Well this is one holiday that sucks ass for me. I'm alone for this holiday this time so for me theres nothing happy about it. I remember my first kiss was on Valentines Day and it happened 10 years ago. i remember that Azumi, R.I.P, my wife, gave me my first kiss and that rocked. I never would of thought me and her would get married on this same day. Yes, today is my anniversary and how shitty it is for me to spend it, mourning my dead wife on what is supposed to be the happiest day for people in love everywhere. But you know why bore you with my mishap or hear me complain, all I want you all to know, if you found someone special on this day, never let go of them. Dont be alone on this day, like i am. You will be miserable. Happy Valentines to everybody else. Your tiger will drown his sorrows and weep for the person he loved who left him, last year.
~a sad and mournful tiger~

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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Nothing much to report on!!!
This might actually be my shortest post. I really have nothing to talk about. Wait, i take that back. I do. I finally bought tickets to see one of my favorite groups that are touring this year: Korn. Of course it makes me wonder if there gonna have a tour guitarist or will the soldier on a foursome. Either way I have my ticket. My plans for this year is to try and go to every one of my favorite groups' concerts. Last year I didn't because of all the shit i been through but this year will be different. This month I will catch another one of my favorite groups, a german metal group known as Gamma Ray. Hopefully this year is a better year for me. Well this post is short compared to the last two so I'll end it here. One last thing, "Beware of Linna" She's one Knight Saber you dont bad mouth, besides Priss that is. Later
~the black tiger. one protected by Linna~

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

I should have listened to Lena!!!
I hate to admit it, but my birthday was a blast. I'm still a little pissed because the Seahawks lost, you assholes other than that, somebody did warn me about not getting too wasted but do I listen, no. Yesterday I was sick because who would of thought my friends were such bartenders. Well the on my birthday after the damn Superbowl lost, I lost money on that too so I'm still ticked about that, I went to go see a movie, "When A Stranger Calls" , and man that movie is awesome. They should make more movies on Urban Legends. Now I can't wait to see "Final Destination 3", that one is gonna be bitching. Boy I sound like I'm in a good mood huh? I'm just as surprised as you because this is all coming from a person who doesn't care about his birthday but ends up having a good time despite the Super Bowl lost. Argh, ok so I'm not totally happy but hey nobodys ever perfect right? Oh yeah the day before my birthday I rented some movies, "The Fog" was cool. Way better than the first one. "Lord of War" was awesome, long but cool as hell. "Flight Plan", kind of lame. To me Jodie Foster had one good movie and that is an all-time classic, "The Silence of the Lambs". She can't match that. "The Cave" was good but had a stupid ending and finally the "The Man" was funny. Then again when it has Eugene Levy, the guy from the American Pie movies, its gonna be hilarious. Wow, thats a lot of movies within my weekend, and the funny thing tho, a lot of them start with the word "The". Well as you can tell I changed my site around. I'm still trying to find a perfect midi for this theme, finally a member of the Otaku boards. I have new rules on my site, just read my intro and you'll be alright. Nobody disses my Linna or else deal with her. Other than that, take care and see all of you manana or whenever. That last part would look better if I can find the right key combo for the 'n'. Oyasami!

p.s Beware of the Knight Sabers, especially Linna!!!

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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Today is my birthday. Who cares!!!!
Today I turn 21. Whoopee. Personally like I said before, I dont care really. The funny thing is it feels like I'm making a big deal out of this, well I'm just putting a point out, I really don't care too much about my birthday. I done it all. I sky dived, snowboarded, surf, even tho i suck really bad at surfing and wiped out so many times that i can;t count on my fingers and toes but it was still fun. Got drunk and played bumper cars now thats cool. Really tho, theres nothing left except to try new alcohol. Nah, to tell you the truth after being single for awhile now, you would think I would be drowning my sorrows. Part of me feels like shit but it was my fault, I called my girlfriend by another name and you know how that is. "What the hell you call me? "and then comes the throwing of shoes at you, vases, pretty much anything that can become airborne. I tell you Asians really have some fucking temper. After that mishap, we broke up and now I will be celebrating my birthday alone, drinking and watching the Super Bowl. Hopefully the Seahawks win. It feels weird not being in Japan right now but I need a new change but then again, why the hell did i choose to come to Bakersfield, CA. This place is the dumps. I rather be visiting someplace in Montana then being here. What the hell was I thinking. Anyways, personally the past couple days i wasn't so happybut you know what, this is your life, enjoy it. Have no ring on my finger, single, the fucked up thing si I;m a single father which to me is kind of rare because you usually hear about single mothers but if you watch that show Full House, a single dad can get along just fine. You know I never thought I would be updating this much. It used to be, update here and then disappear for about a month, sometimes 2 or hell even 3, but due to one person, I will update for her. The funny thing I used to care about how many comments I get, but you know what, who really cares, when you at least see your best friend's comments and personally thats all you really need. Wow I haven't rambled like this since when i first started. I guess the old tiger is back after all. Good night all you tomcats and alleycats and my breathren. As they say in Japan, "Oyasami" C-ya
~finally a happy tiger~

p.s. you better fucking win Seahawks!!!!! Hopefully this pic is viewable. This is me on my birthday last year. I'm the middle posing with two wrestlers at a house show in Japan
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Friday, February 3, 2006

