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Monday, December 6, 2004

My fault
I dont like my background right now. I prefer to have my old one, but for now when i'm not to tired, i'll put back my famed Sailor Jupiter background, till then , I'm stuck with this one. Good night.
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Respect all creatures
This post is probaly going to be my weirdest one. Naw, I take that back, I know I'll have more weird ones so it dont matter. Anyways, the reason for this, it seems my little sister's cat got poisoned and to me that really irritates me. No matter what, if you dont like the creature, respect it. You never know, that animal you hate probaly belongs to somebody and you just broke their hearts. We must respect all creatures. Every creature is connected to us in someways. They can be considered as are couisins because your forgetting something, we were once animals as well. We started out as apes before we evolved. Anyways, i like to consider myself part tiger so i feel angry that one of my cousins got killed. Whoever did that, if I ever found out who did it, hes a dead man. Nobody hurts my breathren. Anyways, reviewing this right now, wow, i must be on some serious drugs to post something like this, oh well, I'm not afraid, i welcome all comments. Hey freedom of speech, right? Right. So you can reply if you want, it doesn't matter, I just had to get this off my mind, so I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts today, i'm a total nutcase. Anyways, cheer up little sis.
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Laugh all you want
Yeah yeah, so what that i have a pink menu. I changed the colors of the site because these two colors are her favorite colors, and like i said, its her month. so go ahead and laugh.

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Keeping the background
I decided to keep the background until its the next Sailor Scouts b-day. Which wont be for awhile. But i will keep Sailor Jupiter as my theme, but will change the background every now and then. Anyways, its not December 6 and it sucks. Its no longer my scouts b-day.(Trauma)But still its her month so i will continue posting pics of her. Here are some more:

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Sunday, December 5, 2004

Changed background
Thats right, I changed the background becuase its only right to let the birthday girl, have it for the day. Anyways, heres more pics of todays featured scout.
this is all for now.

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Happy B-day Sailor Jupiter
Thats right, today is Sailor Jupiters birthday. The beautiful Lita Kino a.k.a "Sailor Jupiter" was born on this day, in 1978. Thats right, 1978, shes only 26. This is my favorite scout by the way, and here is her profile:
Name(English):Lita Kino
Name(Japanese): Makoto Kino
Meaning of her name: Sincerity of Wood
Birthday: December 5th, 1978.(Wow, didn't think animé characters get old huh?)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Height: 5'6(shes not that tall like everybody says she is)
Favorite Colors: Green and Sugar-pink
Favorite Gem: Emerald
Birthstone: Turquoise, Blue Topaz
Favorite Animal: Horses
Favorite Sport: Martial Arts
Favorite Foods: Cherry pie & meatloaf
Least Favorite Foods: None, Says"there is no bad food, as long as you put your heart into it"
Favorite Subject: Home Ec.
Least Favorite Subjects: Physics and Math, Says"All those numbers makes me dizzy"
Hobbies: Boys, bargain hunting, cooking, hanging out with friends
Strong points: Cooking, physical strength
Bad Points: Tends to laugh everything off
Dislikes: Unknown
Living Situation: She lives alone, in an apartment building in the Minoto prefecture of Tokyo. Same apartment building that Usagi Tsukino(Serena/Sailor Moon), and Ami Mizuno(Amy Anderson/Sailor Mercury)
Fears: Flying(who doesn't)
Goals: To be a good cook
Attacks: Jupiter Power Makeup(transformation), Jupiter Thunder Crash, Jupiter Supreme Thunder Crash, Supreme Thunder,Jupiter Thunder Dragon, Jupiter Supreme Thunder Dragon, Jupiter Star Power Makeup(second transformation), Jupiter Thunderclap Zap, Sparkling Wide Pressure Attack, Jupiter Crystal Power Makeup(final transformation), Jupiter Oak Evolution
And this includes my profile on Mikoto(Lita) Kino a.k.a Sailor Jupiter. As you can tell I'm a big Sailor Moon fan. Enjoy.

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

I'm finally up
Hey, i finally woke up, i know nobody cares but i do. Who knew taht staying up almost two nights in a row, just partying can do. I was out for 19 hours. wow, anyways, i'm up and now i feel really bored. oh bother.
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Friday, December 3, 2004

I miss Japan
Wow, I never thought I say this. Naw, I always said this, I miss Japan. I feel my heart and soul lies there. You know its funny, I was born in Japan, but not considered Japanese because the only reason why I was born in Japan, was because that was the nearest hospital. At least thats what my mother said. ANyways, oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I was a military brat. Thats right, my dad was stationed in Japan and so thats where I lived for most of my life. Like I said, my and heart and soul has been left behind in Japan. I never been happy to come from such a beautiful country. Oh wow, listen to me, I sound corny. Eh, anyways, hey I hope you guys enjoyed a brief about my life story, I really didn't mean for this, but I guess, I love to express what I feel. It doesn't help though that i'm also depressed right now. Oh I dont know, feel free to guess why I'm depressed. Make it worth your while. ANyways, see you cats later.
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Thursday, December 2, 2004

finally got some sleep
yep you heard correct, finally this tiger got some sleep. and now once again this tiger is at work and pretty soon will be partying all night again. yep, ain't nothing but a good time.oh yeah this tiger will be running wild tonight. oh yeah.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I'm still awake
Thats right, this tiger is still awake. He's been awake for at least 36 hours already and still going strong. Yep, as far as I know, the party is still going on right now. Hopefully when I go back to the house nothing's smashed. Anyways, I'm still working, fitting to get off pretty soon, so will talk to you guys later. ~roars~Oh yeah, the tiger is still going strong.
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