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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

   devil day over! rejoice!

wow. i didnt die yesterday! hurray! im gonna change my theme soon again. it'll be kingdom hearts! hey steelangel, i cant help it! well, you guys should go check out the otaku of medival warrior. i changed his theme. speaking of medival warrior, hehehe. today in class, my gym teacher was subbing. he isnt a very good sub whitch makes him the best! get it? lol. anyway... medival warrior was out of the room when he was there. when special k (medival warrior) wasnt there, we were talking about everyones crushes. then, he walked into the rooom. the sub went up to him and says, "well kelvin, any seeecret crushes?" i can can feel my cheeks turn burning red as i blush, blush, blush! a few of my friends saw but they know better than to say something about our "little situation," which is longer really a situation. well, thats pretty much the only thing that struck my interest during that class. wish me luck on my math finals tomorrow!

ps. kelvin! i'll kill you in rune scape! oh shoot, stupid barbarian! it... killed me! i need armour... you owe me big time for various things!
-many cowhides
-otaku themes
need i name more? muahahaha!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


today is the devil's birthday. today is also my sister's birthday. i'm scared. damn scared. holy crap in my pants scared! well, most of the day is done so all i have to do is keep positive. man, i could hardly sleep last night. i slept late and then woke up early this morning. so in the first time of my life, i fell asleep in class. i didnt get in trouble, thank god! oh god, i had to go through some drastic measures just to sleep last night. well, here they are:

-first, i brought out all my kingdom hearts games. (kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts: chain of memories, and kingdom hearts 2). i kissed all the games for good luck. mmm... i liked kissing sora. lol. anywayz... i lay them by my bedside. i felt much safer.

-second, i brought out my laptop. i put a loop of the kingdom hearts theme songs (simple & clean and sanctuary/passion). i felt much, much safer.

-third, i put on this dress that i havent wore in a year. why is this dress so special, you ask? well, i had my first kiss in that dress. i was feelin' good! lol.

ps. not a real kiss, just a kiss on the cheek.

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Monday, May 29, 2006

   happy memorial day... or maybe sad memorial day...

today sucked. i was at the park for like 10 hours literally. my day was like this:

*i had to push my nethew in his carriage to the park. it looked like he was my child so it was really embarrassing.

*i was going to the park with my mom, dad, brother, 2 sisters, and nethew. we looked weird together because we were bringing all this luggage with us.

*when we got to the park, it was hot. hot, hot, and hot.

*there were bugs. everywhere! i hate bugs. they feast on me. i must have flicked off like 100 green little bugs off my arms during the whole time at the park.

*yucky barbeque food. i dont eat meat! im hungry...!

*i was booooored. bored like hell. i could have just killed myself and not have been as much bored. (i know, that didnt make much sence. lol)

*bad music! other people was at the park and their music sucked.

*no music! after they left, it was even more boring with no music at all.

*people are stupid. people playing with frizbees and water guns just seem to be drawn to us! we always get hit with stuff like that.

*i was playing kingdom hearts: chain of memories on my gameboy advance sp. i was just about to win the game when a big-ass bug flies to the screen and then i jump up and scream and drop my game. the freaking game got corrupted!

*after 10 hours of all that (literally), we hear thunder. my family is like the only people getting ready to leave. all the other people are just continueing what they ar doing. idiots! when it starts to rain, everyone runs and panics. wtf? the place is surrounded by dumbos running, screaming, and prancing around.

*on my way home, i get soaked and wet.

*i see 2 friends of mine on my way home and i looked like a bum because of the rain. how embarrasing...

*and to top it all off, i am sunburned. god!!

well, that was how my day was like. how was yours? not worse than mine i bet.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

   today could be the best day or the worst day of my life

like the subject says, today could be the best day or the worst day of my life. sorry i havent posted on the otaku for a few days. lemme break it down. lets start with the good and bad news. they will be labeled good and bad news so you know which is which.

*~good news~*

i cut my hair and it looks pretty nice. i did it myself! its side-bangs.

*~bad news~*

one of my friends didnt like the bangs at first.

*~good news~*

she told me was sorry and that she really liked it. she was just jealous. everybody loves my hair and they are jealous. lol.

*~bad news~*

when i got to school, my teacher had to talk to me. you see, i had a concert today. a stupid concert about america. i had this special part in the concert. i memorized this poem called "o captain, my captain" so i could say it in the concert. my teacher told me since i was absent yesterday, that my part was replaced. i bursted into tears.

*~good news~*

me, my teacher, and the replacement person talked and worked it out. i got to keep my part with my poem and the replacement person said an introduction to the poem.

*~bad news~*

remember that whole fight thing with special k? well, i was wrong. i shouldnt just blame only him. i was fighting too so it was also my fault. i said something really awful to him that i will regret saying for th rest of my life. omg kelvin, im so sorry. here is what i said: "i hope you have many children so that i could assassinate all of them and smear their blood and guts down your chest and throat along with my sword." i know, im a freaking idiot.

*~good news~*

i sent him an email appologizing my ass off. i said that i was sorry and that he could hate me if he wanted. as long as we respected each other. so then i told my other friend, lets call her debbie, to tell him that i was sorry and that maybe we could try to work things out.

*~bad news~*

i am very hesitant to talk to special k because i dont know if debbie worked things out.

*~more bad news~*

debbie told me tha special k said that he will respect me and all, but that i am dead in his book.

