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Monday, March 20, 2006

What a party!
Such a shame I had to end my party early. I still can't believe this tiger is gonna actually get up early to go job hunting again. It seems I'm going through jobs, like nothing. The number of jobs I been through already is the number of people that died in my life. Sad and fucked up but its true. It just seems California has been very unkind to this tiger and he's really getting fed up with it. I may say I'm looking for a job but more than likely I'll end up sleeping in as usual. I'm such a lazy clod when I want to be. YOu know what, scratch the job hunting, this tiger is gonna have his own spring break but mines gonna last a month. Its nothing but parties for this tiger. Fuck it. I got all the time in the world to look for a job might as well enjoy some more free time. Anyways, the tiger hasn't missed a beat, he still throwing some wild parties. I do have to admit tho, not working is sort of a blessing for me, because now I get to be with my daughter again. I love my daughter so much, the only thing i have left from my dead wife and the funny thing is she looks so much like her and Dranz if your reading this, no pictures. As long as I known you, you can pester me all you want the only way your gonna get a picture out of me is by coming here and beating me up. Just kidding. Anyways, maybe the tiger wont sleep right away, maybe he's gonna watch his daughter sleep. Yeah I'll do just that. See ya cats later! Oh yeah, I hate to say it, the short time i was in art school, the skills I learned payed off, I'm finally able to draw. I'll see if I can post some of my drawings. Ja ne!
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