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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Current mood: In LOVE!
Current song: Cage
Current band: Dir En Grey

Konnnichiwa! Okay How is everyone? I'm great! So I told you yesterday I'd tell you all what happen! Okay here we go! lol

I woke up about 6:45 A.M., about a min it or so Chastity calls me to make sure I'm awake. The we get off the phone and I start getting dressed and fixing my hair. Then We leave. (My sister Kimiko had to come with me! >.<) About 7:15 we met up with Chastity at my mom's work. The I left with her! ^//^ We drove back to her house and we started to get everything ready for nice little picnic she had planned for me! ^.^ I made us grilled cheese sandwichs and Chastity made everything else! She's such an amazing cook!!! ^//^ Well it was still early so we packed everything and put it in the fridge for the time being! lol ^.^' So we decide while we waited we'd watch some musicals. We watched R.E.N.T. and yes I cried at the end when Angel died! I can't help it! Preious people shouldn't have to die! gRR! But anyways after that we watched Chicago. And we didn't get through all of it before it was time to go on our pinic! ^//^ So we walked to park since it was such a beautiful day! ^.^ And when we got there we spreaded out the blanket eat our yummy food! ^.^ After we eat I had the urge to go and play on hte playground! XD Yes I play on playgrounds still! XD I maybe 18 but by looking at me you really can't tell this at all! XD I'm only 5'2! XD anyways! XD I got on the swing and CHastity came behind and pushed me and then she got on the swing next to me! Then I saw a random poll and tried to poll dance and it wasn't working very well! XD BUt Chastity was checking me out! I was heehee! Then I saw some nasty old pervert checking me out! And I was EWW and then Chastity was like *EVIL GLARE* then she yelled at me "Jessica get your lil' Lesbain ass over her!" And I went to her and she graved me and started making out with me and the dude quit after that! XD lol The we decide to play on the slides and stuff and I was laying in the bottom of one and CHastity was at the top and I turned and she was smiling and it was such a sexy smile! ^//^ Then she started kissing me and whispered "Happy Annievsary!" And I was like "AWW *blush* Happy Annieversay to you too!!!!" And then we decided it was getting tooo hot and left! When we got back to her house. Chastity made me a purse with Marilyn Manson on it from the Mechanical Animal album! ^.^ I love it! And on the back it said rock is dead! She told me to hem the ROCK IS DEAD part but to be honest I have noo clue how to hem. ANd I just stuck needles from the pin cussion all in it! XD ANd Chastity made fun of me! T.T But once I figured it out we was okay except she made fun of my sowing abilities too! >.< Grr! Oh well then once we was done we snuggled on the couch together and watched Revolutionary Girl Utena. Then it got about 5 o'clock!!! She took me back to mom's work! XD Then she kissed Goodbye and she left! I love her soo much! I had an amazing day!!!!!!


I'm talking to Chastity right now and she's sick! T.T Aww I hate that she's sick! Well I'm going to make her feel better! Ttyl



My stupid ex-Boyfriend Darrel, aka Webs of Reality is trying to get me kicked off of MyO. Because he's mad because me and his girlfriend are freinds! Gah! so yeah!

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