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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Current mood: Good
Current song: Get Your Gunn
Current band: Marilyn Manson


How is everyone!?! I'm great! I'm sitting here talking to Chastity! lol ^.^V I love her! My mom heard me say I love you to her last night and mom was all grr and told me I didn't know what love was and I told her that I do better then she does because I can be a relationship longer then she could! XD Yeah she didn't like that! lol Chastity wants to make out with me infront of my mom! XD Lol I could only imaging how she'd take that if she saw that! XD

But anyways!

I'm going to try and go to walmart!! ^.^V I want to soo bad! I have 20 dollars! and I want to buy something for Chastity!!! BUt I don't know what! lol

Well g2g


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