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Sunday, December 12, 2004

the tiger done it again
the black tiger has done it again. this background has to do with another great animé, known as "The Bubblegum Crisis". You can guarantee, there'll be more pics posted today.
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Saturday, December 11, 2004

new background
once again, yours truly, the Black Tiger has put up a new background. Yep this one has to do with Magic Knight Rayearth. Its been forever since I read or seen this one and hope to share this background with everybody. well more pics on the animés that are dead. poooh.

well i'll end this post with that pic. enjoy.

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devil hunter yohko
How many people here heard of Devil Hunter Yohko. She is by far one of the most classic animés around. She is the reason i got into liking animé. I hate to say it, but she is my favorite. I like her more than I like Sailor Moon.(Forgive girls) Anyways, I love this background and as it says in it, this is the final battle for Devil Hunter Yohko. After this battle, they took her off. The jerks. It never fails, everytime I have a favorite animé, the bastards make some excuse to take it off.~roars~It happened to Sailor Moon, Real Bout HIgh School, Megaman(the original) not that damn new one. hmph., Cardcaptors, Magic Knight Rayearth. Theres too many. Well this post is a homage to all those lost animé's.(Don't worry guys, I'll make sure everybody remembers you) Thats why, every night you will see a different background paying homage to each of the animé's that are now being released on DVD instead of being on T.V. I guarantee Japan would still be showing these ones. I know there still showing Cardcaptors right now. Anyways, for those animé's that are forgotten. I salute you. That includes the mangas that never been released in animé form. Grrrrr.

whoo boy. thats enough for now. i will post more tomorrow. later.

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Friday, December 10, 2004

woke up with a headache
i have to quit partying. this is like my 10 freaking headache after a party. sheesh, well more pics coming your way. no real bout high school pics. i have to wait 'till i get home to post those because i really want some manga shots not the animés shots. anyways these pics are of Sailor Mars. Here you go:

whoo boy, thats enough pics. see ya all later.

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it is now the 10th
this is the black tiger here and hes about to post some more pics. oh yeah hes partying because he is off right today. oh yeah.

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Thursday, December 9, 2004

just call me the man of a 1000 backgrounds
thats right, every night i will change my background because i can never be satisfied with one background. there are so many to choose from so to get all of them posted, i'll change it every night. well this background has to do with my all-time favorite manga. its from "Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School" This manga freaking rocks. With this post i will include pics of the animé as well. enjoy.

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Work Sucks!
God, work is so boring. I wish I didn't have to do it. Most of the time I fall asleep and thats not good. Naw, I'm just kidding but still, it is boring. Anyways, you have nowhere to go to the restroom and its hot. I'm sweating like at least a gallon of sweat. Anyways, I like this post better. Well, talk to everybody later.
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boy, some party.
hey, this is the black tiger here and he has to say, he just got done partying. he has to work tomorrow and he hasn't been asleep. good on him. anyways, how was everybody's day. My day will be hell, so lets see here, just maybe this tiger will take a nap after work tomorrow. Naw, he'll be partying once again. Yep, well anyways, this post really sucks because I'm just posting on here to kill space. I didn't put much thought in this one, so see you all later. later.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

I really dont want to talk about it anymore
I'm gonna stop talking about this event because I dont want to feel like a history teacher. I'm not that old and so I'll live it to history teachers. Anyways, how many people have that Jay-Z/Linkin Park cd? I have it and it rocks. Later.
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A day to remember!
Everybody remembers that ill fated day in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, right? Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. As a member of the military, I like to give a history lesson of that day. "A day which we'll live in infamy" (Gah, I cant remember. Oh boy.) Anyways, our president at the time, Franklin Roosevelt, address the nation on the horrific events that, sad to say, a country that I'm from, attacked the U.S. It was a blind attack and we'll remeber what happened that day. That my friends was the day the U.S decided to join the war. Right now, I have to get to work, so I'll talk more about this tragic event later.
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