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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Current mood: okay
Current song: NO SONG!

Konnichiwa! I don't really have much to talk about. I haven't had a good night! I couldn't sleep and everytime I turned around I was being bitched at! Gah! It often seems like I can't do anything right! >.<'

Oh and Mika my URL is : http://myspace.com/kyokokyo! So just add me! lol but don't forget to tell me who you are!?

I really don't know what to do or talk about! >.< Gah! Oh well, I guess I'll go~


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Monday, June 30, 2008

Current Mood: Good
Current song: -Gekkon-
Current band: THE UNDERNEATH!

Konnichiwa! Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I got home kinda late! I was with Chastity ALL weekend! I had a great time. Until I got home and I think I'm going to do what Maru told me to do! Ignore it! Thank you guys sooooo very very much for all you're support and comments! You guys have no Idea how much you mean to me! Thank you!

Anyways! Chastity got me a new cd! It's the THE UNDERNEATH CD!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! SOOO AWESOME!!! I'll put a song on her for you! ON the back of my cd is there myspace so I sent them a freind request! They added me! ^.^ Yay *Dances* I love it!! And each member has one of there own! ^.^ Taka the vocals and Ryo the bass has added me! Yay The are are amazing!

Gekkon is amazing! I can post the lyrics here hold on!

Lyrics by Taka and composed by Taka!

It's high moon and the second hand ticks
Time stopss breathing now
The dull light of the moon shadow
Eshausted is the wandering ghost!

Licking the open wound
I dream a horrible dream

Blue Moon why do you swallow up everything
Pass the darkness holding the pain ahh time keep turning

Suffering change change
The projector shows my insticts
with a blindfold it can keep going
As I lose my balance

Buried in the sky
Shot by sadness
The desires shiver in my chest
Before they rust away

The pain covers my body Throw it all away
Forget the past as the dim moonlight shines againist the moon shadow

Swallowed up everything my instinct says to get up


Isn't it awesome?!? O.O Gah! I love it!!!!

Here' the band!!

in order it goes from
Ryo, Masato, Taka, Masaki, and Tal!

Masato= Guitar, Piano and Programing!
Ryo=Bass and Progaming
Tal=Guitar and Program

And here is the -Gekkon- video!!

Do you like it?! PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

Well that's all for today!


Much love,


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Friday, June 27, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: Garden
Current band: Dir EN Grey!


How is everyone? I'm okay for the time being! My situation is getting worse! My mom does nothing but bitch me. But I'm getting to where I just drown it out! Gah! It's so bleh here. I hate it! I was talking to Chastity about it. Chastity was EXTREMELY pissed! Gah! >.<' Chastity wants to kick her ass so bad it's not even funny! XD

But anyways!

I'm bored! lol I want to get on a better subject! lol I made another world on THEOTAKU. It's called Diru Fans United! It's for all the people that love Dir En Grey! I would really love for you all to join me there too! ^.^ I have 3 members! I'd love to have more!!! But anyways! lol I'm going to go for now!


  • Manami26: Chastity wasn't crying it was me! XD But yeah Mom's can be. Mine just decides to be like that 100% of the time!

  • Mika:There account names...I only remember the person called AnCafeSucks. It makes me soo grrr to think about it!

  • Maru:I really appreciate you're comment! Thank you soo much! ^.^

  • XxCherryStarxX: I was upset not Chastity. SHe was just very MAD! XD

  • Kimiko: I KNOW! T.T

  • SolenmSerpent: I Know! And People on youtube are that don't have lives have to be mean to our Jrock! Gah! Makes me want to SCREAM! lol

  • Fire Fist Ace: I know I'm happy I have her too! ANd friends like you guys here on MyO! And people don't have good taste in music! How can you not like Jrock! XD

  • Tesshnira: Who are losers?




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    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Current mood: Good
    Current song: Joker
    Current band: X Japan


    How is everyone? I'm great! I'm listening to X Japan! ^.^V I love X Japan. Lol *head bangs* I LOVE IT!!!

