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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hello everyone. My Saturday was normal. I woke up and worked on my theme some more. I'm still not done. It's taking me a while to figure out how I want to put it all together. Usually I would've come up with an idea by now, but I haven't. So it might take a while for me to get it up.

Anyways, I pretty much just worked on my theme until it was time for us to go take our winter family portraits. Every year pretty much we have to go down and have our family portraits taken for Christmas. My sister's friend was still over here so she came with us. All the pictures pretty much turned out weird, as usual. We looked pretty strange walking around the street in fancy Christmas dresses and people were staring. Oh well. They're just jealous =P

Friday at the mall, my mom bought my little sister $100 worth of video games because she was being her whiney, crybaby self. Finally my mom came to her senses and returned the games. On the way home, my little sister was crying and yelling about how her games got returned. It was pretty stupid. She's always crying over stupid little things.

I got home and played Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. We put the computer players on the highest level and fought them. It was pretty hard, but after a loooong time of playing, we beat them ^^;;

After that, I just visited people (think I got to pretty much everyone) and worked on my theme some more. Not an extremely interesting day, but oh well. I just wanted to post because this might end up being the last time I post this week. I usually don't get the chance to post with school and stuff. I'll try to get around visiting people today.


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Saturday, November 26, 2005

My Friday was pretty boring. I woke up at 9 a.m. (after going to sleep at 4) to my little sister screaming about I don't even remember. All I remember is that it was stupid.

After she finally calmed down I took a shower and got on the computer. I signed on MSN but I didn't really talk to anybody. After that we went to the mall and shopped because of all the after-Thanksgiving sales. I got two awesome shirts. I was pretty tired though so I didn't get anymore shopping done. We got home at around 3 and then I pretty much just worked on my new theme for the rest of the day. I played Mario Party too and won. As usual ^^

My older sister has her friend sleeping over. My sister fell asleep but her friends still up. Anyways, new theme will be up soon! I've been working on it, but I'm not entirely sure how it's going to look just yet ^^;;

Before I go, one more thing!

Thanks for 4000 hits!!! Laters

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Friday, November 25, 2005

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! At least those in the U.S.A. For all the others, Happy Thursday!

Anyway, my weeks been blahish. My sisters came back Sunday for Thanksgiving Break. I was talking on MSN when they showed up and that's why I signed off all of a sudden. They started making a big deal. Since they've been back, they've pretty much just been using my things. In the first day, they wore my clothes, took my towel, used my pillows, and moved all the hair stuff so I couldn't find them. It was very very annoying, which didn't help make a good start for my Monday. That pretty much sucked.

Tuesday was fun though. I got to hang out with Kurt (really cute guy) in history class which is always a laugh. Then I got to talk to Matt when I got home on MSN which was pretty fun.

Unlike most people, we only got Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. I pretty much spent my Thanksgiving sitting around and stuff. We played Mario Party a little and I won, as usual =P Then we ate dinner which was pretty good. I only ate one plate of food which is unusual for me, especially on Thanksgiving.

Since dinner I've been sitting around watching t.v. because I've been too lazy to do anything else ^^;; I watched the Samurai Champloo from last week that I missed and now I'm watching Viva La Bam which is my show. So funny. Rather than that, not going to get into all the juicy details about my week. I'm just gonna get on my way and try to visit over the weekend. Laters

P.S. I re-made Garbz's and Vicky's buttons in the friends' buttons section. Now that I've got those ones fixed up, I've gotta make some for people who aren't on the list yet. Laters again!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

My weekend's been ok so far. I haven't really done much. First I'll tell you about my Friday.

Even though I only got to sleep from 3:30 a.m. to 6:15, I got up and went to school. In science we did a lab with fire and we got to make gold pennies. We had a big history test today and we had another test in literature. History was harder than literature, but neither were too too bad.

That reminds me. On Thursday, we got time to catch up on our work in history class. She lets us move seats and talk and stuff. Well Kurt (really cute guy in my class that I used to hang out with last year) came to sit by us. Yeah, I was barely able to form a full sentence with him around. I'm such a fangirl when he's there. I was paying more attention to the back of his head (he was sitting in front of me) than my work ^^;;

Well today's been normal. I had to clean my room since my sisters coming back and she'll start bitching if she comes back to a semi-messy room. Yeah my older sisters are coming back from boarding school for Thanksgiving. So they'll be here for a week. Before I wouldn't care, but now that I'm going to have to share a room with one of them, I'm kinda annoyed.

