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Friday, March 24, 2006

The tiger has come to a decision!
Well your suggestions were kinda mixed. Not exactly what I was hoping for but hey whatever works. I managed to however pull something out of the hat and I hate to say it I am way too cocky. Dranz, you thought I was so sure of myself getting the job, well I hate to say it, I wasn't wrong, I got the job. YOu know the interviewer was understanding about spending time with my daughter and so made a schedule easy enough for me to adhere and be with her so being with my daughter is all taken care of. No part time position like some suggested but other than that tho, I start my new job Monday so I'll be raking in the money again and now be able to take care of my daughter and so this tiger leaves and tends to his cub. I have to put Rinoa to sleep so I'll catch all you cats later.
~your tiger king~

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