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Friday, September 29, 2006

current mood: Good
Current Song: Undo by Minoru

How is everyone? I am good! I am just all BORED!!! But I can't wait for the pep rally today this afternoon! I got a sub in 2nd today! So I have to be very careful about being on the internet! ^.^; So what is everyone up to? I am just sitting here! I am listening to Minoru! They are a good band! ^.^ Now I am listening to Gazette! ^.^ Me loves Gazette! ^.^

What are your top favorite Jrock bands?

Mine are:
1.)Dir En Grey...wasn't hard to figure out! lol
2.)Malice Mizer
3.)An Cafe
4.)Alice Nine
8.)TM Revolution
9.)X Japan
10.) Panic Chanel!

Gah! I love this song! it's Zakurogata no Yuuursu by Gazette! ^.^ Reita is hot! But not as hot as Kyo! KYO KYO KYO KYO!!! I love Kyo! He's smexy! Well I am going to go! Bye everyone!! ^.^


FOR haloween I am going to be Mana! ^.^ I can't wait for you all to see me like Mana! ^.^ that is if I can get Plank to take a picture of me!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Current Mood: HAPPY!
Current SOng: THe Final by Dir En Grey! ^.^

Konnichiwa! So how is everyone? I am good! ^.^ But anyways! Everything is good with me and Darrel again! He said sorry and everything! But I am worried about Chastity! She came to school today! But She is going home because she almost passed out in class! T.T Poor Chastity! Gah! I am soo sleepy! I fell asleep on the bus and in 1st today! XD! OMG I don't have internet at my house anymore! T.T I want my internet back! So I won't be able to update on weekends! >.< But I will everyday in 2nd! So Momo and Bou Call me when you get home! Gah! They both stopped calling me! I am so bored! We are taking notes in here right now! But I don't ever do them I pretty much update my site! And then I play on purevolume and talk to Kenji! ^.^ Well Guess that is all for today! Sayanora!!!!

P.S. Thanks for the comments!!!! ^.^

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Current mood: Getting on with me life!
Current Song: Juuyon Sai no Knife by Gazette!

Konnichiwa everyone! how are you all? I am okay! Um...I am just all sad...My boyfriend is being all I love you but I don't think it's going to last much longer kinda thingy! lol >.< So my eyes hurt so much from where I have been crying! Gah! Chastity came back today! She is being all Flirty with me! She kinda cheered me up! And Jeremy told me not to worry because he knows that Darrel still loves me and he'd be a foolish person to leave me! But Yeah! I am waiting on Plank to e-mail me those pictures of me Dressed up like Kyo! ^.^ Right now I am listening to Panic Chanel! They are soo awesome! Gah! I am obessed with Jrock! But it's a good obesseion! Lol! OMG I almost for got! My friend D-chan asked me out! But I don't think I'll go back out with her! I mean I just don't like her like that! ^.^' I mean I still like Chastity alot! Grr I wish I could get over her! I just got my pictures! I have 2 of them! Hold on and I'll put them up!

Here's me!

Well what do you all think? I am going to go! Sayanora!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Current mood: Happy!
Current Song: Syunikiss by Malice Mizer!

Konnichiwa everyone! How are you? I am good! I am just sitting here! I am dressed up like KYo! Plank said I looked soo HOT! ^.^ SHe said she is going to take a picture of me later and when she does I am going to put it on my site! YAy! ^.^ Oh and My site is part of This Kyo fan listing thingy now! Yay! I love Kyo! gah! Chastity didn't show up again today! >.< GRRRRR! Oh and My friend Kenji has a myotaku account his name is KenjiRyouke! SO if you all would be so kind as to go to his Myotaku! ^.^ Just tell him Kyoko sent ya! ^.^ Gah! I am now listening to Alice Nine! Alice Nine is awesome! Gah! Oh and I put a new band up for the JROCKFANCLUBMKS site! It's now Gazette! yaY! Well I guess that is it for today! sayanora!

I AM KYO!!! I AM KYO!!!! I AM KYO!!!!! I AM KYO!!!!!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Current mood: Okay!
CUrretn Song: Fantasy by Alice Nine!

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today? I am good! I am just sitting here listening to my teacher! gah! I am bored! loL! I am talking to D-Chan on PUREVOLUME.COM! IT's awesome! Lol! i love purevolume! Because I can listen to Jrock! YAY Jrock! Oh I am sorry that the link to my other site is not working! It isn't turned off! just search for Manaismyidol okay! Thanks! Well I am bored! I think I have already said that! I can't wait for tomarrow I am going to dress up like KYO!!! YAY KYO!! Me loves Kyo! Lol! Well I must be going! Um...if you all come to this site come back a little later in the day and check and see if I haven't add something else okay! OMG I just remember that Chastity isn't here today! I am going to be lonely! T.T


Jrock is love!