Right now I'm watching Chicago. It's a pretty good movie. Very musical, but awesome.

Anyway, I'm going to go now. I tried to get around and visit. I got to some people, but not all. Sorry. I'm going to try to get back to visiting! Hopefully I will be able to, but with homework and my sisters coming it might be tough tomorrow. I hope I can get on MSN though. I've been missing chatting with peoples. I guess we'll see! Laters

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Friday, November 18, 2005

It's 3 a.m. on a school night and I'm still up and posting. Me and a group of my friends just got back from watching the Harry Potter movie. We went to the midnight showing. The whole time I was either thinking "We're some of the first people in the country to see this movie" or "Daniel Radcliffe is a sexy sexy boy". He and Rupert Grint are my newest obsessions. There was this one scene where Harry was in the bathtub (if you've read the book you might remember it). Well you should've seen me squeal when I saw Harry shirtless in the water. I was in fangirl heaven.

Everyone needs to see that movie. I don't even remember the 4th book (I read it a looooong time ago) and I still went. It's an awesome movie. Lots of hot British boys and it's really funny. Very actiony and good effects. Its so sweet too. It's definitely one of the best movies I've seen lately and definitely the best Harry Potter movie I've seen (I haven't even watched the 3rd one ^^;;) Some people came in costume to the movie, but not even like Harry Potter costumes. They were just random costumes. These 2 guys even dressed up as Tigger and Winnie the Pooh! Why didn't I think of doing that? ^^ It was so much fun. I don't care that I'm only going to get 3 hours of sleep to function on 2 tests. I got to Daniel Radcliffe shirtless!!

This week has been a busy week I must say. Tuesday I went over to Emma's house (girl in my class) and worked on a project. Wednesday I had jazz band until 5 and PSR (religion class) from 6:30 to 7:30. Tonight was obviously Harry Potter night. My mom's so pissed at me for going to a movie so late especially on a school night, but oh well. I got to Daniel Radcliffe shirtless!!

Sorry for my disappearance this week. I've been busy!

Well I'm still in fangirl mode so I'm gonna try to get some sleep before school in 5 hours ^^;;


P.S.Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint rock my socks off!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hello everyone. I haven't posted since Wednesday so I'm going to post now!

This week hasn't been too interesting. I stayed home on Tuesday because I was sick so I got double the homework for the weekend, so I'm going to have to do that tomorrow. If I don't get on MSN or AIM then it's because of the work load ^^;;

Anyways, this weekend I went down to Bloomington (about an hour and a half away from where I live) to take a test for boarding school. Even though I really don't want to go to boarding school, I went and took the test. It was so easy, I wouldn't have been able to fail if I tried. It was like beginning of last year stuff math. The reading part was kinda hard though.

Rather than that, I've spent most of my weekend relaxing. Only one more day left. I'm not in the mood to go back to school yet!!!

Well I got home at like noon and wrote a little of a story idea that I'd been anxious to start. Then I got on the computer, ate dinner, and chatted on MSN for a while. It was lots of fun tonight. Very awesome chat, even got in a little Skype with Travis, Shadow, and Tiffi (sorry my internet was being stupid!). Me and Travis kareoked to "A Thousand Miles". He has a very lovely singing voice ^^;; It was pretty cool.

Well since then I've just been talking on AIM and watching t.v. It's almost 2 a.m. so I think I'm going to head to bed.

Before I go, I'm going to wish Teri a happy one-year anniversary! Laters everyone! Much love

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Let me fill you guys in really quickly about how my week has been so far.

On Monday I felt really icky and sick but I went to school. It was pretty much torture. I was counting down how long until I got home the whole day. After school I just slept and sat around and tried to do my homework but I was way to tired. I woke up on Tuesday feeling a little better but I decided to stay home anyway. So I woke up at 6, watched t.v. until 9 and slept until 11. So that was pretty much my morning.

Then I signed on MSN and had a lovely chat with Matt which was awesomely awesome. He can always make me laugh. Definitely brightened up my sick-filled day.

After he signed off I started finishing off my homework from yesterday. I never got my math done since I didn't understand any of it. But I got all the rest done so I'm good.

The rest of my day consisted of sitting around and taking medicine. Oh yeah, at 6 p.m. I had my saxophone lessons. I did ok since I actually practiced this week. That hott guitarist guy was there too ^^

Well, before I miss the bus, I'm gonna go! Laters

[ Edit: 3:18 p.m. ]

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys some things earlier. Well I got around to visiting a little yesterday. Not too much. I didn't get any on Tuesday because I was feeling so bad. Definitely didn't have the energy for that. We had an hour early dissmissal from school today, but we have parent-teacher conferences. I got straight A's on my report card (got them Monday) so it shouldn't be too bad.

