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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Current mood: good
Current song: 304 goushitsu hakushi no sakura
Current band: Dir En Grey!

How is everyone? I'm great! Most of you probably have noticed that I've changed my site yet again! Sorry I can't help it! I change it until I'm happy with the layout fully! lol ^.^' ANd this one is here to stay! I've been wanting to make my site this theme for like EVER!! And I just never had been able to find enough materail! lol until now! lol I made everything on here myself! Except the avatars and the video! lol ^.^V lol

Tomarrow I probably won't be on because I'm getting my driver's lincese and then I'm going to be with my Mamow who came in town. ^.^ But it's just for monday night! Chastity's upset about it! It makes me feel bad! I love her soo much! I told her I'd call her! ^.^

Oh and if you all could please go by her site and sign her guest book and add her! There's a link for her in my profile and in my friends list! ^.^ So please give her a visit! She'd love to have more people visit her!

Xaos and Dafeather already do! I thank you guys for it too! ^.^V

Well I'm going to go!


~Much Love~

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