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Friday, June 20, 2008

Current mood: mIxEd
Current song: I'll cover you
Current band: It's Angel and Collins from RENT


How is everyone? I'm okay...Not in the best book you know! I'm super grr right now! My mom called me this moring cussing me out and acusing me of things! Gah! I don't know how much more I can't take of her and her damn bitchiness! I don't know what happen! I was once so close to her. But when we moved everything changed! WTF! Gah! Then there's my ex-bf Darrel, who's trying so hard to get me banded of myotaku because is girlfriend Kalli likes to talk to me! Gah! It' pisses me off! If he was to band me It wouldn't matter I have other sites! HELLO! Gah!

But on a better note! I've changed my site as some of you have noticed! It's Angel and Collins from RENT!! The song/video is I'll cover you! IT's such a sweet song! It makes me think of Chastity! XD Don't tell her I said that! *shifts eyes* Lol! RENT's really good movie until the end! When Angel dies I just cry!! I watched it with Chastity night of prom when we got back! And When he died I cried like a big baby! And Chastity laughed at me! WTF! XD Oh well I love her anyways! She laughs at me all the time! Oh and yes Xaos she did scream that at me when that dude was checking me out! Gah! Some dude at the gas station was hitting on me and Chastity was all grr and dude asked me who I was here with and I said My girlfriend. And he was like O.O Oh lol! He kinda left me alone after that! Chastity stuck right with me after that! lol Gah! I LOVE CHASTIY SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

I got 11 comments yesterday! *dances* I'm happy! People are starting to care about MyO and stuff! They are coming back!!!! Yay!

Well I'm going to go!


Much love


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