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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

About ready to quit my job!
I hate my job. I work my butt off and they treat me like dirt. I worked and worked and nothing has payed off. Anyways I'm really not gonna bitch. Got through finishing playing "Kingdom Hearts II" again. I have another e-mail account by the way. I have a new e-mail its Makoto_the_Great@sailormoon.com. Can you please try it ouy so I can see its active. Thank you. Anyways, I been going retro, I been buying a lot of vinyl records lately. I'm surprised my record player still works. Not to be a prick, hopefully everybody here has heard of a record player or phonograph which is the real name, if not, then I'm offically and old person. Please tell me you heard of it. Oh, my friends from Japan visited me. There visiting the U.S and so they stopped to see me and challenged me to a wrestling game, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 and Soul Caliber III and got smoked really bad. Well got to split. Talk to you all later and dont do drugs. There very bad. I know thats corny, so what. Ciao.
~the black tiger~

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