*~good news~*

me and kelvin talk for the first time since the arguement and act like nothing has happened. i guess i should be grateful to the saying "forgive and forget."

*~bad news~*

its concert time and things are going horrible for the 7th grade (my grade). i fucking hate my fagget principal (please excuse my language). he is a dick-head. ok, he opens up the concert by saying some bullshit and then he starts to cry a little. fagget! and then, my sister was at the concert taking pictures and taping me when the fagget principal told her to turn the camera off. wtf?! everyone in the fucking audience had a fucking camera. wtf?!

*~more bad news~*

ok, my class was supposed to have two songs to sing in the concert. my stupid music teacher cut one out. wtf?! all the other classes had at least three songs and we get stuck with one that the class doesnt even know. thats why the poem is important to me. i dont want to make my class look like shit so the least i could do was memorize a poem. i was so freaking pissed and upset at the same time that every now and then, i started to burst to tears.

*~even more bad news~*

my sister left because my fagget principal kept on bothering ker. my dad was with her too so when she left, i though he left too so i was very upset. more crying.

*~good news~*

special k was really trying to cheer me up. i was damn surprised because one, i thought he was still pretty upset with me and two, we never really talk in person. we usually just talk on the internet.

*~more good news~*

when it was time to say the poem, i was so damn happy to see my dad there. i almost started cry with happiness. i thought he had left home with my sister. anyway, i said my poem and everyone was impressed with my speaching skills. then, i ran to my dad crying and gave him a big hug.then i went to my teacher and did the same. then i went to special k and he said that i did good.

*~bad news~*

pretty much the whole concert sucked except the parts that i was in. i rock!

*~good news~*

i said bye to all my friends and my teacher. when my big part was over, the rest of the concert was pretty stupid so me and my dad left early. i guess this is good news since i dont want to sit through a boring concert.

*~bad news~*

(i probably should have mentioned this earlier) my best friend couldnt come to the concert. he was damn lazy so im a little upset with him. i mean, he lives at the top floor of the school for christs sake! he could have just come down stairs to see me and then go back up.

*~aiight news~*

well, at least i got to say hi to my best friend. i dont see him very often.


well, i guess thats it. thats what you guys missed these past few days. oh yeah, and one more thing. i got 200 guest book signings! thank you everyone! oh, and here is a picture of me. my name is jessy.

i made this picture. aint it kawaii? lemme know what you think. wait, hold on.

*~great news~*

on saturday, i finally bought final fantasy tactics! hurray for me!

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Friday, May 19, 2006

   hells yeeeah

so what if he dumped me? i can do waaay better! i should delete his otaku, but im not going to because im better than that. and wtf? we were in a chat-room and fighting with such language, that i almost cried. but im not gonna cry for that piece of $#!+. he can kiss my friggin @$$. and people who commented yesterday, thank you for your words of kindness. especially the cheese part. lol.


omg wtf?! he wants me to delete his otaku! he called the otaku a piece of $#!+. omg, im not gonna delete it but im gonna change the damn password! who wants a new otaku? you can have his! im dead serious!

---later again---

aw crap. he already changed the password! i cant get into his account!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

   im very upset...

*sniff* special k was yelling to me on the internet just for being nice. i... i dont understand... im so upset. but i dont wanna break up. even though he cant come to my house AGAIN just because of his stupid baseball game. ... this sucks.


aside from that, i guess i have one thing to cheer me up. two boys in the class today said that i was attractive! what a shocker! not that im ugly, but no one has ever called me pretty.


im still upset about special k though. i wonder if he even likes me anymore...? *sniff*

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   i gots a 100%

hey, guess what? no, i didnt fall and scrape my knee. i got 100% on my test! yay! boy, remember i posted a while aso saying my teacher asked what i was doing that weekend in a "guy way?" well, i kno why. i finally struck up the nerve to ask. he thinks special k and i like each other. its true, but he doesnt really know. he says we would make a cute couple (also true, lol). all i could do was laugh in nervousness. i think he wants us together. but we already are together! he could mess things up for us, seriously. i dont want that to happen. i really like special k. im gonna have to secretly email my teacher and tell him that we are going out. but hes gotta swear that he wont tell anyone first. the reason me and special k doesnt want anyone to know about us is because people are mean and they will make fun of us. some people already know, but they are nice so it doent matter. i guess it doesnt really matter that they know. as long as they dont tell the gym teacher. our gym teach is the gossip king! he always ruins everything for everyone so we are trying not to let him know.

well, thats all i can think of posting for now. i might post later too.


nevermind. ive decide not to tell my teacher about us since special k really insists on not to...

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

   new otaku alert!

i made another otaku. not another one for me or my bf, but for someone else in my class. he loves halo. so do i! his otaku is call masterchief187. you can just click on the button i made for him at the bottom of this page.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

   awww man!

well, i got to talk to him and he cant come over. its a family thing. but he says he can come over next saturday! ill be waiting.

ps. if you are reading this post, then you should really read the previous post too.

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   special k!

special k (medival warrior) might come to my house today! its like 11:13 in the morning right now and im waiting for him to get online so i can see if he is really coming over. only for 3 hours, though. but thats good enough for me. as for ms. dr, i told my teacher mr. m what she did and he was like "you put something nice on my site, right?" and the i said, "oh yeah, it sure was 'nice.'" lol.

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