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Saturday, April 22, 2006

   Thanks Tink

Hey thanks Tink. I understand now. I was leveling up all of my Forms to at least level 5 and then I noticed that I started to get new abilities. Eventually, with Final Form, I got glide! (I am now at Level 93!)

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Kingdom Hearts 2 Question

Hey! Im KH2, defeating Sephiroth is a pain in the @$$! I was told that I needed the Glide ability. What is that and where do I get it? (im at level 87!)

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hey! My "friend" has a new site called lostsoul211. Check it out!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

   Kingdom Hearts: Sora & Riku

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Yay! One of my life-long dreams have been achieved! Well, kind of. I'm at my brother-in-law's house and he has Conker: Live and Reloaded and he let me play it! (thats definitely gonna be my first xbox game) Awesome! I practically had the game memorized. He gave me a funny look and said OMG WTF?! Heeheehee! Well, gotta go!

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Monday, April 17, 2006


I got the Ultima Weapon, Save the King, Save the King +, Save the Queen, and Save the Queen +! YAY THOSE ARE THE STRONGEST WEAPONS OF ALL IN KINGDOM HEARTS 2! *has a heart-attack* In celebration, here you go guys, where you can get all the items:

Synthesis Items

Rank C Items------

- Blazing Shard:
Received from Fiery Globe, Hammer Frame, Minute Bomb.

- Frost Shard:
Received from Hook Bat, Rabid Dog.

- Lightning Shard:
Received from Rapid Thruster, Bolt Tower.

- Lucid Shard:
Received from Trick Ghost.

- Power Shard:
Received from Large Body, Creeper Plant.

- Dark Shard:
Received from Soldier, Shadow.

- Dense Shard:
Received from Creeper, Dragoon.

- Twilight Shard:
Received from Dusk, Gambler.

- Mythril Shard:
Received from Item Boxes. Synthesize: 1x Dense Stone, 2x Dense Shard, 1x Twilight Stone, 2x Twilight Shard.

- Bright Shard:
Received from Bulk Vendor, Emerald Blues.

- Energy Shard:
Received from Gargoyle Warrior, Gargoyle Knight.

- Serenity Shard:
Received from Assault Rider, Fortune Teller. Collect 50 or more synthesis materials. Collect 1 of each C Rank synthesis material.

Rank B Items--------------

- Blazing Stone:
Received from Cannon Gun, Tornado Step.

- Frost Stone:
Received from Aeroplane, Hot Rod.

- Lightning Stone:
Received from Emerald Blues, Driller Mole.

- Lucid Stone:
Received from Graveyard, Toy Soldier.

- Power Stone:
Received from Luna Bandit, Silver Rock.

- Dark Stone:
Received from Air Pirate, Night Walker.

- Dense Stone:
Received from Sniper.

- Twilight Stone:
Received from Dancer.

- Mythril Stone:
Received from Item Boxes. Synthesize: 1x Dense Stone, 2x Dense Shard, 1x Twilight Stone, 2x Twilight Shard, 1x Serenity Shard.

- Bright Stone:
Received from Assault Rider, Hot Rod.

- Energy Stone:
Received from Lance Soldier, Trick Ghost.

- Serenity Stone:
Received from Morning Star. Collect 100 synthesis materials. Collect at least 1 of each B Rank synthesis materials.

Rank A Items-------------

- Blazing Gem:
Received from Fat Bandit, Fiery Globe.

- Frost Gem:
Received from Fortune Teller, Icy Cube.

- Lightning Gem:
Received from Armor Knight, Surveillance.

- Lucid Gem:
Received from Book Master, Magna Loader.

- Power Gem:
Received from Aerial Knocker, Shaman.

- Dark Gem:
Received from Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior.

- Dense Gem:
Received from Samurai.

- Twilight Gem:
Received from Assassin.

- Mythril Gem:
Received from Item Boxes. Synthesize: 1x Dense Crystal, 2x Dense Gem, 1x Twilight Crystal, 2x Twilight Gem.

