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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I finally quit my job!
In my last post I said i might quit and sure enough i did. Once again I'm unemployed. For some reason ever since leaving the states and living in Japan for awhile and then coming back, the states have not been kind to me. It could be California altogether. I was thinking of a moving to Hawaii which Im totally up for it. I was also thinking of opening my own place but I have no clue of what the place will be. Come on, its Hawaii, what the hell is there to sell or make. I have to rub this in to a certain MyO member, I'm sorry Red T, I seen "V is for Vendetta" and hate to say it, it was good. I was sceptical of it but I caved in and saw it yesterday. I am in the middle of a party however since after all it may be Saturday on the O, but here in the West Coast, its still Friday, so my party is still going on. I hate to say it, I can still throw a mean party when i want to. PrettyKitty1013, thanx for your e-mail, I now know it officially works, still waiting to get a reply tho from one of my friends. It would suck if I can recieve but can't send. Well gotta get back to this party. Later.

p.s. Oh yeah as you are aware I'm updating my site and changing it around. I'm still figuring stuff out so my site is not done. Anyways, I leave with these words, "Beware of Linna"

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