Well, I'll talk to you guys laters!

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Well I can't say this was my worst day ever. It was ok, sorta ok.

I woke up at 5 a.m. to be at the high school at 5:45. We left home like 5 minutes late so I was scared that the bus would leave me, but luckily I wasn't the only one not right on time. So from the high school, we got on the bus to drive down to the Western Illionis University where the actual performance took place. The whole bus ride I sat in the back with my 6th grade buddies because the 8th graders were all stupid, especially Parris. Remember when I said I told him how I felt on Wednesday? Well, I told him about the flirting and brought up the name of a particular 7th grader, Abby. He told me that he "rarely ever talked to her" and today on the bus they called her cell phone and he was telling her how "she was the only 7th grader on his hott list" and how she's really hott, even though he knew I was only a few seats back. He pretty much lied to my face about that. He knows he flirts with her all the time, even when we were going out and he told me they didn't.

Well, we got there at around 8 and got in our seats. It's like a state-wide band. Out of the 38 clarinets who got in the band, I was #7, so I was pretty satisfied with that. We had 3 hours to perfect music that most of us had never played before. Even in only 3 hours, we sounded better than my school band after practicing for weeks. Well, unlike school band, you have to audtition so people are better players and there was way more people in the band. We played 3 hours with no breaks at all.

Then, at 11 we finally had lunch which was 2 hours! I definitely needed that. I broke my no fast food streak and got Burger King (only thing they had) and ate with my 6th grade friends some more. After a while I decided to not be bitter and hang out with Parris. We talked a little, but then Meredith showed up. Meredith's like his new little flirt so as soon as she showed up I just left. I didn't want to get sick by their little display. I met up with my 6th grade friends who were sitting with some high school friends they had so I just chatted with them until lunch was over. Then I made friends with one of the 7th grader girls, Rikki. She was annoyed at Parris and all the other guys for flirting with Meredith so much so we just complained to each other. I ended up just hanging out the rest of the time.

Well, we practiced our songs again and then performed. We did pretty well I must say. Then, we had to wait for the choir to perform which was BORING. Then, we finished up with "American the Beautiful" and went home. We rode with our parents home and I guess since I was so tired, it seemed even longer than the way there.

When I got home, I remembered the party, but since it was starting in only an hour, I had no birthday gift to give him, and my mom didn't want to take me, I ended up having to stay home. Not that I mind, I don't really want to spend my free time with the slutty girls anyways. I ended up watching t.v., falling asleep, getting on the computer and visiting a little bit. Rather than Parris being a man-whore (like usual), my day was ok. Everyone thinks I still like him. Just because I don't appreciate him lying to my face and flirting with other girls in front of me doesn't mean I like him!

Anyways, I know this post is really long. Sorry about that. Well right now, Zack just IMed me so I'm talking to him. I'll talk to you guys laters! Stay awesome.


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Saturday, November 5, 2005

I'm probably going to go to sleep after this post. I have to wake up in like 5 hours but I wanted to post before I went to sleep.

On Wednesday I had jazz band and that was back when I was contemplating going back out with Parris. After jazz band he pretty much ditched hanging out with everyone to flirt with some girls. That's when I remembered why I broke up with him in the first place. He's a flirt. That night I was talking to him on AIM and I decided to just settle the whole thing. I told him how I felt and about all the flirting and how I would've given him another chance if he didn't always come with so much drama with all the other girls and rumors. And I told him all the crap I had to go through when we were going out. He did something I hadn't expected at all, he apologized and told me he hadn't meant to do any of it. That was pretty sweet of him. It meant a lot to me to hear that he finally understood and I got a little teary ^^;;

On Thursday, my sister who's in 6th grade had this Medieval Fair (I did it in 6th grade too. We had to do plays and presentations and dress like we were in the Medieval Times). I saw Parris there since he has a little brother in 6th grade too. We were just as close as always. It was nice to see that we're good again. Just friends!

