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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great! :D
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i have to say i miss this place.
This place was amazing while it lasted...it looks like no one ever comes here anymore. This place brings me so many great and wonderful memories. With that i leave this song.

Good bye TheO and MyO...how wonderful you was. I'd love for a day I can come back here and have all my old friends that i did. Momo, Sharito, Bou, Shin-Chan, all of you. I love you all!

good bye *cries*

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Monday, February 1, 2010

current mood: worried out of my mind!!!
current song: No Song
current band: no band

I'm freakkking worried!!! Chastity's cared spun out and she cracked her head on the window. She told me she's good and she'll be okay. But she won't let me come to her. I want to be with her. I hate sitting here hoping everythings okay. Gah! T.T Chastity's my world and my everything. She means sooo much to me. I'm going to go and check on her...I'll keep you up dated keep checking back on here and theO and I'll let you know.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Current mood: GREAT!!! ad excited
Current song: Genkai Haretsu
current band: hide <3

RANDOM FACT: hide was friends with Marilyn Manson! IT's been said that Manson went glam for a time to commemorate hide's death. (( I checked the records too hide died in 1998 and Mechanical animals did too and that's when he went glam))

Hello Everyone?

How ish you all today? I'm excited. I get to see my Chastity today!!!! :3 Yay! After she's done in school today she's going to be coming over and taking me out to lunch. Awww <3 I love her!!!! :3


I changed my theme again! X3 It's Genkai Haretsu by hide. I can't help it hide gets stuck on me easy! XD I love hide thou! XD My theO world is Genkai Haretsu too :3 *sings along* I've been jamming aways to hide since yesterday. Oh I got some random facts on jrock bands

So I'm going to start adding one to my post every day now :3

See the top for random jrock fact! :3

Well g2g

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Current mood: Tired
Current song: Rainbow
Current band: Penicillin

Ello Everyone!

How ish you all today? It's 1:32 a.m. right now. I'm tired. XP But I figured I'd update since I was still up XD Well me and Chastity had a scare today. We think her mom may have found out about us. Which isn't good cuz she's a bible thumper! Gah And she see's gay ppl on the street and goes look at them fags. Gah I hate that word. And it's hard for me not to say anything because it's offensive to me. I don't really see what the big damn deal is with people hating gays I mean come on. What the hell did we ever do to you? I had some on tell me I was going to burn for being a lesbain. Shit I know some gays that are more likely to get into have then some straight people. >.<' Sorry I support equal love
gay, straight, bi, lesbain. I'm all for it! It's awesome. I love Love. So yeah. Grrr sorry XD


I changed my site. I don't know who all is going to be coming to comment I only got 2. >.<' I hate when I dont get comments and I try to comment ppl as muh as possible if I can. Srry I can' weekends cuz thats me and Chastity time :3


about the layout it's Rainbow by Penicillin themed along with the splatter paint marks. It took me a few hours to do this cuz I kept changing my mind on the theme but I think it looks awesome!

Well g2g


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Monday, January 25, 2010

Current mood: Good
Current song: with
current band: Psycho Le Cemu

hello everyone

How are you all today? I'm great. I'm just sitting here I just got back from chastity's :3 Yay! I'm debating something in my head right now XD So I'm spacey at the momment XDD But I think I'm going to do it! ((what i'm thinking about)) I'll explain later after I think more about it. lol So how was everyone's weekend? I'm going to be spending next weekend with mom and my sisters. I miss my sisters. :3 I'm going to spend Friday with Chastity and Mom will take me back to Chastity's Sunday morning :3 lol

I'm ready to move completely out on my own but I've got to find a gooood paying job first. That also has somethin to do with what's going on in my head. Lol But anyways I'm bored.

I think I'll go. I didn't get many comments so yeah

Bye bye all

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Current mood: great-ta-ta
Current song: Kurenai
Current band: X Japan

Hello my fellow friends on MyOtaku!

How ish you all today? I'm grrrrreaaattt! ((Like Tony the tiger)) I'm talking to Chastity. She's going on about a Opossums. They are evil and she no believe me. lol And she's talking about gators. XDDD anyways! lol I love her even if she's crazy. Apparently Levi the dachound looks like my friend corey and a oppossums love child. lmao....well g2g

bye bye all

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Current mood: So So
Current song: Eyes Love you
Current Band: hide

hello everyone? How ish you today? I'm okay for the most part. I'm tired and I don't know why XP But I'll get over it. I'm waitin for Chastity to Call so I can go get her. She's going to stay the night and maybe Friday night with me :3 I loves her! :3 Mineeee!!! :3 I redid her site yesterday :3 if you want to look at it Click here! :3 Oh and I'm taking request for layouts again! :3 So if you want one just comment or send me a pm! :3

here's what I need to know!

Do you want mucic
If so what and who?
and a Email so I can send you the HTML for it or if you don't mind you can give me your pw and I'll put it up for you. Don't worry Ppl have given it to me before. Examples Xaos, Mad hatter Belia, XxRukiaxRoxsxX and etc. And don't worry I forget it XD I always do XDDDDDDD I couldn't tell you any of there pws anymore! XDDDD


I just got done fixing my room up. I wasn't dirty it just need straightnd up XD I found out my dad's been in the hospital for the last 3 days. but he's going home later this after noon. It just pissed me off cuz they didn't call me. My dad has Cancer so yeah I'm his oldest daughter I should be the first person they call but I'm always the last to find out. I had to put my foot down over that too.

Well g2g


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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Current mood: Good
Current song: Genkai Haretsu
current band: hide

Hello Everyone?!

Thank you for the comments on my site. It seems like no matter how long I'm gone from here I always get more comments here then I do at TheOtaku. I do love MyOtaku more thou!! :3 So how ish everyone? I'm doing pretty good. I'm trying to get Chastity to come and stay the night with me tomarrow and Friday. I Love her!!! :3 I'm still at my Aunts house but I don't know how long. She got her a dachhound for xmas...but she likes Kyoko you took my doggy from me. Because he don't want anything to with anyone but me. XDDD It's cuz we both are so little! XD We both have short issues. But lil doggys always get close to me. I perfer Chihuhahua!! I love Chihuahuas!!! They are just the cutest thing to ever walk the earth!!! Chastity said she'd get me one. Because me and Chastity don't want kids, she's getting a bald kitty and I'm Getting chihuahua. :3 They'll be our babies! lol

I'm jamimg to Junk Story now!!!! I love hide! He's awesome possum! OMG I didn't tell you what Chastity got me for Xmas! She got me a hide hooodddiiieee!!!!! I loves it! I wear it all the time! I like to wear it and my X Japan shirt! :3 on the back of the hoodie it says X JAPAN and it takes the whole back part!!! I Love it!! :3 I think I'm going to wear that today. :3 it's cold so it'd be okay :3 I looooovvvvveeee my hide hoooddddiiieee *huggles it* :3

Levi keeps wanting in my lap. I don't want him in my lap all the time. but he'll bug you until he get in it. >.<' but usally once he gets there he's goes to sleep then you can lay him down. lol

I wish Chastity would hurry and call me back!!! She was suposted to but still hasn't I wait! she just called right after I typed that XDDD lol She's heading in to class!! Awww I love Chastity!!! Mine!!!

Well g2g!!!


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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Current Mood: Good
Current song: No Song
Current band: no Band

Hello Everyone!
I updated my site better post tomarrow!!! :3

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