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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just checking in!
This tiger is checking in finally. Work has been a pain, the weather is crazy. I mean it can't make up its mind if its cold or hot out, it really makes me wish I was back in Japan right now. Come to think of it, I actually miss it. Anyways besides working, I actually went to the movies alot. I seen "Scary Movie 4", funny as hell, "The Wild" just as funny as "Madasgascar". "Lucky Number Sleven" was good, personally not one of Josh's best films, and "The Benchwarmers", that movie has you laughing from the beginning through pretty much the whole movie. Anyways thats what I been up to, that and taking care of my daughter which is really no fun. I took her with me to see one movie and what a disaster, I so wanted to gag her mouth so she wouldn't cry during the movie, just kidding, when I go to movies I dont take my daughter, thats what a babysitter is for. Good god, I never thought I would say that word, "babysitter". Only mothers say that word. Its official, I gone soft. Pretty soon I'll probaly be talking the babytalk. Hope not. Anyways, I have an early start tomorrow and have to put my daughter to sleep, so see you cats later
~your favorite tiger,~

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