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Saturday, April 8, 2006

I'm home! Again! Yep, I just got back from my 2nd trip in one week. I'm glad. I was pretty exhausted. I thought I owed you guys a little post before I headed off to bed though.

Well, I went to the 2nd boarding school. It was ok. Kinda opposite of the 1st one. The 1st one was really proper while the 2nd one was more public school-ish. I think I might like the public school-ish one better since I seem to have more in common with those kinds of people. I don't know.

Anyway, today I had a plane at 9 from Boston to Chicago. That one went well, but then, I got delayed in Chicago. Something always seems to go wrong at that airport. I sat (actually more like stood because there were absolutely no seats that weren't taken) for about an hour and a half waiting to hear what was going on. My first flight back to Springfield was cancelled so I had to wait for the next one, which was a 3-hour difference from my first one. I spent half of that time standing and then seats appeared so I sat for the rest of it. I was so bored, I fell asleep twice XD

Finally, I got home but 3 hours later than I would've. I actually would've been able to go to my last 2 classes and jazz band if my plane had been on time. Oh well, I still got to turn in my huge 6-hour homework assignment. I talked to Parris who said that she gave an extention to another student who had only been gone 2 days so she might've given me one for being gone 4 days. I don't know, she never told me about that so I'm glad I turned it in anyway.

Rather than that, I hung out with some people who were staying after school and then I went home. Yep, exciting I know ^^

I just wanted to leave a little post for you guys. I'm going to stop boring you now. Laters

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