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Saturday, April 1, 2006

In the past week, I've done so many random things. I don't even know where to start. This is going to be a long post so beware!

Ok, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we finally had our state testing. Tuesday afternon we had a field trip. The play we watched was kinda bad, but the busride was pretty awesome.

Wednesday, I for some reason decided to tell my friend Ted who I semi-liked, Kurt (I used to be good friends with him last year and that's pretty much when I really liked him, but now it's just like "he's kinda cute"-ish). Yeah, bad idea. Ted kinda went around and told all his friends. It was the worst on Friday. I don't think a lot of people knew on Thursday, but on Friday it was all I heard about.

I was glad when school was over and I could be done with it. I had jazz band but that was really fun. I was so hyper (all day I was kinda sulking and keeping to myself because I wasn't in the mood to deal with people bothering me about it. So I had a lot of energy left over from not doing much). Me and my friends were kinda just laughing the whole time. Mr. Keys was being really crazy and was having all these weird outbursts which only made me laugh even more. Afterwards, I was pretty much going out of my mind with hyper-ness and dancing around everywhere ^^;; I couldn't help it!

When I got home, I signed on AIM. Big mistake. Ted was telling me about how Kurt was planning on asking me out. You would think I would be happy, but I'm not really. I couldn't imagine myself in a billion years going out with him. But no matter what, I really couldn't be friends with him again after all this. So for a while I felt bad and got back in a bad mood because all I was thinking was that I was losing one of my friends because of me blabbing one little secret.

There was a school dance later and I was planning on not going, but my sister couldn't go if I didn't too. Just for her sake, I decided to go. As soon as I got there, all the guys were swarming to get me to go with Kurt. We (me and Jiba) kinda just slipped outside and decided to roam around instead of actually staying at the dance. When were just about to leave, we ran into our two friends Liz and Mada. After they figured out how lame the dance was, they decided to join our random roaming. We went to a shopping plaza down the street. There, we ran into two more of my friends, Liz (other Liz) and Maggie. It was random.

We ended up accidentally setting the burglar alarm off at a sporting goods' store XD Then we went to Burlington Coat Factory and randomly walked around. It was pretty cool. I never realized how random that store is.

We finally went back to the dance where Parris found me and was telling me about how all the guys were looking for me still. They even called my cell phone. I'm not sure how they got my number, but whatever. Oh yeah, me and Parris are cool again.
Anyway, I kinda just shrugged it off. I wasn't even sure if Kurt liked me or if it was just his friends being stupid. So we just roamed around the dance, dancing a little bit. It was fun. I got to tease my friend Zack. He was pretty much making out with his girlfriend the whole time ^^;; They were cute to watch though.

Anyway, the last slow dance came up and there pops up Kurt who asked me to dance. I couldn't say no so I just did. I don't know, it was kinda weird. I liked Kurt for so long and a little while after that faded off, all this happens. Just my luck >< Oh well, I don't know how all this is going to end, but we'll see.

Isn't my life just peachy keen? After all this in just one day. Longest/randomest/best/worst day of my life ^______^

Also, Happy April Fool's Day!!

If only I could say this whole post was a big April Fool. Unfortunately, all this really did happen to me in only one day XD


P.S. I'll try to visit over the weekend but I have a jazz band performance tomorrow so we'll see.

P.P.S. I definitely didn't know about that "View Source" thing on everyone's pages. Yeah, I got like 10 comments about that. I pretty much got the point after the first one >__<

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