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Monday, June 30, 2008

Current Mood: Good
Current song: -Gekkon-
Current band: THE UNDERNEATH!

Konnichiwa! Sorry I didn't update yesterday! I got home kinda late! I was with Chastity ALL weekend! I had a great time. Until I got home and I think I'm going to do what Maru told me to do! Ignore it! Thank you guys sooooo very very much for all you're support and comments! You guys have no Idea how much you mean to me! Thank you!

Anyways! Chastity got me a new cd! It's the THE UNDERNEATH CD!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! SOOO AWESOME!!! I'll put a song on her for you! ON the back of my cd is there myspace so I sent them a freind request! They added me! ^.^ Yay *Dances* I love it!! And each member has one of there own! ^.^ Taka the vocals and Ryo the bass has added me! Yay The are are amazing!

Gekkon is amazing! I can post the lyrics here hold on!

Lyrics by Taka and composed by Taka!

It's high moon and the second hand ticks
Time stopss breathing now
The dull light of the moon shadow
Eshausted is the wandering ghost!

Licking the open wound
I dream a horrible dream

Blue Moon why do you swallow up everything
Pass the darkness holding the pain ahh time keep turning

Suffering change change
The projector shows my insticts
with a blindfold it can keep going
As I lose my balance

Buried in the sky
Shot by sadness
The desires shiver in my chest
Before they rust away

The pain covers my body Throw it all away
Forget the past as the dim moonlight shines againist the moon shadow

Swallowed up everything my instinct says to get up


Isn't it awesome?!? O.O Gah! I love it!!!!

Here' the band!!

in order it goes from
Ryo, Masato, Taka, Masaki, and Tal!

Masato= Guitar, Piano and Programing!
Ryo=Bass and Progaming
Tal=Guitar and Program

And here is the -Gekkon- video!!

Do you like it?! PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

Well that's all for today!


Much love,


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