    I'm soo stressed out! I get one thing a complished and my mom starts to nag me for another! I ca' talk it! Gah! I was on the phone with Chastity crying and I don't think I've ever heard Chastity that mad before. I love her so much and so grateful that I have her.

    I'm in a fight with these stupid people on youtube right now because they are saying that X Japan and An Cafe sucks! IT kills me! I don't like when people insult my jrock! NO matter what band it is! And Chick said something about Dir EN Grey! I have to admit she's brave to go there! Dir En Grey is my all time favorite! Gah!

    Well I'm going to go!

    Thanks for all the comments!!



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    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Current mood: Good
    Current song: Get Your Gunn
    Current band: Marilyn Manson


    How is everyone!?! I'm great! I'm sitting here talking to Chastity! lol ^.^V I love her! My mom heard me say I love you to her last night and mom was all grr and told me I didn't know what love was and I told her that I do better then she does because I can be a relationship longer then she could! XD Yeah she didn't like that! lol Chastity wants to make out with me infront of my mom! XD Lol I could only imaging how she'd take that if she saw that! XD

    But anyways!

    I'm going to try and go to walmart!! ^.^V I want to soo bad! I have 20 dollars! and I want to buy something for Chastity!!! BUt I don't know what! lol

    Well g2g


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    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Current mood: Good
    Current song: Yokan
    Current band: Dir En Grey


    I'm finally home!! How is everyone? I'm great! Do you all like the new layout?! I love it! It took me soooo long to do! This one is here to stay for a long time! lol I love Chastity! I haven't talked to her today! Oh and guess what! I NOW HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!! *dances!* I'm so proud of myself! Oh and the guy that gave me my test was gay! It was awesome!! He was such a sweet heart! ^.^ Yay! *dances*

    I'm bored! I'm tired! Gah! I was with my mamow yesterday! It was fun! I played in a hot tub! I even got to talk to Chastity!! That made things easier on me! I could've stayed another night but I wanted to come home and talk to Chastity! I love her soo much! I can't stand not being able to talk to her! I love her! I Love her!!!

    Well I'm going to go!




    Please don't forget to tell me what you think of my new layotu?!

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    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    Current mood: good
    Current song: 304 goushitsu hakushi no sakura
    Current band: Dir En Grey!

    How is everyone? I'm great! Most of you probably have noticed that I've changed my site yet again! Sorry I can't help it! I change it until I'm happy with the layout fully! lol ^.^' ANd this one is here to stay! I've been wanting to make my site this theme for like EVER!! And I just never had been able to find enough materail! lol until now! lol I made everything on here myself! Except the avatars and the video! lol ^.^V lol

    Tomarrow I probably won't be on because I'm getting my driver's lincese and then I'm going to be with my Mamow who came in town. ^.^ But it's just for monday night! Chastity's upset about it! It makes me feel bad! I love her soo much! I told her I'd call her! ^.^

    Oh and if you all could please go by her site and sign her guest book and add her! There's a link for her in my profile and in my friends list! ^.^ So please give her a visit! She'd love to have more people visit her!

    Xaos and Dafeather already do! I thank you guys for it too! ^.^V

    Well I'm going to go!


    ~Much Love~

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    Saturday, June 21, 2008

    current mood: good
    current song: ava adore
    current band: smashing pumpkins!

    Konnichiwa! Short post!!!

    Chastity's feeling better!
    I changed my site!
    It's stand inside your love by Smashing pumpkins!

    I suggest everyone listen to that song! It's wonderful!!1

    well ttyl



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    Friday, June 20, 2008

    Current mood: mIxEd
    Current song: I'll cover you
    Current band: It's Angel and Collins from RENT


    How is everyone? I'm okay...Not in the best book you know! I'm super grr right now! My mom called me this moring cussing me out and acusing me of things! Gah! I don't know how much more I can't take of her and her damn bitchiness! I don't know what happen! I was once so close to her. But when we moved everything changed! WTF! Gah! Then there's my ex-bf Darrel, who's trying so hard to get me banded of myotaku because is girlfriend Kalli likes to talk to me! Gah! It' pisses me off! If he was to band me It wouldn't matter I have other sites! HELLO! Gah!