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

   KoNnIcHiWa! ^.^
Current Mood: NYappy! ^.^
Current song: Riding Shooting Star by The Pillows! ^.^

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today? I am good! But anyways! I just got to see the new FMA movie it is AWESOME! GAH! I saw Al as a human! YAY! THat movie is like the best anime movie I have seen in a while! ^.^
Today Jimmy came by! We was talking about the band! And how we was talking about holding auditions! ^.^ Oh and Legacyof we play ROCK/Metal with alittle Jrock in it! Lol! I know I don't think we can count it as Jrock but I am going to put some Japanese in it! Gah! I offend daydream about going on tour with Dir en grey! *sparkle eyes!* gah! ^.^' I am such a dork! ^.^ Oh I made a new site! IT's called Manaismyidol So if any of you could take time and swing by! ^.^ Right now I am watching FLCL! I love this show! Even though it confuses me! Lol! Gah! >.< I went to Party City! I got Vampire teeth and I got some more black nail polish and some more Black lipstick! ^.^' I don't care for black lipstick, but I need it for my Kyo Cage PV costume for Tuesday! Gah I can't wait! ^.^ KYO KYO KYO!! Gah! I am obessed aren't I? Don't anwser that! XD Gah! Well I am going to go and update my other sites! Sayanora!


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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Current Mood:Okay!
Current Song: Cage By Dir En Grey!

Konnichiwa! How is everyone today? I am good! Lets see...I got to talk to Momo on the phone yesturday! I had so much fun talking to her! ^.^ She is soo sweet! Gah! We had a long conversation about Kyo! And she is the only person I know that seems to understand Kyo like me! ^.^ It makes me Happy! Like My feelings for Kyo are undescribible And It's more than a sexual attraction with me! Sadly I didn't get to talk to Bou! T.T If she called I wasn't home to anwser the phone! I went to the mall with my mom! ^.^; But yeah! I went to Hot Topics and was looking at Cure Magazine! I want to buy those Magizines sooo bad, but I can't because they are like $15.00! Oh I am now in a band! We are called F.L.Y. (forever Loving you!) And I am the lead singer! Yay! ^.^ My friend Jimmy is writting the music and I co-write! We still don't have a bass player thou! >.< Grr! Well I hope we find one soon! Oh So do you all like my new song on my site? It's Cage! YAY! Do you all like my new blog thing? I am watching "She's all that". It's a good chick flick! XD I know I can be girly...when I want to! Lol! I am starting to get tired! Well I guess I shall go! Sayanora! ^.^

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Current Mood: Tired!
Current Song: Mizerable by Gackt

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! I talked to Bou-Chan for a long time tonight! She soo funny! Me and her have a LOT in common! ^.^ Gah! I am watching Flavor of Love! I love this show! It's soo funny! The girls on here are crazy! Gah! And they brought New York back! So how is everyone's day! gah! I am going to be home all day tomarrow! Gah! I want to talk to Darrel! T.T I miss my Sexymuffin! OMG there is sooo much Drama going on at school! Gah! I hate Drama! It's soo stupid! I don't want no part of it! My friend Dana is fighting with my friend Amy! Gah! IT's all grr! On I found out what I am going to do for Character day! I am going as Kyo! ^.^ I am going to look HOT! ^.^ Oh I'll try to get Plank to take a picture of me and send me it thru email and then I shall post it on my site! YAy! I am sooo sleepy! Well I guess that's all for today! Sayanora! Goodnight!

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Current Mood: Happy
Current song: Yuri ha aoku saite by Alice nine!
Hello everyone! How are you all today? I am good! ^.^ Last night I talked to Bou-Chan on the phone even though we didn't get to talk long! T.T I still had fun! I can't wait to talk to her again! ^.^ Bou and I are becoming very close friends! YAY! I love my friends! ^.^
I am also sad today because I found out that my boyfriend is grounded for a month and I can't talk to him! T.T I want my sexymuffin!! T.T
Gah! Next week is spirit week for me and I usually don't do anything but for tuesday I am going to dress like a Jrocker! YAY! Gah! But it figures That I'd do something Jrock related right?! But My life revolves a Jrock! It keeps me sane! lol! Well I shall talk to you later!
Sayanora! ^.^

SHout out to Bou!
Call me when you get home! Can't wait to talk to you!! ^.^

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