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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hey, I haven't posted all week and I've done some semi-visiting but not much. Oh well, I've been busy/sick so I have a sorta excuse XD

Well this week marked my first week back from Spring Break. Monday... I don't even remember. I'm guessing it was very very boring ^^;; Tuesday kinda sucked. Well at least after school did. Let's just say all the 8th grader guys on the bus are really annoying and won't leave me alone about the whole Kurt (they all found out that I thought he was cute thanks to one of my big-mouthed friends) thing. They never really get to me since they always suck. For some reason yesterday I guess I was in a bad mood already or something so it kinda just made me feel doubly bad. Pretty much for the rest of the day I felt like... I don't know, like I wasn't up to par or something. I know, not a usual Vanessa thought.

Luckily that passed and today was better. In history class, me and two other girls named Fawn and Katie were talking and somehow the topic of what exactly it means to be circumsized. I know, random. We were in the library today so we got an encyclopedia and there was like a whole page on it. After the first sentence we just burst out laughing and the whole class was looking at us weird XD I know, me and my friends are losers with nothing better to do but that's what makes us awesome ^^

In my 6th hour class we're writing raps and they have to be about rocks and science. Last year I did a rap in science about the water cycle so I'm pretty skilled at that. We're doing it to the beat of "lean wit it, rock wit it". Haha, get it, "rock" with it lol But yeah, it's pretty ghetto.

Well, I'm gonna head out now! Laters

P.S. Yay for getting my 5000th hit! w00t! I feel special ^____^

P.P.S. Thanks for the theme compliments. Me and Jiba were having a KH theme semi-contest. She claims I won, but I really like hers. We just called it a tie XD

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