- Bright Gem:
Received from Bulk Vendor, Surveillance.

- Energy Gem:
Received from Emerald Blues, Terminator.

- Serenity Gem:
Received from Dancer, Dragoon, Gambler, Sniper. Collect 250 synthesis materials. Collect 1 of each Twilight material. Collect 1 of each A Rank synthesis materials.

- Orichalcum:
Received from Bulk Vendor, Item Boxes. Collect 45 different synthesis materials. Collect 1000 synthesis materials.

Rank S Items-------------

- Blazing Crystal:
Received from Crimson Jazz, Loudness.

- Frost Crystal:
Received from Living Bone.

- Lightning Crystal:
Received from Erazer, Terminator.

- Lucid Crystal:
Received from Neo Shadow.

- Power Crystal:
Received from Morning Star.

- Dark Crystal:
Received from Air Pirate.

- Dense Crystal:
Received from Berserker.

- Twilight Crystal:
Received from Sorcerer.

- Mythril Crystal:
Received from Item Boxes. Synthesize: 1x Dense Crystal, 2x Dense Gem, 1x Twilight Crystal, 2x Dense Gem, 1x Serenity Goo.

- Bright Crystal:
Received from Bulk Vendor, Neo Shadow.

- Energy Crystal:
Received from Book Master, Shaman.

- Serenity Crystal:
Received from Assassin, Berserker, Samurai, Sorcerer. Collect 500 synthesis materials. Collect 1 of each kind of Dense material. Collect 1 of each Rank S synthesis material.

- Orichalcum+:
Received from --
- Item Box in Twilight Town, Sunset Terrace.
- Item Box in Space Paraniods, on 2nd visit.
- Item Box in The World That Never Was, The Brink of Despair.
- Clear the Goddess of Destiny Cup at Olympus Coliseum, Underworld Entrance.
- Clear 100 Acre Wood (Sealing it).
- Clearing Atlantica (Sealing it).
- Collecting 1 of every synthesis materials.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   KH2 Synthesis

DANM! Can anyone tell me, for Kingdom Hearts 2, which enemy gives me a Lightning Crystal?

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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hey! Go to Otaku@adopt and ask Hinata for any anime character or videogame character. Its so cool, look what i got ^_^

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Go check out Conker@bfd (its my other otaku).

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Friday, April 14, 2006

   Cool Survey, but long

Finish the Sentences, Please :)
George W. Bush is::the president I voted for.
Americans are often::stupid.
My favorite thing about my body is::my hair.
I always laugh when::something stupid happens.
I sleep best when::its dark.
Pink is for::baby girls.
Blue is for::skies.
Cell phones are::useless. I rather have a video-game.
My favorite past time is::... I don't really have one.
I get sad when::people are mean to me.
Children are::cute.
I long to::have all video-games.
I wish::I were with Sora right now.
My favorite meal is::CHEESE!
Britney Spears is::a Bitch.
I hate it when::I lose
I get irritated when::people bother me when i'm busy
I always::play video-games until midnight.
Kissing is best when::it is a full moon.
Lust is::sexy.
Once in band camp I::embarrased myself in karaoke ^_^
I've never, ever::urinate in a public place (OK, maybe when I was little).
I wish I could take back::when I told someone I loved them. I really love Sora!
I always have fun every time I::play video-games.
I'd like to visit::Japan.
I've always wanted to date someone in this profession::Game design.
I get embarressed when::I act crazy ina public place.
Joan Rivers is::someone I do not know.
I often forget to::brush my teeth (just kidding).
My weakness is::my tickle spot!
I am proud of myself because::I can in a video-game in under 10 hours!
It's sexy when::I win a video-game.
My biggest accomplishment so far is::winning 2nd in a typing contest.
I get scared when::i'm alone in the dark.
I smile when::I see your lovly face.
Take this survey | Find more surveys
You've been totally Bzoink*d

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