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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

current mood: good
current song: Death's Door
current band: ScReW

Konnichiwa! I think I've found a college for me! They have a class in website design! It's a 2 year community college. But that's okay with me! And the cool thing is that Chastity will be going to the same college...just the culinary part. Not the computer programs area! She likes cooking, where as I like to make websites! But yeah...Anyways... that's all


I leave you with these funny ass icons! and some that I just like!!!

reita icon
Dir En Grey Icon
hide icon
Kami Icon Jrock Malice Mizer
dir en grey icon_
Kyo Dir en grey Icon Jrock
Yura Icon Psycho le cemu Jrock
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT TAKE THIS ICON OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN KAY.this is my icon but i give the credit to http://www.xanga.com/YasuRyuuCreations all  credit for this icon goes to her she made it but i requested it so DO NOT TAKE THIS ICON

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

current mood: Good
current song: Rusty Nail
current band: X Japan

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I finished my yaoi Novel last night! I couldn't sleep so I read until I fall asleep. But I finished the book before I fell asleep. But it was really good. The only thing I didn't like about the beging was that it drug on! XD But once Shio got into the story things started to get interested! ^.^ Chastity is going to borrow it when I get to see her again! ^.^ I love Chastity! ^//^ She makes me soo happy! lol I 'm bored. Gah! I wish she'd call me! >.< I called her and got her voice mail! Grr! CHASTITY CALL ME!!!!! >.< I love Chastity! I'm watching Golden girls right now. I love watching Golden Girls. HaHaHaHaHa! LMAO! I'm sorry! I can't help but laugh at this show. lol...wow...I almost typed school. XD I'm bored! Well I'm going to go!



Cute Purikura Online

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: EverFree
Current band: hide

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today? I'm okay I guess...I'm just lonely! T.T Chastity went to the water park today...>.< And I wish I went to. But yeah...I wasn't even invited. So it doesn't matter.....*sigh* I guess the mood thingy should feel like I'm rejected huh...But I was okay until she called. I just felt like I should be there too! >.< Heck even my stupid Asian Cousin is there! >.< GRRR! I hate him! He went with his girlfriend Jessica. I know we have the same name! >.< Who's parent's are friend with Chastity's Aunt. Who she went with. Oh well...I'm use to it I g2g


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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Current mood: good
current song: Shout and bites
current band: Versailles!

Konnichiwa! how is everyone? I am great! I just got back from shopping! So I'm sorry It took me so long to update today! >.<' I got me some bondage coprise! yay! And A Domo Shirt!!! yay! And some Sexy Little things perfume! ^.^ Oh and I got new Yaoi Novel. It's called Sweet Ambistions! ^.^ It's good so far! I've skeemed through it and it has a very GRAPHIC yaoi seen in it! *blushes*

Oh Chastity bought me a My Melody bag yesterday. I went to her house today and got it! It's SOOOO KAWAII!!!!!!!!! I love it! ^//^ I love Chastity sooo much! YAY! *DANCES* Well That's all for today! I'm sorry this is such a short post! But I usually never post anything really long! XD But when I do it usually because it's important! Or something! X3 well g2g

Much love


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Saturday, May 24, 2008

current mood: okay
current song: Fuzz
current band: MUCC

Konnichiwa! Sorry for my random emoness yesterday! XD I had a very bad day! Just about all day long I was called a failure. I felt like one too...T.T Sorry.


In Better new...I think...I'm alot better now. ^.^ I talked to Jade...AKA....SOMEGIRL. She helped me! Thank you! And Thank you everyone for your comments! ^.^ *smiles* I'm soo happy I have good friends like you guys!

Even though I don't always get to comment you all back! I feel bad for it! I try too...but It doesn't always work how I plan for it! So I'll do my best to do so!

WEll I am going to go!


~MuCh LoVe~


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Friday, May 23, 2008

current mood: SUCKY
current song: NO SONG


I am a failure....THE END


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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Current mood: good
current song: The Revenant Choir
current band: Versailles

How is everyone? I am great! I'm sorry for not updating yesterday! lol I was with Chastity and job hunting! lol! I had a great time! We had big soft pretzels for lunch! *smiles* Oh I got a Kurami blanket and a hello kitty plushie! AND A NEW JROCK DVD!!!! HELLZ YEAH!!!! lol I'm bored right now! But that's about it! I shall talk to you all later!



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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

current mood: Good
current song: Road
current band: Gackt

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I'm good! I just woke up! I'm alone yet again! XD Is it bad to say that I've only been out of school for 3 days and I've already kinda miss it! XD I mean I miss going to see my friend. Not the school! FUck Gibbs! XD But anyways! I'm bored! Oh guess who added me on MYspace!?!?! GACKT!!! He added me! I have Toshi (X Japan), Yoshiki (X Japan), DIR EN GREY, Pata (X Japan), X Japan, An Cafe, Mix Speaker Inc, Alice Nine, MUCC, Gurgumesh, Gazette, and Mivayi!!!! And some other bands! And these are offical myspaces! lol ^.^ I love it!!!!! lol I'm so bored right now! Oh I had changed my myspace layout again! XD It's now Queen of the Damned! XD I usually don't change it that much! But I felt like it! XD So I did! lol Well I am going to go!

If you'd love ot find me on My space...my URL is



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Monday, May 19, 2008

current mood: Good
current song: Gekka No Yasoukyaku
current band: Malice Mizer

Konnichiwa! I'm at home all by my self! I just got off the phone with Chastity! I love Chastity! ^.^ I'm so bored too! Everyone is at work and at school! I don't have anywhere to go! lol! So I'm stuck here at home! XD I've been updating my myspace. I've had the same layout for over a 4 months now! XD SO I made it Rainbow Brite! Lol I like RainbowBrite! It was Kuramai-Chan! *smiles* So what is everyone up today? Oh you guys remember how I told you one of my old friends got a hold of me...she's suppost to come in an see me soon! Chastity doesn't like her much! Because she left a comment on one of my photos and called me sexy! And Chastity was like *EVIL GLARES* That's my Lil' Shuichi! XD OH I LOVE CHASTITY!!!!!!!!!!! SHE MAKES ME SOOO HAPPY! Well I'm going to go! ttyl


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Sunday, May 18, 2008

current mood: GREAT
current song: Electric cucumber
current band: hide

Konnnichiwa! How is everyone!? And thanks for the wonderful comments! ^.^ lol Today is mine and Chastity's ll month anniversary! Yay! lol *dances* I love her so much! lol ^.^ She makes me so happy! So how is everyone? I'm so in love! *smiles*

We went shopping today! Lol I had 150 dollars! and I got me two dvds, DOMO , a belt and a wallet....a GOTHIC LOLITA BIBLE! And some other stuff and I now have 68 dollars left. *dances* I Love it! lol Chastity got this Jacket and she looks sooo sexy in it! lol OMG IT MAKES ME ALL GAH! Sorry lol! XD

Well I must be going!



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