    But on a better note! I've changed my site as some of you have noticed! It's Angel and Collins from RENT!! The song/video is I'll cover you! IT's such a sweet song! It makes me think of Chastity! XD Don't tell her I said that! *shifts eyes* Lol! RENT's really good movie until the end! When Angel dies I just cry!! I watched it with Chastity night of prom when we got back! And When he died I cried like a big baby! And Chastity laughed at me! WTF! XD Oh well I love her anyways! She laughs at me all the time! Oh and yes Xaos she did scream that at me when that dude was checking me out! Gah! Some dude at the gas station was hitting on me and Chastity was all grr and dude asked me who I was here with and I said My girlfriend. And he was like O.O Oh lol! He kinda left me alone after that! Chastity stuck right with me after that! lol Gah! I LOVE CHASTIY SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

    I got 11 comments yesterday! *dances* I'm happy! People are starting to care about MyO and stuff! They are coming back!!!! Yay!

    Well I'm going to go!


    Much love


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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Current mood: In LOVE!
    Current song: Cage
    Current band: Dir En Grey

    Konnnichiwa! Okay How is everyone? I'm great! So I told you yesterday I'd tell you all what happen! Okay here we go! lol

    I woke up about 6:45 A.M., about a min it or so Chastity calls me to make sure I'm awake. The we get off the phone and I start getting dressed and fixing my hair. Then We leave. (My sister Kimiko had to come with me! >.<) About 7:15 we met up with Chastity at my mom's work. The I left with her! ^//^ We drove back to her house and we started to get everything ready for nice little picnic she had planned for me! ^.^ I made us grilled cheese sandwichs and Chastity made everything else! She's such an amazing cook!!! ^//^ Well it was still early so we packed everything and put it in the fridge for the time being! lol ^.^' So we decide while we waited we'd watch some musicals. We watched R.E.N.T. and yes I cried at the end when Angel died! I can't help it! Preious people shouldn't have to die! gRR! But anyways after that we watched Chicago. And we didn't get through all of it before it was time to go on our pinic! ^//^ So we walked to park since it was such a beautiful day! ^.^ And when we got there we spreaded out the blanket eat our yummy food! ^.^ After we eat I had the urge to go and play on hte playground! XD Yes I play on playgrounds still! XD I maybe 18 but by looking at me you really can't tell this at all! XD I'm only 5'2! XD anyways! XD I got on the swing and CHastity came behind and pushed me and then she got on the swing next to me! Then I saw a random poll and tried to poll dance and it wasn't working very well! XD BUt Chastity was checking me out! I was heehee! Then I saw some nasty old pervert checking me out! And I was EWW and then Chastity was like *EVIL GLARE* then she yelled at me "Jessica get your lil' Lesbain ass over her!" And I went to her and she graved me and started making out with me and the dude quit after that! XD lol The we decide to play on the slides and stuff and I was laying in the bottom of one and CHastity was at the top and I turned and she was smiling and it was such a sexy smile! ^//^ Then she started kissing me and whispered "Happy Annievsary!" And I was like "AWW *blush* Happy Annieversay to you too!!!!" And then we decided it was getting tooo hot and left! When we got back to her house. Chastity made me a purse with Marilyn Manson on it from the Mechanical Animal album! ^.^ I love it! And on the back it said rock is dead! She told me to hem the ROCK IS DEAD part but to be honest I have noo clue how to hem. ANd I just stuck needles from the pin cussion all in it! XD ANd Chastity made fun of me! T.T But once I figured it out we was okay except she made fun of my sowing abilities too! >.< Grr! Oh well then once we was done we snuggled on the couch together and watched Revolutionary Girl Utena. Then it got about 5 o'clock!!! She took me back to mom's work! XD Then she kissed Goodbye and she left! I love her soo much! I had an amazing day!!!!!!


    I'm talking to Chastity right now and she's sick! T.T Aww I hate that she's sick! Well I'm going to make her feel better! Ttyl



    My stupid ex-Boyfriend Darrel, aka Webs of Reality is trying to get me kicked off of MyO. Because he's mad because me and his girlfriend are freinds! Gah! so yeah!

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