Today was normal. I can't even think of anything interesting. Oh yeah, I got invited to this party tomorrow. Not only will I probably not be going because I'll be busy with this band thing (the thing I have to wake up early for. I have to be there at like 5:35 a.m.! Can you believe it?! On a Saturday I have to wake up early! It's for the audition thingy I did a while ago I had to practice in the park for. I got in and now I have to pay by waking up early) Well, it ends at like 5 p.m. and then there's the drive home. The party starts at like 7 or 6 so I'll probably be home in time, but I won't be able to get a gift and all that. Anyways, he invited like all the girls I hate to the party. And some of the stupid jock guys are going to be there so I don't think I'm going to want to hang out with them and watch them flirt. Especially since the guy I fancy (Matt's got me saying English terms. I like "fancy" more than "like" anyways) is invited and I'm pretty sure one of the slutty girls likes him too so she'll be like hanging off him. I'm in no mood to watch that. And Ted (party thrower guy) decided to let the slutty girls make a list of all the people they think are "cool" enough to go in the hottub. If I really wanted to start conflict, I would show up there and jump in the hottub even if I'm not on the list. But I'd rather not. So instead, a bunch of other people and I are going to boycott the party!

Anyways, I'm glad you guys like the theme! It took me sooo long to do. I'm glad it paid off. Hehe, Dany called Zack sensitive and sweet. I guess I would call him really awesome, but he's already a year younger than me (he's so smart he skipped a grade so he's actually a year younger than me) and then that would make him 2 years younger than Dany. Too bad ^^ He's too much like a little brother to me, but he's just broken up with his girlfriend, so he's still vulnerable, and he's not gay! So all you redhead-loving girls out there ^__~ Just kidding, he'd probably get mad if he even knew I was talking about him on here ^^

Enough from me for today! Sorry I haven't visited and probably won't be. I'll be gone all day at the performance and when I get home, I think I'll be spending my boycotting time asleep ^__^ And sorry for all the reallllly long posts. Just shows how much I love you guys! Even though I don't know how long my posts are really has anything to do with how much I love you... let's just say it does ^^


P.S. I loooove you all!!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

And it's finally time for the unveiling! DUN DUN DUN! My new theme. Took me about 3 full days of work to get it how I like and it's still not perfect. For now, it's good enough. Hope you like. I love the wallpaper. I couldn't help but use it. After all the work put into this one, it's going to be up for a while so get used to it!

On to my day! Not too bad. Since it's the beginning of the new quarter, we switched seats in language arts. Now I sit by my friend Nancy so it's not too bad. In science we got assigned our science fair projects. It's pretty much torture. For all those whose aren't required to do it, you lucky duckies. And to everyone else who is, don't worry, you're not alone.

Nothing more to say about school so on to my afterschool. I came home, got on the computer to work on theme/talk on AIM and MSN. I talked to my friend Zack and he kept on hinting at me that Parris still likes me (he's one of my good friends, but he's also one of Parris' best friends). Then Parris signed on and started asking me if I like him. Truthfully, I've never "liked" Parris. I've just always enjoyed his company. He always cheers me up or makes me laugh and he's a sweetie when he wants to be. But after all the drama before, I'm not even sure what I'm going to do. I could give him another chance, but that'd be his like... 3rd chance. I agree with Dany, he's pretty complicated. More drama than with most girls.

Well I got to avoid having to actually give him an answer because I had to sign off and go this jazz band performance we had. I got there a little late (we were supposed to be there at 5:30, but the real presentation didn't start until 6) I got there like 5 minutes late so it wasn't a big deal. It was because of Parris and his badgering that kept me on AIM too late. Parris is in jazz band too so I pretty much just had to avoid talking to him which wasn't very hard since I'm a saxophone and he's a trumpet. We did ok at the performance. Could've been better, but it wasn't a huge serious performance anyways. I never see jazz band as being huge and serious. It's just on the side of real band. Afterwards, I almost forgot my cell phone in my saxophone case. I got it out and decided to show my friend Liz my new Fall Out Boy ringtone (she's a fan too). We like started singing to my ringtone and everyone was staring at us ^^;; It was funny.

Then I got home, ate dinner, watched Laguna Beach, and got on AIM. Parris wasn't on, but Zack was and he hinted some more about Parris. Then he started asking me for advice about his own problems. I was just lucky to get myself off the subject. Well Zack was in a very deep mood today and was blurting out random quotes he made up so that's what that one up there is. That's not one of the better ones, but that's the only one I remember. So you're going to have to live with it ^^

Anyways, tell me what you think of the theme! And new music too! Vanessa Carlton again. Sorry for not being fast with guestbook replies or PMs. Just so busy with the theme-ness or other stuff. Now that I'm done with the theme I'll have more time.

This post is waaay longer than long enough so I'm going to go now! Laters

P.S. You're going to have to scroll down for my friends' buttons and shoutbox, but they're down there ^^;;

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