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Monday, May 29, 2006

   happy memorial day... or maybe sad memorial day...

today sucked. i was at the park for like 10 hours literally. my day was like this:

*i had to push my nethew in his carriage to the park. it looked like he was my child so it was really embarrassing.

*i was going to the park with my mom, dad, brother, 2 sisters, and nethew. we looked weird together because we were bringing all this luggage with us.

*when we got to the park, it was hot. hot, hot, and hot.

*there were bugs. everywhere! i hate bugs. they feast on me. i must have flicked off like 100 green little bugs off my arms during the whole time at the park.

*yucky barbeque food. i dont eat meat! im hungry...!

*i was booooored. bored like hell. i could have just killed myself and not have been as much bored. (i know, that didnt make much sence. lol)

*bad music! other people was at the park and their music sucked.

*no music! after they left, it was even more boring with no music at all.

*people are stupid. people playing with frizbees and water guns just seem to be drawn to us! we always get hit with stuff like that.

*i was playing kingdom hearts: chain of memories on my gameboy advance sp. i was just about to win the game when a big-ass bug flies to the screen and then i jump up and scream and drop my game. the freaking game got corrupted!

*after 10 hours of all that (literally), we hear thunder. my family is like the only people getting ready to leave. all the other people are just continueing what they ar doing. idiots! when it starts to rain, everyone runs and panics. wtf? the place is surrounded by dumbos running, screaming, and prancing around.

*on my way home, i get soaked and wet.

*i see 2 friends of mine on my way home and i looked like a bum because of the rain. how embarrasing...

*and to top it all off, i am sunburned. god!!

well, that was how my day was like. how was yours? not worse than mine i bet.


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