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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

current mood: Lets not get into it!
Current song: TEAR YOU APART
current band: She wants Revenge

Konnichiwa! How is everyone? I am good! I am just soo...yeah...lets not get into that! XXX Yesterday Me and Chastity watched THE NUMBER 23! Gah! I don't know why but that movie got to me! And Through half of the movie.......OMG! Me and Chastity started to hardcore make out! It's not the movie it's the song I believe. THe She wants revenge song! OMG! We made out so rough that She busted my lips and I did here! Gah! Well I am going to go!




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Monday, May 5, 2008

current mood: good
current song: Merrymaking
current band: An Cafe


hello everyone? How are you today? I am good! I'm at school! I'm bored. I don't have hardly anything to talk about! Gah! Lol! I love Chastity! lol. Let's see something to talk about....Gah! This makes me feel like my life is boring! XD NO I DON'T HAVE A BORING LIFE....>.<...Gah! lol Hmm...what do you think the new them should be after this? I am thinking about doing and X japan them! I love X japan! Yay! lol My favorite song is Rusty Nail! It's awesome!!!!!!!! Yay! Lol well I guess I'll got go!

I'll leave some questions!

1.) What is your favorite number?
2.) What do you think of me?
3.) What is your favorite country?
4.) What is your favorite tv show?
5.) What is your favorite Movie?
6.) Who do you look up to?

My answers!
1.) 5
2.) ....I can't really answer that but I love me! lol
4.) America's Next Top Model
5.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
6.) hide, Kyo, Mana-Sama, and Kami-Sama

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Current mood: good
current song: Nothing

Konnichiwa! how is everyone? I am alot better then yesterday! lol ^.^ I'm watching Freddy Vs. Jason.! lol I like this movie! And I'm texting Chastity!!! Yay! I love Chastity! *smiles* I'm bored and my nose is running! T.T I wish it would stop! Lol Hopefully it will be tomarrow! Well I have nothing to talk about! I'll ask questions!

1.) What's your favorite color?
2.) Do you have a bf/gf?
3.) Do you love them?
4.) Are you in love?
5.) What is your favorite song?
6.) what's your favorite band?

my answers!
1.)Black and Pink
5.)The Final
6.)Dir En Grey

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

current mood: Good
current song: everfree
current band: hide


How is everyone? How are you all? I'm okay...kinda sick. I think I've got a cold. T.T *coughs* I'll be okay though! I've been up at my mamow's all morning! lol I got hamburgers and french fries! Yay! *dances* Lol I'm bored! Do you all like the new layout? It's Kami from Malice Mizer. He's no longer with us! Oh and Somegirl, Hide died from suicide. But they're not sure how it happen. Because he was drunk at the time! T.T See this is why I don't drink! Well I am going!


~Much love~

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Friday, May 2, 2008

current mood: Indiffrent
current song: everfree
current band: our beloved hide

Konnichiwa! Today makes 10 years since we've lost our beloved hide! It's hard to believe we no longer have him! And he left us at such a young age!

Hide is forever in our hearts!

I love you hide!

R.I.P. Pink Spider

Your are foever in our hearts!



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Thursday, May 1, 2008

current mood: Good
current song: Mizerable
current band: Gackt


How is everyone? I am great! ^.^ I listening to Mizerable! I got 9 comments yesterday! Yay! *dances* thank you all for the comments!!!! ^.^ I am having a good day! Chastity's not in ISS and I can see her! *dances*

So tomarrow is hide's death. Tomarrow makes 9 years that hide has no long been with us. It's said isn't it. That such an amazing person is no long with us! But his memory will forever live on in our hearts!

I made a new layout. But it won't be up til next week or so! It's of...wait...I'll let you all guess and wait and see! lol ^.^

Chastity got on to Kalli and Darrel for cussing me over what she said! She was all grr when I told her! I love Chastity! ^.^

Well I am going to go!



And if you all could...Can you go and visit my friend Squiral! Here name is Dinorawr and she's on my friends list! Please! I would greatly appriate it! ^.^

Thank you!

Much love!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

current mood: good
current song: Electric Cucumber
current band: hide

I don't have anything to talk about and thanks for all the comments EXCEPT the one Kalli left! Gah it's sad that my ex-boyfriend has to get a 14 year old girl to fight his battles. Gah! Anyways....I feel better after that! I'm dealing with too much shit for me to be fighting with a damn child and her old as fucking lover! Gah!

I'm bored and lonely. Chastity's still in ISS. I miss her so much! But today's the last day! Yay! *dances* i love Chastity!

Well I am going to go!