I dragged myself on here!!!
I found out why I was in such a pissed off mood in my last post. It came back to me. Around the same week last year, I lost some of my sisters in that fucking tsunami that took out a lot of places in the east. I guess I was still mad because they died and not me. They were way too young to die. I should of been the one, not them. This is why I have no religion. Whats the point, when shit like this happens, wheres your messiah at. Anyways, I was sulky that day but now I'm not but I been going through a lot of my friend's sites and noticed that I wasn't the only one dissapearing. Some have just stopped altogether because they found that this is getting boring and I have to agree. But the funny thing is, they say they quit and yet there still active. Me, I gone through that plenty of times but for some reason I keep coming back even tho I barely get any comments anymore. Which is another reason why some of my friends stop updating because there getting less and less comments and it makes you wonder why do others keep these sites if you have nobody commenting. Personally I would just deactivate my account and that would be the end of that. I guess the reason why I haven't quit yet is because there is still one person on my list that I care about and wish to keep in touch with. Our friendship has been going on for almost a year now and I guess this is the only way I can stay in touch with her. This is why I havent quit... you know who you are, I don't need to say your name, "(my favorite poet)"...and i do have to mention there is another person that always has something to say so I thank her as well...almost like my cousin, well screen name wise... Anyways, like I said in my last post, I'm speaking my mind and maybe I should of done this from the beginning....... but hey nobody's perfect, right?
~still your Black Tiger and hopefully the coolest cat around~

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Jeez, I been gone for nearly 3 months
Where to begin...let see... i'm not gonna make any excuses. i haven't updated because i really dont feel like it. nah, its just i dont have time anymore. come on, it takes me nearly 3 months just to post. it could be because i really dont care about my site anymore. its dull and i'm too damn lazy to come up with something new and if i can do half the stuff that other Otaku users do to their site then maybe i'll garner interest in my page again, but until then, my page can go to hell for all i care. i do have some news, my birthday is this week. it arrives on the day of the superbowl. whoopy. i'm still in the states by the way so i can watch it but personally i dont give a shit about it. my team didn't make it anyways. Damn Jacksonville!!! To me birthdays is nothing special for me. Its just a whole 'nother day. You become one year older and one year closer to death. Dont see what the big deal is about celebrating birthdays. they suck period. i guess you can say i'm a grouch but i dont give a shit. i'm me and i say what i want to say. other than that, whenever i do show up on my site, you will read nothing but whats on my mind and on my mind is my birthday and like any other days, it can go straight to hell. see ya cats later
~a pissed off and different tiger~

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Friday, October 7, 2005

Damn, its been another month
Yikes. I wonder what happened to me. Once again it takes like another month just for me to add another post. What can I say, I been busy. I been on a spiritual journey to find myself. When I first started on this site, I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I wasn't in my right state of mind. There was a part of me taht I needed to find. My journey is waht helped me find myself. I made peace with my past and now I'm a much better tiger. Well in other news, this tiger got bit in his left eye by a spider and boy does it suck. The worst pain I ever been in, besides breaking my neck. Now I totally look I belong in a Rocky movie because thats how my left eye looks like. THe doctors said it will take a week for the swelling to go down. Great. This tiger needs both eyes if he's gonna make it through art school. Thats right, this tiger is going to artschool to brush on his skills, which by the way suck donkey dick. My, my, theres something this tiger is not good at. What a shocker. I'm good at kicking ass, playing music but I suck at drawing. Ouch. Anyways, one of my fav animé characters' birthday is coming up so be sure to wish her a happy birthday. Besides that, I didn't mean to talk your ear off but I did so oh well. Take care and see you cats later.~Ro-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-a-a-a-a-a--r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!!!!!What a rush. I'm back.
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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Yeah!!!I'm all better now.
Hey the black tiger has finally beaten his fever and boy does he feel great. Well I no longer have a hard cast, my cast was switched to a soft one so thats good. I beat my lil sis at Tekken 5. Yeah, nobody can beat me when I use Asuka or Hwaroang. Thats what she gets for talking smack. I gave her a beat down. Anyways, the tiger is having fun, he's back to his old self by partying and boy does he love doing just that. One of my lil sisters birthday is coming up so I'm having a kick planning her party. Of course I am the ultimate party animal so I will give my sister the party of a lifetime. Anyways thats all that is happening on the homefront. For the people in the states that got affected by that hurricane, I feel for you and I hope you have not lost some close people that you loved like I did, if so, my prayers go out to you. Ja ne!
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Friday, August 26, 2005

I disappeared again!
Hey. Whats up, whats up, whats up! The tiger is here in full effect and well he'll disappear again. You have to forgive this tiger, his painkillers have been knocking him out. I now have headaches. Yay. Here I go again. This tigers head feels like Tommy Lee is playing the drums inside. I'm still typing with one arm and I'm practically like a zombie now. Anyways, I can't really type much because I hate typing with one hand, i prefer to use both but oh well, I guess I have to live with it. Anyways, talk to you all later. This tiger has also got a fever and he's about to go raff. Yak. You know what I mean.
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