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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: Yokan
Current band: Dir En Grey


I'm finally home!! How is everyone? I'm great! Do you all like the new layout?! I love it! It took me soooo long to do! This one is here to stay for a long time! lol I love Chastity! I haven't talked to her today! Oh and guess what! I NOW HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!!! *dances!* I'm so proud of myself! Oh and the guy that gave me my test was gay! It was awesome!! He was such a sweet heart! ^.^ Yay! *dances*

I'm bored! I'm tired! Gah! I was with my mamow yesterday! It was fun! I played in a hot tub! I even got to talk to Chastity!! That made things easier on me! I could've stayed another night but I wanted to come home and talk to Chastity! I love her soo much! I can't stand not being able to talk to her! I love her! I Love her!!!

Well I'm going to go!




Please don't forget to tell me what you think of my new layotu?!

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