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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm so close to being finished with my layout, yet so far away. I'll definitely be done by tomorrow afternoon, but since it's so late, I decided to hit the hay instead of finishing it. And if it's late by my standards, then it must be late. Trust me on that.

Well, today was a pretty interesting day. My friend from my religion class, Bernice, and I had been planning since Wednesday to go to see Scary Movie 4 today/Friday with a bunch of people from school. When I got on AIM to fix the little details, she told me how she lives clear across town from the movie theater I go to, but for me, it's less than 5 minutes away. She agreed to go to the theater closer to me just because I had already told some of my friends there. A couple hours later though, she cancelled because she had to go to church.

Then, Najibah called and cancelled because she had a family pot luck. So I was pretty much completely stranded at that moment. Luckily, I thought of calling my other friend Liz. I told her about the movie and she said ok. She told me she had some people over at her house and I told her to bring them. Well, I got to the movies and it ended up that "some people at her house" was the whole boys' basketball team and a group of girls. The whole 3 back rows of the theater were filled with people that I knew or the basketball team somehow knew. It was really weird.

It ended up that Kurt (long story short, I told one of my guyfriends I thought Kurt was cute and he went and told everyone) was there so as soon as I walked in all the guys were like "Ooo! Vanessa should sit next to Kurt!" They all moved down and I just sat there. Kurt is such a stereotypical middle school boy. He was so embarassed that he didn't even look at me the whole time XD

Anyway, the movie was funny. I haven't seen the first 3 Scary Movies (I know, the one person in the world that hasn't), so I didn't have much to compare it to. All my friends said that 2 and 3 were better though. Some of the jokes were predictable, but overall, I liked it. Unfortunately, I was stuck between Kurt and this other random guy in my class so I didn't really have anyone to talk to. Liz and all my girl friends were on the other side of Kurt which sucked ><

Well I'm going to leave now. It's really late and a girl needs her beauty sleep! Laters

P.S. Happy birthday Christian!

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