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Friday, May 19, 2006

   hells yeeeah

so what if he dumped me? i can do waaay better! i should delete his otaku, but im not going to because im better than that. and wtf? we were in a chat-room and fighting with such language, that i almost cried. but im not gonna cry for that piece of $#!+. he can kiss my friggin @$$. and people who commented yesterday, thank you for your words of kindness. especially the cheese part. lol.


omg wtf?! he wants me to delete his otaku! he called the otaku a piece of $#!+. omg, im not gonna delete it but im gonna change the damn password! who wants a new otaku? you can have his! im dead serious!

---later again---

aw crap. he already changed the password! i cant get into his account!


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