Much LOve


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

current mood: Lonely
current song: Shining collection
current band: ICEMAN or Nittle Grasper if you're more familar with GRAVITATION!

I'm lonely right now! T.T Chastity has ISS! T.T I love Chastity! I'm bored too! T.T Grr! lol Well I've been kicked out of the house now! So I am going to pack up tonight and I'm leaving and I'll be staying with Chastity! That's a brightside I guess! Thank you all for all of your comments yesterday! I got 4! yay! It's better then the usual 2 I've been gettting! T.T Don't get me wrong I love The comments I do get! So yeah! I'm so bored! I can't wait or Thursday because Chastity won't be in ISS anymore! T.T Gah! It feels like and entirnety! Lol

Well I am going to go! ttyl

Much love


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Monday, April 28, 2008

current mood: good!
Current song: Rusty Nail
current band: X Japan

How is everyone? I am sorry I didn't do a proper update. but I'm here to tell you all what had happen over the weekend! lol

Okay lets start with Friday shall we! ^.^

FRIDAY: Well I went to school up until 2nd period because it was Senior skip day and I wasn't going to go but Chastity had to! So I did and then we left and we went to the IGA and go some food to eat! We got Mondos and Chicken nuggets and some Macroni and Cheese!lol ^.^ Then we went home to her house and we eat and watched tv. Then she did my nail for me! The were black and tipped purple! lol. Then After that...We snuggled. And watched Cry Baby. Then we cleaned the house up a little bit. Then her mom got home and we waited for her dad to get home so we could go eat. Once he got home we went and eat Burger King and Chastity's mom found a bug on her oigion ring! XD IT was funny! Because her dad picked up and tore it off and gave it back and said "here You go!" Lmao! Then we went to wal-mart! Because we was looking for shoes for Chastity's prom dress. And her dad kept looking at these sandals that were soo sparkley! They were DRAGQUEEN SHOES! XD And Chastity was like "Daddy I'm not geting those god awful shoes so stop touching them!" XD Then we went back home and her parents went to bed. And Chastity the trimmed my hair up. We watched the The Big Gay Sketch Show! I love it! IT's soo funny! lol Then we went to bed and we snuggled! *smiles*

SATURDAY: We woke up and dyed our hair. Chastity's Red and black and mine just black of course! XD Then we watched tv. Then we went back to walmart to return Chastity's shoes that were TWO LEFT SHOES! XD lol Then we met up with Gemaika and Nick at Applebees. After we left there we got ready for prom. And I found out that I had forgot my ticket! T.T And so I had to call my mom to bring it to me! And she was like why? and I was like I need it! So she brought it to me! And I was like okay....and when she saw me she was like "EWW YOU LOOK FUCKING AWFUL!" And that really upset me and I wanted to cry. But I forgot about it for the time being. And we got in our Limo and drove off and we was BLASTING Marilyn Manson! FUCK YEAH! lol Then we listened to Sissor Sisters and then Prince. THen we got to prom and we was there from 7:30 to like 10:00. The guy named Travis asked Chastity to dance with him and I was like...*EVIL GLARE* and Chastity was like..."I don't dance". >.< Gah! And Koty kept looking at my boobs! T.T I can't help that they are big and hard to cover in that damn dress! XD And Chastity put Koty in his place QUICK!!!!! Lol Then we left and go back in the limo and listened to music and went to Sonic and "watched" the number 23 but after we got done eating...We made out just about the whole time! And I thought it was about to go further..because Chastity looked soo fucking hot in her dress. Gah! *throws cold water on self* lol. Then we got back and watched alittle tv. And then we went to bed and we made out for a while...and I'll leave it at that! XD XXX!!!!!

SUNDAY: I woke up sore as hell from...yeah....But anways! lol We got dressed and then we watced tv. And I got a text from mom to call her. So I did and she cussed me out and made me cry. Chastity was all grr! We left to Wendy's and eat...and while her parents were getting food. I told her about what mom had said to me. Then we ate and then went to Disc Exchange. After that I was taken home. And I talked to Chastity on the phone until she had to get off. THen I texted her the whole time. I love Chastity!

And that's it for the weekend.

BUt as for this morning, I'm fed up with my mom's bull shit. I fucking hate it!

Well I g2g! ttyl

much love



DO you like the new layout?


I got a 842/920 on my website thingy!!!! Yay!!!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

current mood: bleh
current song: Forever love
current band: X Japan

How are you? I am good! I'm sorry for not updateing to in the last few days! I have been with Chastity! LOL Well I'll up date better tomarrow.


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