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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Who would of thunk it?
Hey all you cats out there, the tiger is back after experiencing a serious techinical difficulty with my computer. My computer blew up on me. Yes, you read right, it blew up. But not to worry, yours truly pulled whatever funds he had, which is a lot, and scrounged up another computer hence why i'm updating. By the way, just got through playing Kingdom Hearts II. One of my friends actually pulled through for me in Japan and got me a copy of it. It rocks. It was cool to be able to have one of my favorite disney characters playable, "Mulan" and it was sweet to be in the world of the "Pirates of the Carribean" That was cool. Have to say this game has lived up to its hype and expectations, for everybody else who has to wait, "hah hah", ok thats mean but it pays to have hook-ups from around the world. Other than that, besides playing that game, I managed to beat Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and unlocked everything on Soul Caliber III. What a great way to kill my time while not on a computer. Gotta split. Later
~your black tiger and host~

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